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SpeedZone Southern Broadleaf Herbicide

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SpeedZone Southern Broadleaf Herbicide provides post-emergent broadleaf weed control in ornamental turf, golf courses, lawns, sod farms, roadsides, cemeteries, sports turf, and parks, especially where rapid visual results are an advantage.

Target Pests

100 different Broad-leaf Weeds: Wild Violet Clover Garlic Spurge Plantain Chickweed Poison Oak and Ivy

See label for complete list

For Use In

SpeedZone Southern Broadleaf Herbicide can be applied to both cool and warm season grass. 

Cool Season Grasses: Kentucky Blue Grass Perennial ryegrass Tall fescue Colonial bentgrass

Warm Season Grasses: Common Bermuda and Zoysiagrass

Mix Rate

1 oz. per gallon of water per 1,000 sq. ft.

1 tbsp. per gallon of water (hose-end sprayer)

-See label for complete application instructions

Active Ingredient

Carfentrazone-ethyl...0.54%, 2,4-D, 2-ethylhexyl ester ...10.49%, Mecoprop-p acid . 2.66%, Dicamba acid . .0.67%

SpeedZone Southern Broadleaf Herbicide



At times it may be impossible to think that your lawn could become a lawn that you can be proud of. With the constant threat of broadleaf weeds and grassy weeds growing almost every day and the diseases that can assault your lawn when you least expect it, leaving unsightly brown and dead patches, many homeowners think that they only way to have their dream lawn is by hiring lawn care companies.


However, we at Solutions Pest and Lawn, believe that with the right maintenance and care, and most importantly, by using the professional products and methods that lawn care companies use and which we provide, any homeowner can roll up their sleeves and start working on a lawn they can be proud of.


In our store, you can find all the products that professional golf course and lawn care technicians use to maintain and grow perfect turfs and lawns, with products ranging from pre-emergent herbicides to aquatic herbicides that can even treat your pond, and even bare-ground control for total elimination of vegetation, we have everything you will ever need to give the proper care and maintenance to your home lawn.


Of these products, which is a selective post-emergent herbicide that treats weeds after they grow is, SpeedZone Southern Broadleaf Herbicide, perfect for both warm-season and cool-season turfgrasses.


Purchase SpeedZone Southern Herbicide Today and get free shipping! And get rid of those pesky broadleaf weeds




  • Manufactured by PBI Gordon Corporation, you get professional grade products created for the turf, ornamental, and animal health industries, that have provided superb performance since 1947.


  • Compromised of four active ingredients, the main active ingredient of 0.54% Carfentrazone-ethyl, gives this product the lethal broad spectrum use that targets many weeds and inhibits protoporphyrinogen oxidase in most plants, an essential enzyme needed chlorophyll production.


  • This powerful true broad-spectrum product targets more than 83+ species of weeds, including Wild CarrotHenbitChickweed, Poison Ivy, Ragweed, Dogfennel, among many others. 


  • This product is a post-emergent and selective herbicide that picks off those unsightly weeds in most southern turfgrasses without affecting your turf or lawn.


  • The product works fast and becomes rainfast in about 3 hours.


  • The powerful and unique formulation of this product creates injury evidence within a few hours and death and total elimination can occur between 7 to 14 days.


  • This product comes in two sizes, a 1-gallon jug, perfect for residential use, and a 2.5-gallon bottle which works great for commercial and agricultural use.





This product can be applied in the following warm season and cool season turfgrasses: St.Augustinegrass (excluding Floratam and Bitterblue and other improved varieties), Bermudagrass, Bahiagrass, Zoysiagrass, Buffalograss, Centipedegrass, Seashore paspalum, Kikuyugrass, Kentucky Bluegrass, Annual bluegrass, Annual ryegrass, Perennial ryegrass, Tall Fescue, Red or fine leaf fescues, Creeping bentgrass, and Colonial bentgrass.


This product can be used in both warm season and cool season grasses in five different use sites. 


  • In Institutional sites that are defined as turf areas around properties and facilities that prove a private or public service such as hospitals, nursing homes, schools, museums, libraries, sports facilities, golf courses (fairways, aprons, and roughs) and office buildings.


  • In ornamental sites that include established turfgrasses around residences, parks, streets, retail outlets, cemeteries, industrial and institutional buildings, recreational areas, fairgrounds, areas adjacent to athletic fields and paved areas.


  • In residential and domestic sites that include apartment complexes, homes, mental institutions, and convalescent homes.


  • For agricultural use, this product is only restricted to Commercial sod production.


  • In non-cropland and industrial sites that include farmyards, fencerows, fence lines, highway right-of-way (principal, interstate, county, private, unpaved roads) roadsides, roadside ditches, road shoulders, lumberyards, tank farms, municipal, state and federal lands. 




This product will control or suppress the following broadleaf weeds including White heath Aster, White Prairie Aster, Bedstraw, creeping Beggarweed, Bindweed, Black medic, Broadleaf plantain, Buckhorn plantain, Bull thistle, Burclover, common Burdock, creeping Buttercrup, Carpetweed, common Chickweed, Chicory, Cinquefoil, Clover, Compassplant, Curly dock, Dandelion, Dayflower, Deadnettle, Dock, Dogfennel, Dollarweed (Pennywort), English Daisy, False Dandelion (spotted catsear and common catsear), Field bindweed (morningglory and creeping jenny), Filed oxeye-daisy (creeping oxeye), whitestem Filaree, redstem Filaree, Florida betony, Florida pusley, Ground ivy, Groundsel, Hawkweed, Healall, Henbit, Innocence (Blue-eyed Mary), Knotweed, Lambsquarters, Lawn burweed, common Lespedaza, common Mallow, Matchweed, Mouseear chickweed, Old World diamond flower, Oxalis (yellow woodsorrel, creeping woodsorrel) Parsley-piert, Pennsylvania smartweed, Pepperweed, Pigweed, Pineappleweed, Plantain, Poison Ivy, Poison oak, Puncturevine, Purple cudweed, Purslane, Ragweed, Redweed, Red Sorrel (sheep sorrel), Sheperd’s purse, Spurge, Thistle, Veronica (corn speedwell), Virginia buttonweed, White clover (Dutch clover, honeysuckle clover, white trefoil, and purplewort), Wild Carrot, Wild Garlic, Wild geranium, Wild lettuce, Wild Mustard, Wild onion, Wild strawberry, Wild violet, Yarrow, and Yellow rocket




Remember that it’s the law that you read the whole label, including instructions, precautions, and warnings, before using or mixing this herbicide, and remember to always wear the appropriate personal protective equipment stated on the label (click here to buy personal protective equipment).


This product can be applied with a backpack, tank, hose-end, or hand sprayers. Our easy to use and convenient Solutions 1 Gallon Pump Sprayer with lifetime warranty would be ideal (you can buy it here) for smaller applications or you can browse our professional tank and backpack sprayers.


As this product targets more than 83+ species of weeds on different turfgrasses, check the label for detailed instructions for specific rates on how to apply to your specific turfgrass.


For detailed instructions on how to mix and add surfactants, oil concentrates, fertilizers, adjuvants, herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides check the label.


A variety of factors can influence pesticide drift when applying, causing injury to non-targeted plants, to avoid this consult the spray drift management section of the label. 


For detailed instructions on sprayer preparation and sprayer cleanup, it is mandatory that you check the label.


To apply this product to warm-season turfgrasses apply at a rate of .75 to 1.8 fluid ounces of this product per 1,000 square feet with .1 to 5 gallons of water (check the label for exact rates depending on your turfgrass.


To apply this product to cool-season turfgrasses apply at a rate of .55 to 1.5 fluid ounces per 1,000 square feet with 1 to 5 gallons of water. Lower rates of the product are recommended for higher temperatures.




This incredible post-emergent selective herbicide created by PBI Gordon Corporation targets more than 83+ species of broadleaf weeds in both cool-season turfgrasses and warm-season turfgrasses.


It’s powerful and fast acting formulation acts in a matter of hours, creating total death in about 7 to 14 days.


It is rainfast in about 3 hours after application and comes in two sizes, perfect for both residential and commercial use.


If you’re looking for a product that will selectively treat your broadleaf weeds in your southern turfgrass, this is the way to go.


Purchase Speedzone Southern Broadleaf Herbicide Today and Get Free Shipping! Get selective control of pesky broadleaf weeds in your turf or lawn. 

Product Q & A

Start typing your question and we'll check if it was already asked and answered. Learn More
Browse 13 questions Browse 13 questions and 13 answers
I see common bermuda, but what about Tiff 419, Celebration or Latitude 36?
Carter on Apr 4, 2018
BEST ANSWER: The Bermuda name is an umbrella name and it will cover all types of Bermuda unless stated other wise.
Can I Apply this product in the fall?
A shopper on Sep 8, 2018
BEST ANSWER: You can apply in the fall, but it will have diminished effectiveness on some weeds that are going dormant. What are trying to control with the Speedzone Southern?
What is the max temperature that you can spray speedzone southern without harming the turf?
A shopper on Jul 1, 2018
BEST ANSWER: It is recommended not to spray the SpeedZone Southern Broadleaf Herbicide when the temperature is above 85 F
They use this product at the dog park I frequent. I worry about toxic chemicals for my children and dogs (since dogs don't wear shoes and dogs groom themselves with their tongues and children sometimes roll directly on the grass). What can you tell me about toxicity? Should we avoid the park for days? Weeks? Thank you?
A shopper on May 31, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Keep all pets and children off the area until it has fully dried. Once the application site is dried the pets and children will be safe to re-enter.
Does it kill rye grass?
A shopper on May 13, 2018
BEST ANSWER: No Speedzone is safe to use on Rye Grass, please refer to the label for exact application rates.
How many ounces per gallon do you use?
Randy on May 4, 2018
BEST ANSWER: It depends on the area you are looking to treat. Please refer to the label for application rates.
If you spray this product on a bush is it going to kill the bush?
Danalye M on Apr 19, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Yes, if you get the Speedzone product on the bush leaves you can damage the bush, and possibly kill them.
Can this product be used safely on pastures?
A shopper on Apr 1, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Speedzone Southern is not labeled for use in pastures, what are you trying to control and what type of animals do you have grazing.

Plateau is a great product.

can you mix with 3-way? for good control of virginia button weed?
Mark M on Feb 28, 2018
BEST ANSWER: I do not see any recommendations to mix with another herbicide on the label, so I would not recommend that type of application.
Does speedzone work well as a spring pre emergent?
A shopper on Feb 14, 2018
BEST ANSWER: The Speedzone would only work as a post-emergent.
Can this product be used on Centipede grass also anything for crabgrass?
john F on Sep 25, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Yes, SpeedZone Southern Broadleaf Herbicide can be used on warm season grasses such as Centipede grass.
Will this kill Virginia Buttonweed?
Bill R on Aug 24, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Yes, SpeedZone Southern Broadleaf Herbicide will work to control Virginia buttonweed.

Spot Treatment:
Application Rates: 2 quarts Alligare Diquat Herbicide per 100 gallons spray carrier
(0.5% solution) plus 0.25-1.0% v/v (1 quart to 1 gallon per 100 gallons water) of an
approved aquatic wetting agent.
For cattail control: Apply Alligare Diquat Herbicide before flowering at 8
quarts of Alligare Diquat Herbicide /100 gallons spray carrier (the maximum
application rate) plus the wetting agent. Make repeat applications if needed for
complete control.
Application Directions: Apply spray solutions to wet completely the target weeds.
Do not spray to runoff. Additional applications may be needed if treating denselypacked
weeds or mats. Best results are obtained for weed escapes if repeat
applications are made within 2 weeks of the first treatment
Is SpeedZone Southern broadleaf Herbicide for Turf harmful to dogs and cats
Glenn on Aug 15, 2016
BEST ANSWER: No Speedzone Southern broadleaf Herbicide is not harmful to pets after it completely dries.

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