Victor M326 Professional Rat Trap


Victor M326 Professional Rat Trap

Victor M326 Professional Rat Trap are modern wood-based wire snap traps with a large bait pedal to make rats and mice control easy and fast without the need of chemicals or rat poisons.

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Victor M326 Professional Rat Snap Trap, manufactured by Victor, is an easy to use rat trap with a simple setup that offers a clean and quick trapping of rodents. Much like the original design with the exception of a larger trip plate, this wooden snap trap easily kills rats and mice in homes and buildings.

For effective rat control, this snap trap comes pre-baited with a large, trip pedal designed to look and smell like swiss cheese. The expanded size of the wooden snap trap increases the catch rates of rats by both rodent interest in food or through accidental contact as rodents cross or travel alongside the trap.

Made with an environmental certified wood design, the Victor M326 Professional Rat Trap provides instant rodent control and is safe for household use. Trusted to control rats for over 100 years, this easy to set rat trap allows for clean and quick trapping which is ideal for maximum rodent control.

Tools Needed

To use Victor M326 Professional Rat Traps, we recommend wearing gloves when handling traps to prevent body oils from transferring onto traps. Body oils will prevent rodents from going near traps. You will also need a bait such as peanut butter to place on the trap to lure the rodents toward the trap.

Victor Rat Placing

How to Use

  • Step 1: Release the arm bar by removing the staple and move it so the arm hangs over the back of the trap.
  • Step 2: While the trap is pre-baited with a scent, apply bait on the plastic trap plate for best results. Use a high-protein bait such as peanut butter or hazelnut spread. Then place the un-set traps at common rodent pathways or wherever you have seen rodent activity (along fence-lines, near shrubs, home foundation, garages etc.) Bait for one or two days to gain the rodent's confidence and sense of security.
  • Step 3: On the 3rd day, set the trap by first pulling back the kill bar and hold it securely with your thumb. Then place the arm bar over the kill bar and secure it under the plastic pedal. Take note of the Firm and Sensitive setting. The trap will be easier to set on the firm side, but not trip as easy. The trap will be more difficult to set on the sensitive side but trip very easily. When the rodent is caught, dispose of their body according to label recommendations.

Victor Rat Baiting

Where to Use

The Victor M326 Professional Rat Trap should be placed near baseboards, corners, along walls, or in spaces where rodents are likely to travel. For best results place the plastic plate facing the wall. These traps work best when baited with sticky bait such as peanut butter.

Safety Information

Victor M326 Professional Rat Snap Traps are safe to use around children and pets when applied according to the product label instructions. Always wear the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) when handling and applying this product.

Place in tamper-proof bait stations or place the traps in areas inaccessible to children and pets.

Special Considerations

Use gloves when adding bait and when placing the Victor M326 Professional Rat Trap to prevent any scent transfer the rat could detect. If placing multiple traps, make sure to place 5-10 feet apart.

Dimensions of the Victor M326 Professional Rat Trap is 7 in. x 3 1/4 in. x 1/2 in.

Restricted UseNo
Shipping Restrictions
Keith's Pro Tips"When placing un-set baited traps, be sure to place the traps in the same spot every day. The rodents will notice if it's been moved."
Product DrawbacksMay not be useful when there is a heavy infestation of rodents. For this, we suggest rodenticides.
Target PestsRats
Application EquipmentGloves
Application MethodsTrapping
Active IngredientN/A
Product TypeEquipment
FormulationSnap Trap
Application RateN/A
Shelf LifeN/A
Use SitesIndoors, Outdoors
Time to KillThe Victor Professional Rat Snap Trap should deliver an immediate kill once the rodent approaches the trap and triggers it.
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Wilson C.
Verified Buyer
Effective but use with care
Professional product. Larger space for bait application.
Moto Al
Verified Buyer
The best RAT trap
Why mess with the best? Professional grade, simple, effective and low cost. I will buy this item again next time I need some more.
Verified Buyer
caught my rat the first day
I was trying different baits with no success-set this trap and caught my rat the first day.Good old cheap effectiveness
Michael G.
Verified Buyer
everything is a tradeoff
The traps themselves are very low cost. As a result, the quality is not always good. The KILL bar and springs are great, but the wood base is cheap and warps quickly.
Asked if I would recommend...….it depends.
If they made the same trap with a plastic base......that would be much better.
Service from "Solutions Pest and Lawn" was excellent!
eugene g.
Verified Buyer
Rat traps
Been set as advertised for a week or more and haven't caught the little bugger yet!!
William M.
Verified Buyer
The trap is well designed. The plastic feed tray is a good design that is corrosion free.
Roy W.
Verified Buyer
Works great Watch out for fingers
Breaks pencils
Kills rodents
Jeffrey S.
Verified Buyer
Very happy
Exactly as advertised. Exactly what I wanted. Only complaint is this review has to be 50 characters to submit
hello again
Verified Buyer
De-provements, proved.
Bait yellow piece too wide; made out of plastic will last longer, true, but rodents' heads are factually more into the area when that plastic piece the same size as before; NO REASON, in fact detracts, WHY THAT PLASTIC PIECE NEEDS TO BE THAT SIZE.

Millennials "engineers" spewing? :) crack up
Bernith W.
Verified Buyer
Trap M326
I would recommend these traps to any one that is looking for a quality trap. I especially like the light to heavy adjustment on the trigger pan.
More Information
Restricted Use No
Availability Online
Keith's Pro Tip "When placing un-set baited traps, be sure to place the traps in the same spot every day. The rodents will notice if it's been moved."
Time to Kill The Victor Professional Rat Snap Trap should deliver an immediate kill once the rodent approaches the trap and triggers it.
Chemical Type Equipment
Formulation Snap Trap
Application Methods Trapping
Product Drawbacks May not be useful when there is a heavy infestation of rodents. For this, we suggest rodenticides.
Active Ingredient N/A
Application Equipment Gloves
Mix Rate N/A
Use Sites Indoors, Outdoors
Yield N/A
Shelf Life N/A
Comparable Products Solutions Easy Set Rat Trap
Children or pets? No
Property Characteristics None
Questions and Answers
  1. Q:Used the rat trap in garden , new one, set it and the arm bar fell off and lost need a new bar. Can I order one?
    A:this trap was USELESS. didnt work. another victor product that did not work!!!!

    jay heit

    Certified Buyer
  2. Q:How do you know if the trap was set off?
    A:The force of the trap snapping shut moves it

    Roger Reddix

    Certified Buyer
  3. Q:what are the measurements?
    A:The wooden base is 9/16” thick by 3 -3/8” wide by 6-15/16” long.

    Bernith Whisler

    Certified Buyer
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