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Target Pests

Permethrin 13.3% kills Cockroaches Ticks Grain Insects Cluster Flies Bees Fleas Bedbugs Moths Ants Spiders and more

For Use In

Control Solution's Permethrin 13.3% should be used in non-food areas indoors and outside premises of hotels motels homes preschools nurseries day camps greenhouses lathhouses seed houses food handling establishments packaging and processing plants canneries flour and feed mills bakeries and hospitals.

Do not use in food/feed areas of food/feed handling establishments restaurants or other areas where food/feed is commercially prepared or processed.  Do not use in serving areas while food/feed is exposed or facility is in operation.


Spiders: Spray directly on these pests and to the webbing and all cracks and crevices which harbor spiders. Ants: To kill ants, spray trails, nests and points of entry within buildings and homes. Spray directly on ants where possible.

Wasps, Hornets, Yellow Jackets, Bees, Indoors: Application should be made in the late evening when insects are at rest. Spray liberally into hiding and breeding places, especially under attic rafters, contacting as many insects as possible.

House Flies, Mosquitoes, Cluster Flies, Gnats, Fruit Flies, Flying Moths: Close off all doors and windows. Point sprayer upward. Direct spray mist to all parts of the room, especially windows and other light sources which may attract these insects. Fill the room with mist, then leave the treated area. Keep the room closed for at least 15 minutes. Do not remain in treated room. Ventilate the room when treatment is completed.

Carpet Beetles and Clothes Moths: To treat carpets – hold sprayer 14-18 inches from carpet. Apply spray evenly, covering the entire surface until slightly moist. Spray underside of carpet when possible. Avoid wetting or soaking. To treat garments, blankets, carpets and other fabrics before storage – dry clean or wash before treatment and after storage. Apply spray evenly, covering the material on both sides until slightly moist. For best results, place treated materials in plastic bags after drying, and store in a dark place. Also spray floor and baseboards, closets, cracks, crevices, infested areas of shelving and/or wherever these insects are seen or suspected.

NOTE: When treating upholstery, carpeting, fabric, or finely finished surfaces, apply to an inconspicuous area first to observe any possible adverse reaction.

Coverage Area

Each 8oz bottle of Permethrin 13.3% will make between 2 and 4 gallons of finished solution to treat 2,000 to 4,000 square feet.

Time to Kill

The time to kill for Permethrin 13.3% depends upon the targeted pest and concentration of the finished solution

Active Ingredient

Permethrin 13.3%

Permethrin 13.3%

Permethrin 13.3% is a phenomenal insecticide with broad label. This product controls a variety of insects giving you the same reliability of Permethrin 10%, but at a higher concentration. Containing 13.3% permethrin, this product can be mixed with an insect growth regular or a synergist (PBO or Piperonyl Butoxide) for greater results.

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Does the product have any residual effect after a rain or when a fabric has been washed?
1 answers
The product description says "low odor". Approximately how much residual order is present after the application has dried?
1 answers
How do you dilute 13.3 permethrin to kill fleas.
0 answers
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Customer Reviews

  • Permethrin 13.3%
    By Richard Johnson on 9/22/2015
    Good product was slightly disappointed in the shipping as one of the bottles had leaked contacted customer service and was supposed to get a affidavit to fill out and send back but never received it for refund would use the product more however when the customer service agent stated she would be sending the affidavit via email and did not follow through it makes me leery of purchasing any further products through Solutions in the future. Other then this issue the product done what it claimed would refer the product to others but still a bit leery of sending them to Solutions Self-Chem. Would have Given 5 Stars if not for the Customer service issue.


  • Permethrin 13.3%
    By Satisfied Customer on 8/17/2015
    Great for cracks and crevices. Has a little odor during application, but none once dry.


  • Permethrin 13.3%
    By max on 5/1/2015
    This truly help decrease the infestation of fleas when used with archer an igr, and knockout like exciter. This will kill it


  • Permethrin 13.3%
    By Maureen Albee on 9/19/2014
    We have 3 long haired Pomeranians and this spray works great to kill the fleas on them, even with the long hair. We use it regularly.


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