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Red Eye Termite Monitor

Monitoring termites is now more convenient with the help for the cutting edge technology of Red Eye Termite Systems. Red Eye Systems make it easy to check if termites are present on your property without you having to go down into the bowels of your home to do an inspection and poke around at wood.

By just placing Red Eye monitoring stations in the soil around your home, in areas where you suspect termites to be and even hard surfaces like concretes and slabs, you will be notified of termite invasions when the Red Eye indicator drops.

This revolutionary tool is breaking the mold of how to prevent and inspect for termites, making it so termites are detected early and dealt with quickly. 

Solutions Pest & Lawn is proud to carry products from Red Eye Termite Systems--from the Red Eye Termite Monitoring station itself, to the Inside Termite Alert Termite Detector and Red Eye Retrofit system.


The Fast and Easy Way To Monitor and Kill Termites

time is money


Often termite control involves the use of termiticides which are conventionally of a repellent formula. DIYers or pest control professionals would create a barrier treatment to keep termites off but it usually isn’t foolproof. Termites could get around areas where repellents are applied and find another way to access the home and feed on wood. 

The great thing about the Red Eye Termite System is that it utilizes non-repellents rather than expensive termiticides or slow acting baits. The Red Eye Termite Monitoring station not only indicates to you that termite are present, but they also come with an injection port to allow for non-repellent termite foam applications (Such as Fipro Aerosol) to be inserted into the station where the termites are feeding on the wooden dowel and is moved all the way through to termite tunnels creating a transfer effect and a direct kill of the colony.

Red Eye Termite Station Is A Hit Because It Works!

Baiting is popular method of killing termites and has become a hit with homeowners and pest control operators alike who are looking to cut costs when it comes to expensive termite treatment options. The Red Eye Termite System is easy and convenient and doesn’t require spraying around or applying a lot of toxic insecticides.

Termite monitoring stations can be used to eliminate infestations of drywood and subterranean termites. While termite non-repellent sprays are lethal to termites, they are not harmful to humans, pets or plant life.

Red Eye’s Full Line of Termite Monitoring Products

With Red Eye Termites, you have the potential to keep track of the presence of termites not just outdoors but indoors as well with their helpful array of convenient termite monitoring products and Solutions is happy to have the full-line available for use.

Red Eye Termite Station

Red Eye Termite Station
- The original Red Eye Termite Monitoring Station is the innovative termite device that is taking the pest control world by storm. Its unique design allows for treatment of termites without insecticidal baits. Simply placing a number of these stations around your home will allow you to fully monitor termite activity around your home.


If termite activity is found, you can simply use a foaming product to inject the insecticide directly into the termite colony via the injection port. This reduces the amount of insecticide used and provides the most targeted application available.


Red Eye Retrofit


Red Eye Retrofit Termite Detector - The Red Eye Retrofit Termite Detector takes the brilliance of the Red Eye Termite Station and makes it so you can monitor termite active practically anywhere, not just in the ground. With the help of the Red Eye Retrofit, you can easily and conveniently transform the Red Eye Termite Bait Station into a versatile tool and place it wherever you like.


The Red Eye Retrofit is especially helpful in monitoring hard surface areas where termites like to travel and hide such as slabs of concrete, sidewalks, driveways and more areas.


 Wall Unit

Red Eye Inside Alert System
The Red Eye Inside Alert System takes the monitoring genius and ingenuity of the Red Eye Termite Station and brings it indoors. The Red Eye Inside Alert System allows you to convenient visually detect and monitor termite activity in the structure of your home from inside the home itself.


Best of all, this product won’t be an eyesore and can be seamlessly installed in such as way that it will easily blend with your home and not even your house guests will notice it. If termites get past any exterior barrier treatment the , Red Eye Inside Alert System will be quick to alert you so you can take the necessary steps of retaliation against their invasion.


Protect Your Home From Termites Like A Professional With Red Eye

Convenience, affordability and effectiveness: these three qualities is what makes the Red Eye Termite System such a winner when it comes to termite control. Invented by Keith Gross, a former pest control operator with years of termite control experience, the Red Eye Termite station is ushering in a new generation of termite baiting.


Order Red Eye products from us today and get your home protected and monitored from termites the right way.

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