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Whitmire System III

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The System III is a professional application tool designed exclusively for BASF Aerosols. The System III flexible hose allows for easy application of BASF aerosol and also maximizes the applications per can. The System III flexible hose allows for easy application of BASF aerosol and also maximizes the applications per can. The coiled hose allows applicator tip to reach up to 3 feet from holster.

For Use In

Crack and Crevice


The System III flexible hose allows for easy application of BASF aerosol and also maximizes the applications per can. The coiled hose allows applicator tip to reach up to 3 feet from holster.

System III compatible products include MotherEarth ProCitra-DL, PT 250 Propoxur, PT P.I., PT 565 Plus XLO, PT Cy-Kick, PT 221L, PT Orthene, MotherEarth 2% Py Contact Insecticide, Alpine Pressurized Insecticide, Phantom Pressurized, MotherEarth Exempt Contact Insecticide

System III Complete includes gun, hose, can clamp, belt and pouch

Whitmire System III



Sometimes when it comes to pest control, high success rates can be attributed more to how you apply your products than to the products themselves. 


Although, you definitely need high-quality professionals products, sometimes using the right equipment and application method can enhance and double the performance of the products themselves.


Thankfully at Solutions Pest and Lawn, we offer all the professional application equipment used by professionals and pesticide companies, ranging from ULV Foggers to Thermal foggers to even Skid Sprayers, we have all the tools the pros are using and that can help the independent pest control applicator or homeowner enhance their pest management program. 


One of these products that takes aerosol application to the next level is the Whitmire System III that will create tremendous results when used in unison with aerosol cans as crack and crevice treatment.




• Created by BASF, A German chemical company and the largest chemical producer in the world, you get performance and quality that is used throughout the world by pesticide professionals and pesticide companies. This are the products and tools professionals use.


• This system of application makes application into crack and crevices a surgical process, that unlike pump up sprayers, fail to fully and precisely apply product where it matters, deep inside the openings and cracks where insects live.


• With this piece of equipment you also are able to free one of your hands for application, which unlike pump sprayers, you need both hands to hold the sprayer and the wand when moving around a property.


• With this product you only need one hand, which frees your other hand to open, close, move, and even hold a flashlight, expediting the application process.


• This product stands apart from the rest in that provides more than 40% more applications out of a regular aerosol can, than if using it without the system.


• It also extends the life of aerosols by up to 67%, which means less money spend on pesticide aerosols.


• The hose that comes equipped with the system is able to stretch 10 feet, giving you complete coverage of any area that needs application.


• And because the tip of the system is small, you can spray in tight-fitting places, where regular aerosol cans are too big to properly apply pesticide product.


• With this aerosol applicator, pest control treatment of homes becomes a lightweight, practical, and simple affair, that does not require a big haul of equipment, and with the belt and pouch that comes included in your purchase, you can easily transport the System III and the aerosol cans on your waist, and simply reach to your waist to apply.


Purchase Whitmire System III Today and Get Free Shipping! Perfect for Commercial and Residential Accounts!

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This product can be used in and around residential buildings including homes, apartments, condominiums, commercial buildings, such as restaurants, schools, and office buildings.




The following products are compatible with the system including, 221L, 250 Propoxur, 565 Plus XLO, AlpineCy-Kick, MotherEarth 2% Py, MotherEarth Exempt, MotherEarth ProCitra-DL, Orthene, P.I., and Phantom.




Remember that it’s the law that you read the whole label including instructions, precautions, and warnings before using this product and remember to wear the appropriate personal protective equipment when handling this equipment (click here to buy personal protective equipment).


To assemble this product with your compatible aerosol product you’ll want to first use the Squeeze Can Clamp and inserted into the top of your compatible aerosol can, to do this simply squeeze the Clamp making sure to put the flared portion of the Clamp on the bottom touching the aerosol can, with the bigger top facing the upwards and away from the can.


If the Squeeze Can Clamp has been inserted correctly it should be able to spin freely and should remain inserted, and not coming off, even when the aerosol can is turned upside down.


Now most of the parts that create the System III should already be attached from the box and should be compromised of the ring adapter, shut off valve, hose, gun body, gun clip, and gun cap, along with other smaller pieces of equipment, which will be found throughout the system. 


After you have inserted the Squeeze Can Clamp into the compatible aerosol spray can you’ll want to take your System III with all the parts mentioned above and you’ll want to connect it to the Squeeze Can Clamp.


To do this you’ll want to find the Ring Adapter, which should on the opposite side of your Gun Body and should be next to the Shut Off Valve. You can tell it’s the ring adapter because it is marked with two rings.


Before connecting your Ring Adapter to the Squeeze Clamp make sure that the Shut off Valve Handle is in the off position, you’ll know the handle is in the Off position when it is parallel with the ring adapter if the handle is perpendicular to the Ring Adapter than the handle is On.


Find a solid surface to place your Aerosol can with the Squeeze Can Clamp attached and connect it with the ring adapter. Insert the ring adapter into the Squeeze Clamp and rotate the Squeeze Clamp in a counter-clockwise direction, which will start to connect the Clamp and the Ring adapter. Keep turning until the Adapter is securely connected with the clamp, do not apply force, and just make sure the Adapter is tightly secured and well connected with the Clamp.


After securing the System III with the Squeeze Clamp and the Aerosol Can, what you’ll want to do next is take a plastic injection tube, which should come in a separate bag, and inserted into the Actuator.


The Actuator and injection tube should be assembled together before inserting it into the Gun Cap. 


After the Actuator and the injection tube have been affixed together, you’ll want to then take the Actuator and simply push it down on the Gun Cap, making sure the Shut Off Valve handle is in the off position. Press down on the Actuator to adjusted firmly into the Gun Cap, and voila the System III is now assembled.


To use the product, now that it has been assembled, simply turn the Shut Off Valve on the on position, you should feel a small rumble through the system as the Aerosol spray product makes its way throughout the hose.


To use, simply push down the Actuator with your thumb and spray away in cracks and crevices, and wherever insects and pests may harbor. 


To disassemble the product make sure to turn off the Shut Off Valve Handle, and spray product until there is no longer product found on the hose. Turn off the system until nothing else sprays.


Next, you’ll want to turn the Adapter Ring clockwise until it disconnects from Squeeze Clamp.


And finally, you’ll want to Squeeze the Squeeze Clamp and pull it off the aerosol spray can.


For common troubleshooting problems with the product, check the supplemental label found on our site.




This incredible performance-enhancing product from BASF will take your aerosol crack and crevice treatment to a whole new level.


You should consider buying this product for the fact alone that when using this piece of equipment you get 40% more applications out of your aerosol products. That equals to more money saved and less money spend on pesticide products.


Its lightweight and easy to carry when equipped with the belt, and can be used with only one hand, which frees your other hand to correctly inspect trouble areas properly with a flashlight in hand.


If you’re looking for an easy to use, professional tool, that will correctly and surgically treat crack and crevices spots this the tool to buy.


Purchase Whitmore System III Today and Get Free Shipping! Take your aerosol applications to the next level. 

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Having a time with my system iii leaking everywhere with pt pi contact...did they change the can?
BKD11 on Nov 28, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Not that I am aware of, the PI has not been changed recently.
My system lll hose is red.......Why?
Jim on Apr 30, 2017
BEST ANSWER: I am not sure why the System III Aerosol system has a red hose, it comes from manufacture. so maybe they are changing the color.

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