3 Reasons DIY Termite Control Is Easier Than You Think

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3 Reasons DIY Termite Control Is Easier Than You Think

3 Reasons DIY Termite Control Is Easier Than You Think

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"Make your job even easier by being diligent and keeping an eye out for any termite activity around the home, especially during spring when termites typically swarm. Regularly check for mud tubes on your foundation, discarded termite wings along ledges and window sills, and frass buildup near wood structures."

3 Reasons DIY Termite Control Is Easier Than You Think

Termites are perhaps the biggest threat to the structure of your home. If left unchecked, termites can cause a ton of destruction that can ruin your home’s wooden frame and result in expensive repairs. 

What you also may find to be expensive is arranging a termite treatment service. Hiring a professional termite exterminator to inspect and treat your home can vary in price from $900 dollars to upwards of $2500 dollars.

Most people who decide to hire out for termite treatments do so because they feel getting rid of termites is a challenging process that requires a lot of experience and expertise to tackle. The truth is that termite treatments are not really that complicated in most cases. With a little direction and the right products at your disposal, anyone can pull off an effective DIY termite treatment with satisfying results.

You may be intimidated by the idea of inspecting and treating your home for termites. We’re here to tell you that, if you're up for the task, you can safely carry out a successful inspection and treatment of your home without needing any sort of certification or training. Here are three reasons why:

Professional Grade Products

Store shelves professional products

No matter how hard one might try, you can’t conduct an effective termite treatment without the right products. Some DIYers looking to save money opt to buy termite control products from their local big box store or garden center. This can be a costly mistake because while cheap, these products are usually inferior or watered-down and won’t be able to stop a large termite infestation.

Your best bet is to invest in high-quality professional termite products that you won’t find at department stores. For example, Solutions Pest & Lawn offers the same products that professional pest control technicians use to treat for termites and makes them available to you without the need for an applicator’s license in most states.

While the pro-grade termite control products may cost more upfront compared to the diluted pesticides from big box stores, it is worth the price due to effectiveness and comes at a lower cost per application. These termite tools and pesticides are guaranteed to work and if you’re doing-it-yourself, you're saving a ton of money on labor costs.

Minimal Equipment Required

Installing RedEye

While effective termiticides are essential when conducting a home termite treatment, it is also important to have the right equipment to apply the chemicals, which the average homeowner might not have. Novice DIYers often get intimidated because they feel they may need complex equipment such as a drill, injection rod, and similar pieces of equipment since termites mainly live in the soil.

While these items are helpful tools, they aren’t obligatory to conduct effective treatment. For instance, to inspect for termites, all you will need is simply a flashlight and a screwdriver to check and probe wood around your home for termites. And for actual treatment (outside of termiticides, termite spray and sprayers), at the bare minimum, you will need a shovel, a wheelbarrow and a screwdriver gun with a few drill bits.

To monitor termites after treatment or to help prevent future termite infestations, using a product like the Red Eye Termite Monitoring System is a useful low-cost tool that can easily be set up with the use of a 4-inch auger bit that can be attached to an everyday power drill.

Easy-To-Follow Expert Guides

Youtube guides for DIY Termite Control

You can have the right termiticides and the proper equipment, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, not only will you not effectively eliminate the termite infestation, you can also put yourself at risk.

DIY Termite treatments can often be complicated for novice DIYers because the instructions may be too technical and contain an excessive amount of steps. This is when it’d be wise to seek knowledge from our experienced staff who have used the products, know how they work and can easily explain how to apply them.

Solutions Pest & Lawn has expert advice and how-to steps for our recommended DIY termite control product that you can access on our website, at our physical stores, YouTube videos and over the phone. Our advice is given in plain English with no technical jargon that may confuse you.

We provide tons of easy-to-follow guides because we want to empower you to confidently carry out DIY termite treatments on your home without worry.

Key Takeaways

  • By using professional termite control products recommended by our experts, equipping yourself with basic household tools and utilizing our helpful easy-to-follow how-to guides, you can confidently get rid of your termite problem and protect your home.
  • Whether your termite problem is a small one or a larger infestation, you can overcome and treat the problem the DIY way when you use a trusted source like Solutions Pest and Lawn as your provider and guide for termite control.
  • If you want to get started on a DIY termite treatment program to prevent further damage to your home, shop our recommended products on this page and use our termite treatment guides to conduct termite treatment like a pro to protect your home.
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