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Detour Sealant

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DeTour Repellent repels and deters rodents from congregating, returning, or damaging. Detour irritates the rodents' sensory nerve endings, this irritation is enough to drive mice and rats out of all types of structures and hiding places. It is highly effective, all natural, Eco-friendly, and non-toxic.

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Target Pests

DeTour Sealant targets Mice Rats and is also effective in the removal of Squirrels Opossums Raccoons Skunks Feral Cats and other pest vertebrates.

For Use In

DeTour Sealant is for use in and around Kitchens food Storage Areas Behind Fixtures Underneath or Behind Cabinets Ceilings Attic Spaces Behind or Underneath Kitchen Equipment Inside Voids/ Chases in Walls Floors or Ceilings Exterior Perimeter at any entry point Under Grocery Store Gondolas Inaccessible Areas Areas you see signs of activity Around Base of Tress Directly into rodent Burrows.


Apply DeTour Sealant to cracks and crevices, corners and along edges of walls completely filling the cracks and crevices or holes.

Instructions for 10 oz tube:

1. Cut end of tube off at the nozzle stem.

2. screw on applicator nozzle and use directly or cut off nozzle tip for a larger bead halfway down the application nozzle.

3. Load and lock DeTour cartridge tube into standard caulking gun.

4. Slowly pull caulking gun trigger.

5. Treat areas described above.

Coverage Area

DeTour Sealant comes in a 10 oz tube and can cover up to 2000 sq.ft.

Time to Kill

DeTour Sealant irritates rodents when rodents come in contact with the product, will immediately repel rodents when contacted.

Detour Sealant



Is there anything more appalling than finding rat or mice feces in your home? Just the thought of thinking your home or property could be infested with rodents could make any homeowner’s skin crawl.


Not only are rats and mice unsanitary and unsightly, they could chew on the wiring in your home and bring along insects and pests on their fur, which could also bring diseases that could put your whole family in jeopardy.


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Rats and mice might seem impossible to get rid of in your home, but we are here to tell you that you can get rid of these pests with the right products and treatments.


After more than 60+ years in the pest control business, we at Solutions Pest and Lawn have devised two kits that prove extremely efficient at getting rid of these pests once-and-for-all.


Our 100% Guaranteed Rat Control Kit, and our 100% Guaranteed Mouse Control Kit, come packed with a series of products that provide cyclical treatment of these pests that enact measures that prevent them from coming back. These products have been battle tested and proven to work time after time, and have been carefully selected by Entomologists to work, and come with a 100% money back guarantee.


However, our store offers a large number of professional products that could also serve as repellents that will ensure these rodents never enter your home; one of these products is Detour Rodent Repellent, a non-toxic product that will chase your rodents away.




Manufactured by PiGNX/Bio-Repellent Scientific Industries, Inc., you get industrial strength products that are environmentally friendly and that cater to the pest control, livestock, and veterinary care industries.


The great thing about this product is that 100% non-toxic and bio-friendly and works to repel rodents safely and humanely by using a 100% non-toxic formula that is safe for the environment, plants, and animals.


Made from a proprietary organic white pepper formula this product only contains, 3% white pepper, 87% white mineral oil, and 10% silica, which makes the gel in this product ultra-safe as the United States Environmental Protection Agency deemed it as FIFRA 25 (b) exempt as a minimum risk pesticide.


It has over twelve years of real-world testing and refinement to provide the quality and results that have made it the #1 brand preferred by maintenance engineers.


Another great feature about this product is that it has an all-weather formula. It maintains its viscosity and remains “sticky” in whatever climate it is used on. It will not melt nor freeze and has proven, time after time, to maintain its effectiveness even in the most challenging of environments.


It has a long residual control that can last up to three years indoors when applied to non-porous (or surfaces that will not allow liquid or air to pass through) surfaces and up to a year outdoors when used as a barrier treatment.


The National Sanitation Foundation has deemed it for safe and effective use in restaurants, food storage, food processing, and food preparation areas.


Although this product is labeled to be used as a repellent for rodents it’s US-patented formula also seals out crawling insects like cockroaches and bed bugs.


And, according to experts in the industry, this product has proven to have zero-side effects to the environment, groundwater, plant life, birds, and animals, and is among the preferred methods of pest control operators when it comes to rodent control.


This ultra-safe product is perfect to seal entry points that might be found outside your property ensuring no rodents or insects get inside your home or building.


This product comes in a 10-ounce bottle that should prove adequate for both residential and commercial use.




This product is labeled to be used in areas such as Kitchens, Food Storage Areas, Behind Fixtures, Underneath or Behind Cabinets, Ceilings, Attic Spaces, Behind or Underneath Kitchen Equipment, Inside Voids/chases in walls (floors or ceiling), as exterior perimeter on any potential entry point and along areas where rodents might travel, under Grocery Store Gondolas to create a rodent “No-Go Zone”, in inaccessible areas to drive rodents out of hiding, areas where you see signs of activity including feces, urine trails and rub marks, and around the bases of trees and directly into rodent burrows.


This product can be applied to indoor and outdoor surfaces that include, but are not limited to, wood, metal, plastic, tile, brick, cinderblock, and cement.




Before using this product take care to read all labeled instructions, precautions, and warnings and remember to use the appropriate protective equipment when handling this product (you can buy protective equipment here).


Although this product is 100% non-toxic you should avoid prolonged contact with skin, as it can prove harmful.


Keep pets and children away from areas where the product is applied.


To use this product you will need a caulking gun.


Remember that as with all pest control products, this product works better with an existing rodent control plan that includes traps, baits, and glue boards.


It’s important to remember that once the product has been applied it may elicit a stress response that will make the rodents look for nearby exits to get away from the treated area as soon as possible.


The product will lessen the rodent’s normal resistance to areas they had previously considered dangerous and might impulse them to try baits, and traps that have not been used.


Before application take note of areas where rodent activity has occurred whether its small openings in cracks or voids or in places where feces has been sighted, make sure you identify these places where the rodents will come into contact with the product.


This product is meant to be used with a caulking gun, to use this product, cut the tip of the nozzle in a 45-degree angle to create properly sized beads. To create bigger beads cut the nozzle in half.


Load and lock the product into your caulking gun, and be wary of pulling the caulking gun trigger slowly, as there is little resistance and product can come out of the tube.


To treat areas where you have noticed rodent activity, use about 1 to ½ ounce of product for every ten feet.


And finally, you can use this product as barrier treatment to prevent rodents from entering your home at the same application rate found above.


TIP: You can use this repellent near electrical lines, which rodents are prone to chew on.




There are not a lot of 100% non-toxic pesticide products in the market, so it’s incredibly rare to find a bio-friendly product that has been battle-tested for more than a decade and has the ability to perform in various climates.

With a great residual control of almost three years when used indoors, this is the product that will chase your rodents away.


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