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Fly Light Replacement Glue Boardsfly light glue board

If you are the owners of a fly light, then you know just how much of an asset it is when it come to controlling flies that annoy and pester when you’re trying to enjoy the fresh outdoor air or even indoors when they somehow make their way inside from a crack in the door.

Fly lights work by attracting flies who have an affinity for bright fluorescent light and once they get close enough to the source of the light, they are usually trapped via glue boards in a fly light setup. If you have a significant fly problem in your area, those glue boards can get pretty full after a while and will need replacing.

At Solutions Pest & Lawn we carry a wide selection of fly light replacement glue boards that you won’t be able to find anywhere else for the price we have. No matter what type of fly light you own, whether it is Vector, Mantis, Nemesis, Titan, Mirage, Sundew, Vector Plasma, Vector Eclipse, InsectoFlash, IQ Standard, Multimount IQ, Luralite, Flytrap, or Executor among others, we will have glueboards that will suffice for your particular fly light model.

Browse our fly light replacement glue boards below. If you need any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us via phone (1800-479-6583), email (askapro@solutionsstores.com, or by chatting with us live online. We are happy to assist you.

Check out our Knowledge Base for helpful DIY fly control articles.

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Fly Light Glue Boards - An Essential Fly Light Component

Fly light traps are simple yet effective tools for fly control. The fluorescent light lures the flies to come closer to the light and as they make their ascension, it is via a fly light glue board that they are trapped.


The sticky adhesive of the fly light glue board ensures that a trapped fly will find no escape. There is no safer way of controlling a flying insect infestation that doesn’t require toxic chemicals and labor intensive pest control work than a fly light trap equipped with a fly light glue board.


Fly light glue boards are easy to maintain and cheap to replace. Here at Solutions Pest & Lawn, we have fly light glue boards for all of the top name brand professional fly light traps so you’ll be able to find the right fit for the fly light trap you own.


Fly Light Glue Board Trap Placement Tips


When utilizing a fly light trap, it is important to be cognizant of the following tips to ensure that your fly light trap is working at its best to successfully capture pesky flies as part of your fly control program:


Placing the fly light trap at a good location is a key element in successful fly control. The product should be placed strategically prior to installation to make sure that the most possible flies are trapped by the fly light glue board.


If you are installing a fly light trap at a place of business, make sure to set up the fly light trap away from areas where there may be a lot of activity.  This will help to keep flies away from areas where they could agitate customers or contaminate.


Additionally, fly light traps should also installed away from entrance doors or windows since the light as well as the attractants of the fly light glue boards may attract flies in that were outdoors, adding to the infestation.


Fly Light Glue Board Maintenance


To ensure your fly light trap stays performing well, it would be wise to conduct a regular maintenance routine. In general, we recommend that fly replacement glue boards be checked at least once a week. Fly light glue boards which begin to accumulate dust or are full of trapped flying insects are ineffective and would need to be replaced with a fresh new glue board.


We do want to advice you that a fly light glue board trap alone is not sufficient to control a severe fly infestation. What we require as part of a thorough DIY fly control program includes  phases such as inspection, exclusion and sanitation as well as control products and traps for the best possible success in overcoming a fly problem.


Do a detailed inspection of your facility to see where the fly infestation is developing and what sources they are flocking towards.  Practice exclusion measure to keep flies out of your home or building by placing screens on windows and using fly control insecticides or baits .


Performing good sanitation practices and measures around areas where trash is stored or dumped as well as food storage and preparation areas can also go a long way in helping to control a fly infestation.


By ignoring these components of fly management, you will continue to have flies pestering you at your facility or home.


For more detailed info on how to get rid of flies in your home, restaurant or place of business, check out our DIY Fly Control page.

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