Curtis Dyna-Fog Golden Eagle 2610 Fogger
Curtis Dyna-Fog Golden Eagle 2610 Fogger Curtis Dyna-Fog Golden Eagle 2610 Fogger

Curtis Dyna-Fog Golden Eagle 2610 Fogger


Curtis Dyna-Fog Golden Eagle 2610 Fogger

Curtis Dyna-Fog Golden Eagle 2610 Fogger is a thermal fogger design for large volume fogging applications. Features include an electric starting system for ease of operation.
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Curtis Dyna-Fog Golden Eagle 2610 Fogger, manufactured by Curtis, is a versatile thermal fogger that can be used to apply oil-based insecticides, fungicides, disinfectants, odor control, and other chemical products in a quick and efficient way.

The Curtis Dyna-Fog Golden Eagle 2610 has a unique electric starting system that helps with the fogger's fuel efficiency and simplifies its operation by taking away the need for a manual startup. This fast and efficient piece of equipment can perform both small and large applications both indoors and outdoors.

Golden Eagle in action

Tools Needed

All that is needed to operate the Golden Eagle 2610 is a pesticide concentrate of your choice depending on what problem you're looking to tackle as well as gasoline to power the engine.

How to Use

  • Step 1: Place the machine in an open area that is well ventilated and fill the machine tank with gasoline (regular or unleaded).
  • Step 2: Input the appropriate amount of insecticide chemical into the fogger formulation tank based on the application rates provided with your preferred chemical.
  • Step 3: Start the fogger engine by lifting the ON/OFF control in the "ON" position then press and hold the ignition switch until you hear a buzz or a click. Depress and release the "primer bulb" repeatedly until fuel is visible in the bulb then press and hold the Ignition and Air switches at the same time until the engine starts. The exact method of starting the engine can be found in the manual.
  • Step 4: Calibrate the fogger to the appropriate fogging quality setting and then either set the fogger down or point and shoot the fogging chemical directly to the area you wish to target.

Where to Use

The Golden Eagle 2610 can be used both indoors and outdoors to fog and flush out a wide range of problematic insects like roaches, mosquitoes, flies and more. Use it for treatments big and small in homes, places of business, apartment complexes, hotels, greenhouses, farms and many other locations where fogging is necessary.

When to Use

The Golden Eagle 2610 is best used when there is a significant infestation of pests that require a heavy-duty treatment that comes with this fogger.

Safety Information

Please wear the appropriate PPE for your safety when mixing and operating the Golden Eagle 2610 Fogger. Keep pets and children away from treated areas until the fogging chemical has completely dissipated.

Special Considerations

The Golden Eagle is a loud piece of equipment so it could be disturbing to some people during application. Start-up procedures can also vary depending on fogger use ("cold engine", "hot engine" and flooded engine).

*We do not accept returns on equipment or electronics, all sales are final. We do this to ensure that the products we send out are brand new, never opened, and fully operational for our customers to ensure the packages are covered by their respected manufacturer's warranties.

***Please note that this item may be delayed in shipping as this item may ship directly from the manufacturer. It may take 2-3 weeks for delivery.***

Restricted UseNo
Shipping RestrictionsNo Restrictions
Keith's Pro Tips"The Golden Eagle Fogger is a great fogging machine for big or small pest control applications but the drawback is that it can be very noisy when operating it. If you don't want to disturb the neighbors, there are other less noisy treatment options that you can go with."
Product DrawbacksNoisy during operation.
Target PestsMosquitoes and a number of other flying and non flying pests. Check the product instructions for more information.
Application EquipmentULV Fogger
Application MethodsULV Space Spray
Active IngredientN/A
Product TypeEquipment
Application RateN/A
Shelf LifeN/A
Use SitesIndoors, Outdoors
Time to KillN/A
Comparable ProductsCurtis Dyna Fog TYPHOON Model
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Jesse K.
Verified Buyer
Finicky machine, has to be cleaned every time and make sure you only use high quality fuel or it will be difficult to start.
Thomas B.
Verified Buyer
The best fogger out there
We have tried other thermal foggers and the cheap Chinese ones and we keep coming back to the golden eagle. It is the best thermal fogger around and works consistently well. We will always have one of these in our company for the jobs that need guaranteed uptime.
More Information
Restricted Use No
Availability Online
Keith's Pro Tip "The Golden Eagle Fogger is a great fogging machine for big or small pest control applications but the drawback is that it can be very noisy when operating it. If you don't want to disturb the neighbors, there are other less noisy treatment options that you can go with."
Target Pests Multi Mosquitoes
Time to Kill N/A
Chemical Type Equipment
Formulation Fogger
Application Methods ULV Space Spray
Product Drawbacks Noisy during operation.
Active Ingredient N/A
Application Equipment ULV Fogger
Mix Rate N/A
Use Sites Indoors, Outdoors
Yield N/A
Shelf Life N/A
Comparable Products Curtis Dyna Fog TYPHOON Model
Children or pets? No
Property Characteristics None
Questions and Answers
  1. Q:So I didn't read the small details, but one of the questions and answer down below says as long it isn't a water-based chemical. and guess what I just purchased it the other day and been just reviewing more before its delivered. I currently use a ULV non thermal fogger similar to the dyna hurricane for indoor warehouse where there is food produce stored. I wanted something quicker as they take long time. But anyways, my question is so will this thermal fogger not work with a concentrate i have i mix with water? its call evergreen pyrethrum.
    A:If you are referring to Evergreen Pyrethrum Concentrate, then this product is not labeled to be used with thermal fogging equipment like Curtis Dyna-Fog Golden Eagle 2610 Fogger. Depending on your pest, you can use Stryker Pyrethrin Insecticide which is labeled to be used with thermal foggers and as a surface spray in warehouses.

    Amanda Chavez

    Certified Buyer
  2. Q:Where can I buy the replacements?
  3. Q:Do you have any of these in stock?
  4. Q:What is the silver formulation button for on top?
  5. Q:After starting the machine will it continue running without the 12v power source ?
    A:You can either use batteries or plug into a cigarette lighter to start the fogger. Yes it continues to run after started with the 12v cord.

    Jason LOVLEY

    Certified Buyer
  6. Q:Will it kill spider mites and with which product?
    A:You need to find a chemical that suits your need. Find the chemical first. One that is not water based. Talk with chemical mfg and find out if it can be applied by thermal fogger. If so this thing is amazing and does a fantastic at applying any petroleum based products.

    john cooper

    Certified Buyer
  7. Q:Does this product require engine oil or a 2-cycle oil mixture?
    A:It does not. Just gasoline. Is a pulse jet engine. Very simple to operate and troubleshoot. I am very impressed by this machine. I use it to control mosquitoes on roughly 300 acres. Very top level product.

    john cooper

    Certified Buyer
  8. Q:What do i use for mosquitoes?
    A:We recommend using an oil-based ULV solution. CSI 4-4 is a great product to use with this fogger.


    Certified Buyer
    A:We do not have that part listed on our website, but can get you a part number and cost. If you want to call us.

    Camille Landry

    Certified Buyer
  10. Q:How many cubic feet with this treat on a full tank of chemical? I have to do a massive warehouse and need a thermal fogger that can fill the entire area.
    A:For indoor application you would be better off using a ULV, which has less and it will be much cleaner of an application. You will have more options of products that can be used in the ULV fogger, versus a thermal. How quickly will you be able to move through the warehouse and I can get you some rates.

    Camille Landry

    Certified Buyer
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