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Suspend Polyzone

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Suspend Polyzone features a proprietary polymer that protects the active ingredient, deltamethrin from weather, irrigation and mechanical abrasion. The controlled release formulation ensures your treatment will continue to control pests for up to 90 days outdoors. Suspend Polyzone control a very wide variety of pests.

Target Pests

Suspend Polyzone Kills and Controls Ants Bed Bugs Blue/Green Bottle Flies Boxelder Bugs Brown Marmorated Stink bug Carpenter Ants Carpet Beetles Centipedes Clothes Moths Clover Mites Cluster Flies Cockroaches Crickets Darkling Beetles Dermestids Earwigs Elm Leaf Beetles Fire Ants Firebrats Fleas Flesh Flies Flies Fruit Flies Gnats Ground Beetles Hide Beetles Hornets House Flies Leather Beetles Midges Millipedes Mosquitoes Moths Multi-colored Asian Lady Beetles Pantry pest Beetles Moths Phorid Flies Pillbugs Fungus Gnats Scropions Silverfish Sowbugs Spiders Springtails Stable Flies Ticks Wasps Yellowjackets.

For Use In

Suspend Polyzone is for use in and around Aircraft Apartment Buildings Bakeries Bottling Facilities Breweries Buses Cafeterias Candy plants Cereal Processing and Manufacturing Plants Correctional Facilities Dairies Food Manufacturing Plants Food Processing Plants Food Service Establishments Frozen Food Plants Grain Mills Granaries Greenhouses Hospitals Hotels Houses Industrial Buildings Kitchens Laboratories Livestock housing Pet Kennels Manufacturing Establishments Mausoleums Mobile Homes Motor Homes Nursing Homes offices Poultry Houses Restaurants Schools Store Warehouses Wineries Transportation Vessels.


Indoors: Use a low pressure system with a fan-type nozzle to uniformly apply spot treatments in and around cupboards, and beneath, between and behind equipment or appliances. Spray, mist or foam directly into cracks and crevices or voids where pests or their nests are present. Spay floors, cracks and crevices in and around baseboards, walls and expansion joints. Use foam to treat structural voids and control pests in walls, under slabs or other void areas. Reapply every 21 days or as necessary to maintain control.

Outdoors: Apply to surfaces on building exteriors, porches, patios and other structures, around door and windows, eaves and attic vents and other exterior openings where pests enter the structure or where they have been seen or found, or can find shelter. treat the outside of the structure, including walls. Treat the soil, turf, or other ground covering adjacent to the structure.

Coverage Area

Suspend Polyzone covers between 0.25 - 1.5 fl.oz. per 1,000 sq.ft.

Time to Kill

Suspend Polyzone starts killing immediately upon contact and lasts up to 90 days.

Mix Rate

Mix Suspend Polyzone at a rate of 1.2oz per gallon of water.

Active Ingredient

Deltamethrin 4.75%

Suspend Polyzone

Bayer’s Suspend Polyzone contains the signature Bayer polymer-infused formulation which delivers exceptional year-round performance and delivers proven residual control for up to 90 days outdoors. This special polymer layer enables superb protection of the active ingredient from weather, irrigation and mechanical abrasion making it a perfect instrument to help control bugs in the winter time.


Suspend Polyzone Special Features

  • Special polymer technology makes sure that the active ingredient stays where it’s applied after drying and protects it from weather, irrigation and mechanical interference

  • Remains efficacious for up to 90 days on aggressive substrates, including high alkaline surfaces such as cement

  • Polymer layer ensures more active ingredient remains available over a longer period of time

  • Longer residual means you maintain control with fewer applications

  • Better, more uniform distribution of active ingredient particles than possible with conventional SC formulations

  • Provides option to increase the interval between perimeter pest management services

  • Proven reduction in callback frequency

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The Science Behind Suspend Polyzone

Suspend Polyzone works with deltamethrin crystals using a suspension based formula but with an added polymer coating. This polymer coating protects the crystals from both weathering and irrigation, which reduces the residue wash-off and ensures the active ingredient will be available to the targeted pest. It also allows active ingredient to partially embed themselves on to even the most porous of services like wood and high alkaline surfaces, like cement.


As the polymer coat erodes, it slowly exposes the deltamethrin crystals, providing a controlled release over time. This controlled release allows the active ingredients to be available to pests for a full 90 days and in a much more uniform distribution than was ever possible with SE formulation which can disperse unevenly from the applicator and can also be absorbed into the applied surface.


For winter maintenance Suspend PolyZone’s label allows for variable label rates as low as 0.01%, a low-impact and economical option. PMP field trials demonstrate that at the same rate (0.01%), PolyZone reduced call-backs compared to bifenthrin by 37% (BES trials: OE10NARBY8 & OE11NARBY1).


PolyZone is labeled to control over 40 problem pests (ants, bed bugs, spiders, ticks etc.) and can also be applied to soil, turf and ground covers adjacent to structures. The flexible labeling also allows for indoor applications that are occasionally necessary in the winter months. Suspend PolyZone’s scientific formulation contributes in reducing pesticide run-off into non-target sites, an environmentally responsible approach to perimeter pest management that customers are sure to appreciate.

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Application Instructions


To apply suspend polyzone, you will need:


  1. Begin by filling approximately half of the container with water then apply the appropriate amount of Suspend Polyzone based on your container size. This information can be found on the products label.    

  2. Shake your container well then open it once more to fill the rest of the container with water. Be sure to carefully pour water into your container to avoid spills.

  3. Close your container tightly and give it one last shake to ensure even distribution.

  4. Apply Suspend Polyzone outdoors on all door frames, window frames, areas where utilities (cables, pipes, wires) enter into the structure, a band of soil 6 to 10 feet adjacent to the structure, also to a height of 2 to 3 feet on the foundation where pests may be active or may find entrance.


For more on suspend products watch this video!

Product Q & A

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Browse 6 questions Browse 6 questions and 9 answers
Is this product safe for pets?
Vickey W on Sep 22, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Yes! Let it dry first! Suspend is a lower toxicity chemical that is micro encapsulated which is a good thing.
Is this product a repellent or a non repellent?
Harvey on Nov 3, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Suspend SC Polyzone would not be considered a non repellent insecticide, but works great on controlling and preventing insects on pourous surfaces, such as concrete, stucco. Best to think about products such as Phantom, or Taurus for control of ants specifically.
Can Suspend Polyzone be used in a mistaway system?
Daniel N on Jun 8, 2018
BEST ANSWER: It would not have been tested to see if it would damage the system. Suspend Polyzone is used in a fogger to control mosquitoes.

But you will get the same results with Stryker 5-25.

Does it kill mosquitoes?
A shopper on Sep 25, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Yes, you can use this to control mosquitoes works great.
Can you use this product on a garden for mosquitoes?
A shopper on Jul 4, 2018
BEST ANSWER: No, the Suspend is not labeled for the application on edible plants. For anything like vegetables and fruits, we would recommend malathion
What is the difference between Suspend SC and Suspend Polyzone?
Drew on Oct 18, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Suspend Polyzone is the newest improvement for regular suspend and is preferred when you are applying it to porous surfaces.

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I trust this product over any else
I've always used Suspend and will continue to do so. Would recommend this for any home invaders.
June 8, 2015
Better than the regular!
Have used suspend for well over 5 years for all my pest control, tried the Polyzone this year and wow, work great on my outside areas! better than I thought!
December 15, 2014

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