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Storing too much food in your pantry that you don’t intend on eating anytime soon can be rather risky. One day when looking in your pantry or cupboard hoping to fix up some dinner, you’ll notice to your horror hundreds of little brown bugs crawling out of your food boxes and pouring out onto the floor. One of the notorious culprits that can alarm homeowners in this type of way is the Granary Weevil. This pantry pest is known for contaminating grains and wheat products by laying eggs in the kernels and making the food unfit for human consumption.

Granary weevils are also called grain weevils or wheat weevils and are closely related to the rice weevil. Granary weevils easily stand out with their reddish-brown color looking similar to a beetle. They are cylinder shaped and average between 3 and 5 mm in length. The larvae of granary weevils are the ones that unleash the most damage. They appear to be white legless grubs that are nearly microscopic.

Granary weevils enjoy grains and a variety of dried foods but they can also consume fabrics and books and even wallpaper. Adult granary weevils lay eggs in food and can release eggs rapidly to bring upon a new generation of contaminators. Unfortunately for homeowners, the presence of weevils are nearly impossible to detect until there is a massive number crawling around in your food storage.

If you have a problem with granary weevils in your pantry, there is a way to eliminate them with the help of products we carry here at Solutions Pest and Lawn. We can also help you with how-to advice so you can conduct a control program yourself.

How to Get Rid of Granary Weevils: 4 Step Solution

Fortunately, once you discover a granary weevil infestation in your pantry or cupboards, it is quite easy to get rid of these pests by conducting a clean out of your pantry. We here at Solutions Pest & Lawn recommend a control approach which includes a thorough clean up of your pantry, applying chemical treatment in the cracks and crevices and setting pheromone traps. Check out our simple to follow steps below to learn how to properly dispose of infestations of granary weevils in your pantry.

Step One:  Identify the source of the infestation and remove the product immediately from your pantry or storage area. We also recommend that all already opened food containers you have be stored in airtight containers made of hard plastic. By doing this step you can prevent further infestation. You will need to completely empty out your pantry and check EVERYTHING. Completing this step properly and being thorough in your approach is half the battle. For the best possible results in eliminating an infestation, we suggest tossing everything in your pantry, even unopened new containers. Don't leave anything to chance.

Step Two:  Once you have decluttered your pantry and removed unwanted foods and foods you feel are infested, vacuum and clean the shelves and surfaces of the pantry. If necessary, use caulking on the cracks and crevices of the shelves and apply fresh paint.

Step Three: Apply a residual insecticide spray. An easy to use aerosol like Novacide Flea & Tick Killer or CB PCO Insect Fogger are excellent options then follow up with an Insect Growth Regulator Gentrol Point Source IGR, which is also available in an aerosol spray and has a crack and crevice tip for easy application.

Step Four: Finally, use pheromone specific traps like X-lure Beetle Floor Trap to catch granary weevils that are moving around in your home and then regularly clean the pantry of any spills and clutter. By capturing the adults you will prevent them from laying any more eggs and continuing the infestation cycle.

Follow these steps as we have laid out and your granary weevil problem will be solved. Browse our granary weevil control products below and if you ever have any questions or concerns, we have pest control experts standing by to assist you via email, phone or online live chat.

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