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Kaput Rat Mouse Vole Bait - Place Packs

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Presented as a loose grain, Kaput Rat & Mouse Bait is packaged in two ounce place packs. Rodents readily accept the bait as a food source because it mimics the grains and seeds that they naturally consume.

Target Pests

Rats Mice & Voles

For Use In

This may only be used inside and within 50 feet of buildings or inside transport vehicles (ships trains or aircraft).


For best performance, remove other food sources from the area.

Rats: 2 - 8 placepacks per bait placement in intervals of 15 - 30 feet in infested areas.

-Maintain a 10 day supply of bait.

Mice: Open pack and apply 1/4 to 1/2 ounce of bait per placement at intervals of 8 to 12 feet.

-Maintain a fresh supply of bait for 15 days.

Voles: Open pack and load one ounce (half of a pack) of bait into each bait station.

-Situate bait stations near runways, burrow openings or plants that voles have been damaging

-Maintain a fresh supply of bait for 15 days.

-Use a tamper-resistant bait station when children, pets, or non-target wildlife are present.

Coverage Area

All bait placements must be inside or within 50 feet of buildings

Time to Kill

3 - 5 Days

Active Ingredient

Warfarin - .025%

Kaput Rat Mouse Vole Bait - Place Packs

Kaput Rat & Mouse Bait

Get rid of problematic rodents in and around your home with the help of Kaput Rat and Mouse Bait.

Kaput Rat & Mouse Bait mimics the natural food source for rodents like rats, mice, and voles by being manufactured as a loose grain. Easy to use the place packs can be placed as a whole unopened package in areas where rodents feed. Rodents can smell Kaput Rat & Mouse Bait through the packaging material which they can then gnaw into and enjoy. The packs can also be opened and the grains portioned out if smaller portions are called for in the job.


Warfarin, the active ingredient in Kaput Rat & Mouse Bait, is an anticoagulant which is successful at killing rodents at very low dosages and because of this is considered a low risk bait with very low secondary and environmental toxicity. Kaput Rat & Mouse Bait should never be applied above ground, but rather only into burrows. If the bait is accidentally ingested by pets or children Vitamin K1 is the antidote and it is readily available.




There is nothing as repulsing as knowing that you might be sharing your home, property, or apartment with rats, mice, or voles.


Click Here To Learn How To Get Rid of Voles


While there are many pests that can infiltrate your home, few are as damaging and repulsive as mice and rats. Mice and rats have long lived in the conscious of humans as disgusting creatures associated with filth and disease. It is a well-known fact that rats and mice can transport more than 11 diseases that can affect humans, which is of the utmost importance to exterminate them, once an infestation has been identified.


Luckily, at Solutions Pest and Lawn, we offer a 100% Guaranteed Rat Control Kit and a 100% Guaranteed Mouse Control Kit, that provide cyclical treatments and covers all stages of a rodent infestation. These control kits are effective because they have been tested and proven to work by licensed Entomologists, and are so efficient that they come with a 100% money back guarantee.


One of the products found in these 100% Control Kits is Eratication Rodent Bait, an effective and potent bait that rodents can’t resist. The bait’s formulation is peanut butter flavored which drives rodents out of their hiding places and into the trap. It’s compromised of Diphacinone, an anticoagulant that causes internal bleeding in rodents soon after ingestion. And like all Solutions Pets and Lawn manufactured products, this product has been tested and proven to work by licensed Entomologists and comes with a 100% money back guarantee due to its high success rate.


Still, sometimes farmers or homeowners have to deal not only with rats and mice around their property but voles as well. These animals that are very similar to rats and mice and have been known to tear up yards and eat crops, and very much like moles, dig tunnels around your lawn that kill beneficial vegetation.


Thankfully in our store, you can find the perfect product that will treat all three of these pests at once, it’s called Kaput Rat Mouse Vole Bait.


Buy Kaput Rat Mouse Vole Bait Today And See Why it's the Best Poison For Rats




Manufacturer by Kaput Scimetrics, you get years of research and development of rodent control products that since the 1980’s have raised the standards for control when it comes to rodent pest control products.


Its powerful formulation is a reduced-risk rodenticide that has less danger of secondary poisoning to pets and other wildlife due to its active ingredient.


Compromised of .025% Warfarin, rodents are affected by a powerful anticoagulant that has very low toxicity to the environment but is extremely powerful against rats, mice, and voles.


It also has an antidote readily available if pets or children where to ingested accidentally, which is Vitamin K1.


This product comes in convenient packaging or place packs with the suggested amount already inside and can be easily placed where rodents may harbor.


The packet attracts rodents by its scent and rodents chew inside the packet where the highly attractive bait is found inside, and eventually die after consuming.


The packets can also be opened and placed in tamper-resistant bait stations if children or pets are present.


Mimicking the grains and seeds that rodents naturally consume, this product is ideal because rodents naturally accept the bait as a source of food and eat it without second-guessing or creating bait shyness.


Targeting mice, rats, and voles, this bait is effective against Norway Rats, Roof Rats, House Mice, and Voles.


The product will exterminate rats, mice, and voles in about 4 to 5 days after they have consumed the bait.


The product comes in three sizes, a small bucket of 4 pounds that contain 32 place packs, a medium bucket of 8 pounds that contains 60 place packets, and a large bucket that contains 150 packs.




This product is labeled to be used in Urban and Non-Urban Areas that include homes, industrial, commercial, agricultural and public buildings; in transport vehicles (ships, trains, and aircraft) in and around port or terminal buildings. Applications outdoors must be placed in tamper-resistant bait stations placed along walls or other external parts of buildings (doorways, ramps, and loading docks) burrow openings or where rodents might enter. Applications indoors include along walls, by gnawed openings, in corners and concealed places, between floors and walls, and other areas where rodents may harbor.





Before using or placing this product make sure to read the whole Kaput Rat Mouse Vole Bait label, including instructions, warnings, and precautions, and make sure to wear the appropriate personal protective equipment recommended on the label before using (click here to buy personal protective equipment).


This product can be used alongside a tamper-resistant mouse rat and vole bait stations, also when using this product outdoors you must use it with a tamper-resistant mouse bait station to avoid affecting wildlife, children, and pets (click here to browse our mouse bait stations).


When dealing with a rat or mice infestation maintain a rigid cleaning schedule making sure there are no other sources of food available, which will ensure better success rates. Remember to keep a clean home, and maintain all garbage and trashcans completely empty before placing bait. Also remember to leave all food supplies in hard to reach places and off the ground, as rats and mice are prone to chew and gnaw into containers and cardboard boxes.


When using this product to deal with rats and mice indoors first you must identify places where rats and mice might congregate or where feces have been found.


A good idea when placing baits is to remember that rodents often like to travel alongside walls and structures instead of open areas.


To use this product to exterminate Norway and Roof Rats, apply 2 to 8 place packs per bait placement. Space the baits at an interval of 15 to 30 feet apart in trouble areas or where rodent feces have been found. Maintain a fresh supply of bait for ten days until there are no longer signs of rats or signs of feeding by rats.


To use this product to treat house mice, open pack and apply ¼ to ½ ounce of product per bait placement.  Where is there severe signs of mice activity, a whole 2-ounce pack should be placed. Space bait at approximately 8 to 12 feet apart and maintain a fresh supply of bait for 15 days or until there are longer sings of a mice infestation.


Always remember to replace open and gnawed bait immediately.


To use this product to treat for voles always remember to use bait a tamper-resistant bait station as the product can prove harmful to other wildlife.


Before applying the product to treat for voles first identify areas where voles have burrowed or where there are signs of vole activity. These areas include where there is girdling of plants, burrow openings and surface runways, which can often be found in flowerbeds or under shrubs.


When applying this product to treat for voles, open packet and load one ounce of product into tamper-resistant bait stations. Place the bait station near runways, burrow openings, or plants that voles have been damaging. If there are no children or pets or any possibility of other wildlife ingesting the bait, place the product directly into burrow opening or vole runways.


Check the bait placements daily and maintain a fresh supply of bait whenever bait is consumed.


Maintain a fresh supply of bait for 15 days until vole activity has ceased.




This incredible rat, mice, and vole bait will treat all your rodent problem both indoors and outdoors.


With a very low toxicity formulation, it has reduced risk of generating secondary intoxicating if pets come into contact with dead rodents, and if accidental ingestion of product was to occur, its readily available antidote of Vitamin K1 can be used.


With easy to use place packets, this bait is ready-to-use and powerful enough to handle Norway Rats and pesky voles.


If you’re suffering from rats, mice or voles, this bait will take care of all three. 


Purchase your order of Kaput Rat Mouse Vole Bait The Best Poison For Voles Rats and Mice

Product Q & A

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Can I use Kaput product for the flower beds which are covered with mulch?

Thank you.
Olga on Nov 23, 2016
I'm a homeowner, having been in this area 8yrs. Discovered "voles" 18mos ago. Mulch seems to attract voles, even a spot the size of a pancake. Kaput RMV bait packs are a somewhat recent, effective find for me. I had to remove all the mulch from flower beds or anywhere in my yard to begin eradication. I am about to order my second order of Kaput. If you have ANY, you will soon have an infestation. They reproduce exponentially every few weeks and I learned the hard way one must stay on vole alert almost daily...good luck and plan on keeping Kaput bait for a minimum of 2 rounds. I think once I get them nearly gone, it will be an ongoing task of monitoring. Everything you see a tunnel, feed them Kaput...they are tricky, evil little demons.
Is this the same as decon?
A shopper on Oct 6, 2017
BEST ANSWER: I don't think so. The voles don't eat it, though, so if that's what you're buying it for, don't waste your money.
Can I get Kuput mice and Rat bait in smaller quantities, ie 10 / packets or so?
Leroy on Sep 11, 2017
BEST ANSWER: No, sorry this is the smallest available size of product, the 32 place packs.
extensive problem with voles in my yard they have been here for a long time; I learned soon after I bought the property. all over the yard: front, back and side. How far apart should the bait stations be placed? how many do I need
Amy on Feb 13, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Kaput Mouse Blocks: 1 block near burrows or damage, maintain a 15 day supply of bait
Kaput Rat & Mouse Place Packs: _ to 1 place pack near burrows or damage, maintain a 15 day supply of bait
Kaput Combo Bait Mini Blocks: 1 block near burrows or damage, maintain a 15 day supply of bait
Kaput Combo Bait Pellets: _ to 1 place pack near burrows or damage, maintain a 15 day supply of bait

Customer Reviews

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Works Very Well
I have not been using this product very long but it seems to work very well. Vole activity stopped after only a couple of applications.
December 2, 2015
Kaput mice and rat bait
This is the third pail of packets purchased. Works well and does the job but it seems impossible to permanently get rid of the varmints. Let me know if anyone has better ideas.
September 30, 2015
Kaput Rat Mouse Vole Bait - 32 Place Packs
I was surprised when it worked. In retrospect I shouldn't have been. No more voles.
July 14, 2015
Seems to be working, but it's a very long process
Simply putting a half packet in a tunnel did not work for me.....it wasn't touched. I needed to keep the bait dry and protected from other animals and birds. I used pvc pipe, and that works well if placed near tunnel openings. I cover it so the birds don't get at it. I haven't found any dead voles but they definitely eat the bait. Unfortunately, just when I think the voles are gone, the tunneling starts again and I'm refilling the bait stations again. I've used two buckets of bait already
June 30, 2015
Excited For Results
I am only a little under two weeks into this process, but it appears to be working. The voles are definitely going after the bait. I love the convenience of the ""place packs"". Caught my first one yesterday in an open trap using the bait. I hope to report back soon that they are gone!! Thank You.
June 22, 2015
It works
This stuff works. Get rid of the pest versus repel the pests to your neighbors
August 17, 2014
Kaput Vole Bait
When we get occasional vole outbreaks, Kaput does the trick.
May 23, 2014
Good product and easy to apply. Just wish I had had it years ago when I first noticed voles entering my orchard.
March 14, 2014
I will have flowers again!!!!
Put the bait out and have already found some deceased voles. Wish I had found this great product sooner.
April 18, 2013
Finally gaining the upper hand!!!
My yard was infested with VOLES! By the time I figured out what was eating all my flower bulbs, the bark off my trees, my sweet potatoes and pumpkins, my yard and garden was covered in tunnels and holes. The ground felt like it would sink in at any time. I ordered the Kaput 32 place packs and distributed 15 packets upon receipt. Within days I saw evidence that the bait was working. The remaining 15 packets will be distributed this week as directed. I finally feel like I am gaining the upper hand. Thanks for a great product that was delivered right to my door!
December 3, 2012

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