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Mojave 70 EG Herbicide

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Mojave 70 EG Herbicide (generic Sahara) is a granule imazapyr diuron herbicide that is mixed with water for pre-emergent and post-emergent control of listed grasses and weeds in areas where bareground is desired. Once sprayed no vegetation will grow for up to 1 year.

Target Pests

Mojave 70 EG Herbicide can control grasses such as bluegrass bahiagrass barnyardgrass bermudagrass cattail crabgrass dallisgrass fescue goosegrass itchgrass johnsongrass lovegrass kentucky bluegrass saltgrass sandbur wild barley and other listed grasses.

Mojave 70 EG Herbicide can control broadleaf weeds such as bull thistle burclover carpetweed chickweed clover ragweed dandelion dock fiddleneck goldenrod henbit horseweed kochia milkweed pigweed primrose smartweed sorrell sowthistle spurge sunflower texas thistle wild carrot wild lettuce yellow woodsorrell and other listed weeds.

Mojave 70 EG Herbicide can also control certain vines and brambles such as blackberry dewberry field bindweed greenbriar hedge bindweed honeysuckle morningglory poison ivy trumpetcreeper wild grape wild rose and other listed vines.

For Use In

Mojave 70 EG Herbicide is for use in non-cropland areas such as fence rows railroad utility highway rights-of-way storage areas farmyards around farm buildings and other similar areas in which bareground is wanted.


For application of Mojave 70 EG Herbicide use at a rate of 7-19 pounds with at least 5 gallons of water per acre. Equipment used will determine amount of water needed for uniform coverage of the treatment area.

Do not apply more than 19 pounds per acre per year. Mixture rates as low as 5 pounds per acre can be used as well in combination with another herbicide.

Coverage Area

Each 5 pound bag of Mojave 70 EG Herbicide will cover approximately 1 acre depending on application. If using as a broadcast for bareground control each gallon should cover about 1,000 square feet.

Time to Kill

Mojave 70 EG Herbicide begins to eliminate unwanted weeds within turf just after application but can take up to several weeks to completely kill of the target weeds.

Active Ingredient

Imazapyr 7.78%, Diuron 62.22%

Mojave 70 EG Herbicide

Mojave 70EG herbicide

Mojave delivers total bare ground control of 150 species of annual and perennial grasses, broadleaf weeds and vines with just 1 application.

Because Mojave provides such exceptional residual control, it keeps new weeds from emerging all season long. You won't need to worry about re-treating after the initial application. Plus, when you use Mojave according to label directions, it won't harm nearby vegetation - even sensitive crops.

The advanced formulation of Mojave makes it easy for you to mix and apply. It's also particularly compatible with drift-control agents. Plus, it disperses easily in water and produces a stable, long-lasting suspension you can apply with either conventional sprayers or injection sprayers without fear of clogging nozzles or injection units.

Unlike most other competitive products, Mojave controls newly grown weeds and prevents new ones from emerging. Use Mojave in accordance with label directions and weeds won't reappear. And because Mojave can remain in suspension with adequate agitation, you'll spend less time on mixing - and that saves you money too.

Since Mojave gives you a wider application window than other herbicides pre-emergence through late post-emergence - the weather won't determine your application schedule - you will.



Red Spray Pattern Indicator (Brandt Mark-It) - Keep track of your spraying and avoid overspraying with this spray.


Help the herbicide stick better to the weeds with surfactant such as Alligare 90 Wetting Agent


As always, stay safe when spraying chemicals with the help of homeowner pesticide safety kit

Product Q & A

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How much Mojava do you add to a gallon sprayer from a 5 lb bag.
Peter on Jun 16, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Spot Treatments: Alligare Mojave 70 EG can be used in a bareground
situation to inhibit weed infringement or escapes. Make an initial or follow
up treatment to spaces, including cracks and crevices in parking areas,
runways, roadways and other paved surfaces. To prepare the spray solution,
thoroughly mix 0.5 to 1 pound of Alligare Mojave 70 EG plus an adjuvant in
each gallon of water. DO NOT exceed 19 pounds Alligare Mojave 70 EG per
acre in a 12-month period.
Will this kill knotweed?
Specialk2321 on Aug 21, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Mojave 70 EG is a dispersible granule intended to be mixed with water and
surfactant(s) for application to non-cropland areas such as railroad, utility,
pipeline and highway rights-of-way, utility plant sites, petroleum tank farms,
pumping installations, fence rows, storage areas, farmyards and around farm
buildings, non-irrigation ditchbanks and other similar areas where bare
ground is desired. Mojave 70 EG may also be used for weed control under
paved surfaces.

This does not list knotweed specifically on the label.

It is recommend to apply these certain herbicides.

Glyphosate (brand names Roundup, and for use near
waterbodies, Rodeo) is a nonselective herbicide which
kills both grasses and broad-leaved plants while
(brand names Garlon, Pathfinder, and
others) is a selective herbicide that kills broad-leaved
plants but does little or no harm to grasses.
Foliar Treatment: It may be necessary to precede
foliar applications with stem treatments to reduce the
risk of damaging non-target species. Although it is
generally best to apply foliar spray in late summer
when the plant is translocating nutrients, this is not
usually practical for knotweed which may be 10 feet
tall late in the season. From a practical standpoint, the
best time to foliar spray is when the plants are 3-6 feet
. These stands will require follow up treatments
later in the growing season. Apply a 2% solution of
glyphosate or triclopyr
and water to thoroughly wet
all foliage. Do not apply so heavily that herbicide will
Job Sheet �Pest Management (797) Revised Jan. 2007
Page 2 of 3
drip off leaves
. A 0.5% non-ionic surfactant is
recommended in order to penetrate the leaf cuticle,
and ambient air temperature should be above 65 �F.2
How much Mojave to 50 gallons sprayer?
Tracy D on Sep 21, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Apply Alligare Mojave 70 EG at 7 to 19 pounds of product per acre. Rates as
low as 5 pounds of Alligare Mojave 70 EG per acre may be used, but must
be tank mixed with another herbicide (see TANK MIXES Section below). For
retreatment within the same growing season, use less than 7 pounds Alligare
Mojave 70 EG per acre.

It depends more on the area you can cover with the 50 gallons of finished products of MoJave.
What are the side effects of Mojave herbicide?
A shopper on Jul 31, 2018
BEST ANSWER: According to the label:

Alligare Mojave 70 EG can occasionally affect non-target or untreated plants by root uptake of the
herbicide. Injury or loss of non-target plants may result if Alligare Mojave 70 EG is applied onto or near
desirable plants, or to areas where their roots extend, or in areas where treated soil may be washed or
moved within their drip line.

Alligare Mojave 70 EG may injure or kill most desirable plants and crops. AV9id applications of Alligare
Mojave 70 EG to powdery-dry soil or sand soils when there is little likelihood of rainfall soon after
treatment, since subsequent off-target movement of treated soil by water and/or wind may cause damage to adjacent desirable plants or crops.
What is the mix ratio ? I hav a 30 gallon tank sprayer . How many pounds do I put in the 30 gallon tank ?
A shopper on Jun 9, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Average Annual Rainfall in Inches Rate of Alligare Mojave 70 EG / Acre
Less than 15 inches *7-10 pounds of product
Between 15 and 35 inches 8-13 pounds of product
Greater than 35 inches 13-19 pounds of product

You want to mix acre rates in 100 gallons of water for coverage.

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does not last as long per label on gravel drive, going to try a spray marker this year.
March 19, 2018
11 months ago
ground weed control
It was easy to mix. I would recommend using a dye. It's a little early to see how long this product is effective.
April 15, 2012

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