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Bed Bugs

How To Control Bed Bugs

We’ve all heard the old saying, “Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite” but the truth is, we can’t not let bed bugs bite us--they’re going to do it anyway! Bed bugs are among the most frustrating insects to come in contact with and are even more frustrating to get rid of. The bed bug (Cimex lectularius) has long been a common household pest – feeding on blood, causing itchy bites and being an extreme nuisance to humans. Bed Bugs are considered a public health pest, but unlike most pests, bed bugs are not known to carry diseases. 

Bed bugs didn’t use to be a big issue in the U.S. but there has been an increase in bed bug outbreaks in recent years mainly due to international travel. They are known to hitchhike into luggage and even onto people themselves by hiding in clothing. Removing bed bugs can be extremely expensive if you hire professionals to take care of it and even then, pros may not be able to eliminate all of the bugs in a home. However, it is possible to get rid of bed bugs yourself and eliminate the infestation with the right products.

Follow our 5 step process and we guarantee 100% that you can eliminate bed bugs yourself. The most important part of an effective bed bug chemical application is that it is done thoroughly and if you follow our treatment method you will get the results that tens of thousands of people who have shopped with us have seen over the years.

How to Control Bed Bugs (4 Step Process)

There is a large selection of products that are labeled for use to kill bed bugs, what is important to remember in the DIY pest control industry, is that the product does not matter as much as the application. The reason professionals are able to control them with chemicals is they know the proper application methods and areas. Certain products are created specifically to be applied in certain ways and on certain types of surfaces. By following our 5 step process to eliminate bed bugs we offer a 100% guarantee that your home or office will be bed bug-free.

Step 1: The first step to removing bed bugs from your home is physical control. This involves vacuuming up the majority of the insects you can visibly see. You will want to use either a bagged vacuum or a canister vacuum (clean and sanitize immediately after). Vacuum all areas where bed bugs infest which include, mattress tufts, box springs, dressers/nightstands, baseboards, bed frames, electronics, etc. Any crack and crevice should be vacuumed. This removes the adults and some eggs providing a bit of immediate relief. Disassembling furniture is also recommended along with washing and drying all clothing and quarantining clothing from the area by placing them in bags.

Step 2: The next step is putting down a fast killing chemical called Flex 10-10 Insecticide. This product is first mixed at a rate of 6.4oz/gal and applied as a broadcast spray over the entire room surface; floors, bed frames, mattress, box spring, furniture. You will want to add a growth regulator, such as Gentrol, after you spray the mattress to ensure long term control. (Gentrol is not labeled for mattress application) It is also important to treat adjacent rooms, hallways, and other furniture in the home/business with a preventative spray so the insects are not transferred between areas. 

Step 3: After the chemical dries, go back and treat the inaccessible cracks and crevices with D-Fense Dust. This product can reach those tough to reach areas that liqud sprays can not reach. Apply the dust under the baseboards, electrical outlets, light switches, under the bed frame legs, etc. This dust will provide a long term (7 month+) residual that will prevent stragglers from re-infesting the area. 

Step 4: Place mattress and box spring encasements over all beds in the building and leave in place for at least a year as bed bugs can live without taking a blood meal for up to 1 year. It may be necessary to treat again in 2-3 weeks if an infestation is particularly bad but our base sizes of chemical come with enough to treat a typical structure 4 times. For best results, we suggest treating 3 times in a 30 day period.

If for some reason you are not getting control with our methods give us a call at (800) 479-6583 and we will provide a free consultation to determine your specific issues and ensure you eliminate the issue free of charge.

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