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How to Get Rid of Midges


About midges

All flies that resemble mosquitoes are called midges. They have many species; some of which are harmful as well. The midges breed and lay their eggs in water. You will find the larvae and pupae in different aquatic habitats. They are known by many names, including punkies, sand flies, and no see ums. The gall midges are plant midges or gnats. Black flies or buffalo gnats are found in fresh water or oxygen enriched water, sand flies live in sandy shores, the no see ums are found in wetlands and non-biting midges breed in still water.

Damage caused by midges

The biting midges pierce into the skin of humans to suck blood that can cause irritation and allergic reaction on the human skin. Plant midges harms the plants, it creates plant galls inside which the larva grow. The bites on human skin cause selling, blisters and pain. It can last for quite a long time.

Strategies to eradicate midges

  1. Shielding the house from the midges

Screen the windows and doors properly. Use mesh wire and other material to screen any openings near the plumbing pipes and electrical wires. Use silicone foam to seal all the gaps, cracks and crevices to prevent midges from entering your home. Canopies and nets can be used over the bed to prevent the midges from biting while you are sleeping.

  1. Taking care of outdoor lighting

Use dim lights or remove them from near the doors. Midges and other bugs get attracted to lights.  The yellow sodium vapor lights are better suited for outdoors, to keep the midges away from your home. Relocate lightings away from all entry point and keep them further away from the entrance. Tinted pink and orange color lights are also helpful.

  1. Eradicating all sources of water

Remove all the still water outside and near your home. Discard all stagnant water from inside the house. Remove water from birdbaths; cover the swimming pool with plastic sheets. Empty out buckets of water and tires filled with stagnant water. Make sure all moisture is removed. The soil should not be too damp. The midges are attracted to water as it is their breeding ground. By eradicating all sources of water the midges will not be able to breed and it will help in curbing the population of the midges. Caulking the faucets and plumbing pipes. Drains and gutters must be kept clean.

  1. Setting traps for the midges

Place pheromone traps to trap midges and once it is trapped it can be disposed off.

Hang sticky pest strips in areas where the midges are found swarming the most and lure them in with baits. The midges will get stuck to the strips. Once they are stuck, the strips can be disposed in sealed bags.

Lure the no see ums with carbon dioxide and then use insecticides in an enclose space to eliminate them. Wear proper head gear and protective suit to prevent the midges from biting.

  1. Spraying insecticides

Apply Pyrethrin chemical outside in the yard to terminate the midges. Before using it inside the house remove all food items and flammable objects. Children and pets should be kept away. Use a gallon sprayer for the yard to properly spray the chemical and eradicate the midges. Make sure all protective suits have been worn before using any chemicals or insecticides. Recommended products for the yard to eradicate the midges are RECLAIM IT, FLEX 10-10 and PIVOT 10. Pivot 10 IGR is an insect growth regulator, with longer lasting effects. But all the products are quite effective in eliminating the midges. Use mist blowers and foggers such as SOLO 451 MIST BLOWER FOGGING BACKPACK.

Apply chemicals like Pyrethrum for indoors to eradicate the midges. Spray it all over the room to remove the insects. One of the suitable products for removing midges from home is PYRID AEROSOL SPRAY. Spray the aerosol for 5 to 10 seconds in a room in exterminating the midges. Clear the air of the room for a while. The spray must be used regularly to make sure the pests don’t comeback. It creates a repelling effect for the blood sucking insects. Use it more often if you detect any signs of eggs and larva in the house.

PERMETHRIN helps in deterring the sand flies, black flies and other insect bites as well.

Apply DEET REPELLANT CREAM & SPRAY on your exposed skin areas to prevent the midges like no see ums from coming near you and biting your skin. These are good for repelling black flies.

The BTI products help in eradicating the larva of the midges in the water that impede the whole growth cycle of the midges and prevents infestation and harm that is cause by these insects.

  1. Ventilating your rooms

Keep the ceiling fans on air circulation, making it difficult for midges like no see ums to fly as it keeps them away from entering your room.  Keep less landscape in the surrounding of the house. Trim down the landscape to create more space for air flow to enter the indoor areas. When the room will be more airy the wind will prevent the midges from flying easily into your rooms.

  1. Zapping the midges

Electrocution traps like equipments with lights and electricity attracts different kind of midges once they are lured into the trap they get electrocuted and get terminated immediately.

UV lamp with an electric grid can be hung near the door. The midges and other bugs get lured into the lamp and get electrified by the grid and get eliminated.

Minimizing the midges

Don’t underestimate the size of these small flies as they can cause great damage to your plants and your skin. The best solution is to eradicate the larva of the midges by pouring insecticides in the water where the midges are found breeding and keep your home water free. Take all preventive measures and use insecticides to eradicate them.


Midges can be an irritating issue especially if they have infested your home and yard. Put the biting to an end with the help of these tips and professional products.

For more information on controlling problematic insects in your yard or to receive free expert assistance over the phone, send us an email at askapro@solutionsstores.com or call our customer service line at (800) 479-6583.


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