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"When applying Brodifacoum baits to bait station, make sure to have gloves on. This is not just for safety but also for effectiveness because rodents can pick up on human scent and avoid bait if you don't use gloves."


One of the most common active ingredients in rodenticides is known as Brodifacoum. While it is used commonly in poisons to treat rats and mice, it also has been used to eliminate stray possums which trespass in places they aren’t wanted and even birds of prey like buzzards and vultures. This anticoagulant poison is highly effective and can get the job done against a stubborn rodent infestation.

Solutions Pest & Lawn is happy to carry in our range of professional-grade rodenticides products which contain Brodifacoum. On this page, you can learn more about Brodifacoum, its mode of action and origins, as well as browse and shop recommended Brodifacoum-based products we have in our inventory.

What is Brodifacoum?

Brodifacoum is a highly lethal anticoagulant poison used in a number of rodenticide products in the pest control industry. An anticoagulant is a poison takes away the blood’s ability to clot. Brodifacoum is most widely used as a rodenticide to control mice, rats and other rodents that are difficult to kill with other anticoagulant rodent baits. On occasion, it is also used to kill larger mammals such as possums.

Brodifacoum was first registered first introduced in 1975 to deal with the public health problem of rats and mice which were resistant to warfarin. Since then it has become highly popular and is featured in a variety of different rodenticides on the market.

How Does Brodifacoum Work?

Mode of Action

Brodifacoum’s mode of action is through inhibiting Vitamin K in the body of the target species. In other words, it is an anticoagulant that works via preventing the clotting of blood by decreasing Vitamin K levels in the blood.

Benefits of Brodifacoum

Brodifacoum has a delayed effect so rodents will not suspect anything is wrong. This helps to reduce the possibility of bait shyness. Another benefit of the delayed effect is that if a non-intended target consumes the bait like pets or children, there is time to treat the person before serious health issues arise. Being an anticoagulant, if consumed there is an antidote to treat for poisoning in the form of Vitamin K1.

Drawbacks of Brodifacoum

Brodifacoum delayed effect can be too slow for some to be able to tolerate, especially if you want rodents eliminated quickly or if there is more than one rodent you are dealing with. Brodifacoum may need multiple feedings for the rodent to consume a lethal dose.

Is Brodifacoum Safe?

Brodifacoum is safe to use with the proper safety precautions put into place. Due to its toxicity, we highly recommend when applying Brodifacoum based rodenticides to place the product in tamper-resistant bait stations to keep the poison away from pets and children.

Wear gloves during treatment, and make sure to wash arms, hands, and face with soap after handling the bait. Avoid all contact with the mouth. Do not allow the bait to contaminate food or water supplies. If you, a pet or a child happen to accident ingest brodifacoum based products, call poison control immediately and consult a doctor. There is an antidote that can mitigate the effects of the poison known as Vitamin K1.

What To Expect

Bromadiolone bait

Brodifacoum is used to control persistent rodent populations such as Norway rats, roof rats, mice, field rodents, opossums, and raccoons. It can be applied inside and outside of industrial buildings and homes, in alleys, port terminals, sewers, farmhouses, grain stores, factories, fields, and transport vehicles such as trains, ships, and aircraft. In most areas, a tamper-resistant bait station is required by law to avoid accidental poisoning of humans and unintended species.

If rodents continue to feed on the bait, death should occur within 3 to 10 days after feeding has begun.

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Final Blox Rodenticide - Final Blox Rodenticide is used to eliminate rats, mice and meadow voles. The bait blocks can be placed in various types of bait stations for easy access to targeted rodents. Final Blox Rodenticide is resistant to moisture and mold.

Talon G Rat/Mouse Bait - Talon G Rat/Mouse Bait Packs are filled with mini pellets mixed with grain. Made with the active ingredient brodifacoum, it attracts and eliminates rats and mice both indoors and outdoors. Talon G Rat/Mouse Bait Packs are easy to use and results are seen within 5 days.

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