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Target Pests

Nyguard Insect Growth Regulator is used to aid in the control of fleas stored product pests listed roaches crickets litter beetles and flying insects.

For Use In

Nyguard Insect Growth Regulator is for use in the home and in food and non-food areas of restauruants food processing plants food and non-food warehouses grocery stores and supermarkets schools office buildings apartments hotels and motels hospitals tobacco plants and warehouses manufacturing plants commercial and industrial buildings transportation equipment and outside on lawns and building perimeters.


For use as a surface application using Nyguard IGR use at the rate of 12 milliliters in one gallon of water to treat 1,500 square feet. Repeat application in 6 months, or more frequently if necessary.

Nyguard IGR may be used as part of an integrated approach to control ants. Apply broadcast, spot or crack and crevice treatments of Nyguard at the rate of 12 milliliters diluted in water per 1,500 square feet to interior areas where ants are actively foraging and traveling. May be used in conjunction with baits and/or residual treatments.

Coverage Area

If Nyguard IGR is used at the higher rate of application each 400 milliliter bottle will treat an estimated 50,000 square feet.

Time to Kill

Nyguard Insect Growth Regulator aids in the inhibition of the reproductive cycle of target insects.

Active Ingredient

Pyriproxifen 10.0%

Nyguard Insect Growth Regulator


Nyguard Insect Growth Regulator by MGK can effectively break the reproductive cycle of the toughest insect pests, including cockroaches, fleas, mosquitoes, ants, and flies. Nyguard inhibits flea reinfestation by fleas for up to 7 months and is also labeled for use in food areas of food-handling establishments.

Nyguard Insect Growth Regulator is pet and child friendly if applied properly.

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