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CSI 4-4 Mosquito Fogging Insecticide

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CSI 4-4 Insecticide is a ready to use mosquito fogging solution with 4.6% Permethrin and 4.6% Piperonyl Butoxide. CSI 4-4 is used as a thermal fogging solution in any thermal fogger for control of mosquitoes and other flying insects. It is primarily used by cities, municipalities, and pest control companies in truck mounted thermal foggers for control of flying insects over a large area. It is also for use on deer farms and game preserves for biting midge control.

Target Pests

CSI 4-4 is used to kill and control adult mosquitoes midges flies and gnats.

For Use In

CSI 4-4 is for use in residential and recreational areas where these insects are a problem such as but not limited to parks campsites woodlands athletic fields golf courses residential areas municipalities gardens playgrounds recreational areas and overgrown waste areas.


ULV Non-Thermal Aerosol (cold fogger): Use any standard ULV ground equipment, giving it a 300 feet swath of a non-thermal aerosol spray. It may be used diluted or undiluted. If mosquitos and vegetation are dense, increase the flow rates to a higher setting.

Thermal Aerosol Fogging: Using a thermal fogger, apply CSI 4-4 undiluted or diluted. Use at speeds of 5-20 mph, calculating at 300 feet swaths. If using a lawn mower thermal fogger, handheld or backpack, do not exceed 0.007 lbs ai/acre. Calculate using a walking speed of 2 mph and a 300 feet swath width.

Barrier Applications: Using a non-thermal ULV fogger (portable, backpack, handheld, motorized or truck mounted), mist with the mist blower with droplets with a median diameter of 50-100 m. To get an application of 0.001/ 0.001 a.i/acre, use a 300 ft swath for calculation. It may be undiluted or diluted. If using a handheld fogger or backpack fogger calculate using a walking speed fo two mph and 300 feet swath width. Direct the mist to the perimeter and foliage and harborage areas where mosquitoes are found.

Coverage Area

Each gallon of CSI 4-4 will treat up to 191 acres.

Time to Kill

CSI 4-4 provides immediate kill of flying insects. It will not provide much residual and a regular fogging program should be maintained for total control.

Mix Rate

Please refer to the label for the CSI 4-4 mix rate. It varies depending on application method and site.

Active Ingredient

Permethrin 4.6%, Piperonyl Butoxide 4.6%

CSI 4-4 Mosquito Fogging Insecticide

Product Q & A

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Browse 3 questions Browse 3 questions and 8 answers
My question is I need to spray patio plants snd grass against mosquito Normally I use permethtin mix with water in my truck tank
Now I want to use 4 -4 for best results which is the messuare do you recomend of water snd 4 -4?
Gustavo F on Dec 10, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Instructions dont show using water. I've only used it straight with a ulv fogger
I have a Stihl SR 200 backpack sprayer. The label says to dilute with mineral oil. The formula tables are confusing. How much of the CSI 4-4 do use per gallon of mineral oil?
Carolina Mike on Jun 19, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Your Fogger is a Mist Blower and does not require mineral oil, this would be used in a thermal fogger. The CSI 4-4 will be used straight in the fogger.
Can CSI 4-4 be mixed with water?
Anderson W on Oct 17, 2017
BEST ANSWER: CSI- 4-4 is a ready to use product and does not need to be mixed for fogging, if you are using a ULV you will do nothing. If you are needing to use in a thermal fogger, then it will need mineral oil mixed with the product. Thermal Aerosol Fogging: Apply diluted or undiluted with suitable Thermal Fogging equipment such as
truck-mounted fog generators or other equipment capable of making thermal fogging applications. Do not
exceed the maximum rate of 0.007 lbs. a.i./acre. May be applied at speeds of 5 to 20 mph, using a 300
ft. swath width for calculations. To reduce oil requirement and sludge buildup in equipment, use a
suitable mineral oil of 60 – 100 second viscosity. For use with handheld, backpack or lawn mower
thermal fogging equipment, do not exceed the maximum rate of 0.007 lbs. a.i./acre. Use a walking speed
of 2 mph (3.2 kph) and a swath width of 300 feet for calculations.

Customer Reviews

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Great product fast shipping. Helps reduce the mosquito bites.
September 13, 2017
10 months ago
No more mosquitoes. Wear shorts in the evening!
Product works amazingly well. We use it 7:1 with diesel in our gator mounted fogger. We drive about walking speed. A little goes a long way. Shop around for price. We usually fog 2 sunsets in a row and then again in 10 days.
August 18, 2017
1 year ago
Mosquito fogging
I used the product for fogging mosquitos on 5 acres. Works well and I use it around the barn and horses. The product doesn't really do much for flies and doesn't really hold up to weather but does make a big difference when used regularly.
September 30, 2015
very effective
August 28, 2015
Product is great
I am one of those people that had a problem...it seems that my package "fell off the truck" and disappeared. Solutions did replace the item, but I had to wait a full week extra to get my product. I appreciate that they replaced it, however, they should have been "on it" the first time I called, not a week later. Although I do not consider it their fault that the initial package was stolen, I do feel they should have sent out a replacement that day (as they later told me that they are insured), so I am not the only one inconvenienced.
January 28, 2015
Works well
I have 15 acres in Rosharon, TX and the mosquitoes are very bad this year. The CSI 4-4 takes care of not only the mosquitoes but also the flies in the horse stalls. One application lasts about a week.
October 13, 2014
I bought this chemical to use in my thermal fogger and I can say that it works as advertised! It puts out TONS of fog and the mosquitoes are them gone for days! After over 10 years of trying various products and failing every time, I finally found one that works! Now we can go back to enjoying our yard again!
August 23, 2014
terrific results
In the Rio Grande Valley of NM, we were swimming in mosquitos and I was out of my old fogging solution. I ordered this. It's ready to use, and worked perfectly with my SuperHawk by Curtis Dyna Fog. I applied in the early morning and completely fogged the orchard, pasture by the house, and around the outbuildings. I didn't see a mosquito for a week, even thought it rained. I've applied once again and still have great control.
August 3, 2014
Very Effective!
I bought a pro thermal fogger last year and had OK results in the past but finally dialed in to a good mix. I use about a 50/50 CSI 4-4 and diesel fuel mix and turned up the flow a bit. The solution hangs in the air for a long time as long as the wind is down. No mosquitos!
June 21, 2014
this works for us
this has made a big difference in our yard this summer.
June 21, 2014

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