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How to Get Rid of CockroachesHow To Control Roaches

Cockroaches are unfortunately a common issue for homeowners and businesses to deal with and they can be a huge source of frustration because they multiply so quickly and are so difficult to get rid of. Roaches are adaptable and can develop resistance to control products to the point that they are totally ineffective. To control roaches you can’t use generic department store brands of roach killers and expect that your roach infestation will be overcome. Proper roach control requires professional grade roach killing products. The roach control products we carry in stock here at Solutions Pest & Lawn are the same professional roach products pest control companies and exterminators rely on when hired by a customer.


Browse our products below and as always you can contact us if you are in need of suggestions of the right roach control products for you. Browse our Knowledgebase, view our how-to videos, email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com or call us at (800) 479-6583 and we will give you all the help you need to confidently control and annihilate cockroaches in your home.

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Step 1:  
Sanitation- Perform a thorough cleansing of your home, especially in your kitchen. Make sure to wipe up and eliminate food particles, grease and water that roaches will use to feed on. Clean behind and under appliances and declutter your home as much as you can. Seal off cracks and crevices with caulking. Roach killing products are ineffective if this is not done first.

Step 2:
  Treatment- Use one of our recommended roach killing products to apply to all infested areas in your home as well as areas where you have seen the most roach activity. These are usually where you have moisture (kitchens and bath areas).  Apply bait in small bead size increments (3 to 4 in) in areas where you've seen roaches, droppings or egg casings.  Use a combination of baitsand IGRs (Gentrol Point Source) but make sure not to spray insecticides/cleaning products where you have laid out baits.

Step 3:
  Inspect in 10-14 days and then apply a good residual (Novacide) as a void, crack and crevice spray to the baseboards, under sinks, fridges and plumbing penetrations. Make sure to stay away from area's that have bait when applying the insecticide. You can reapply novacide every 6 months to ensure a roach free environment. Keep food areas clean and crumb free. 

Step 4
:  Prevention - Regularly inspect your home for roach activity and maintain a regular cleaning routine, daily, weekly and monthly to make sure the place is properly sanitized and unwelcoming to roaches.  Spray the exterior perimeter of the house with Reclaim IT and make sure to inspect anything before bringing it into your home for roaches. You can also use D-Fense Dust to dust in your weep holes and attic. This will provide long term barrier control because the dust formulation lasts much longer than sprays and baits.

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