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Maxforce FC Select Roach Bait Gel Fipronil

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Maxforce FC Select Roach Bait contains .01% Fipronil and can effectively eliminate cockroaches by either ingestion or contact with the gel. Contaminated roaches will return to nesting areas and spread Maxforce FC throughout the nesting area through contact with others. Additionally, roaches will die from feeding on dead cockroaches that have eaten this great product

Target Pests

Maxforce FC Select Kills and Controls Cockroaches.

For Use In

Maxforce FC Select is for use in and around Residential Areas Warehousing and Commercial Establishments Restaurants Food Processing Plants Supermarkets Hospitals Nursing Homes Motels Hotels Apartment Buildings Bakeries Beverage Plants Breweries Bottling Facilities Dairies Schools Laboratories Sewers Aircraft Buses Boats Trains homes Houses Office Buildings Kennels Kitchens Stores Wineries Pet shops and Zoos.


Each box of 4 x 30 g tubes will yield approximately 120 bait placements.

*1-2 spots (dime sized) or 1.5” – 3” bead: Moderate infestations or re-treats for German or Brown-banded roaches

*2-4 spots (quarter-sized) or 3” - 6” bead: Severe or heavy infestations

*1/3” to ½” spots: Large roaches such as American, Smokey-brown or Oriental

Coverage Area

Maxforce FC Select comes in a 30 gram syringe and coverage area may vary upon application rate and infestation size.

Time to Kill

A reduction in cockroach population will be apparent within 2-3 days for small(German) cockroaches and 8 days for large(American) cockroaches

Active Ingredient

Fipronil 0.01%

Maxforce FC Select Roach Bait Gel Fipronil

Product Q & A

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We had a modirit to low amount of roaches we have hit every corner and we still are having issues it has been 8 days still seeing about the same amount. Besides laying another application down what do you suggest. I really thought this was going to work. The roaches are coming from a infested house next store. Thank you I really would appreciate some help
I what to do? We live in Oklahoma if that helps any OKC
Shannon M on Sep 12, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Typically you will want to use the bait for about 10 days, applying in all the areas you see the live roaches, feces and egg casings. We have a great video on apply the roach bait and how much to use. After the 10 days you can then can apply a residual spray insecticide, we have an aerosol product that works great. You will not want to apply in the area where the bait has been applied.


The great thing about roaches and roach bait is that they will eat their own dead, so the one roach you see that ingest the bait, may take it back into the wall void or plumbing penetration and then end up killing multiple levels of roaches.


Be patient takes time, if it persist, then adding an additional layer in an IGR would be recommended.


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Bait Gel
I used this on and off when I start seeing traffic in areas hard to get and it solved the issue.

Expensive product but effective for its purpose
October 30, 2017
3 months ago
Outstanding professional products!
I'm a pro and I have eliminated roach infestations at industrial laundromats serving the Philadelphia Restaurant industry, using gel bait and Maxforce Stations alone. Maintenance once said to me, other guys come thru with sprayer and nothing really changes, you come In with a bag (stations) a tube (gel bait), and a can (fly bait) and the floor crunched from dead bugs when you walk on it. Use as directed and you can't go wrong!
September 21, 2017
4 months ago
Maxforce Select
Product as described. Haven't seen any roaches since using it 8 days ago. Thanks!
July 27, 2014
Simply the best!
This stuff works GREAT and fast, too. Saw a noticible reduction within 24 hrs - 72 hrs later, it's like a bomb went off.
June 12, 2012

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