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Solutions Pest & Lawn- Tyler, TexasSagemont location

AboutThe Tyler location of Solutions Pest & Lawn has been steady providing do it yourself pest control products in the Tyler area for over 40 years. Founded as Center Chemical by Duran Bishop in the early 1970's, this location evolved into a pest control, pool, and lawn store over time. They were an original customer of the Solutions chemical manufacturing plant over 40 years ago and when the Center Chemical owner was ready to retire, Solutions Pest & Lawn could not let the opportunity pass by to acquire one of our best customers. In November of 2015, Solutions purchased Center chemical to continue the tradition of offering professional pest control, lawn, and pool chemicals to anyone who wants to do it themselves. 

PeopleThis store was managed by Mark Rivera but is now managed at the moment by Jason Smith.  Along with Jason there is Ray Yeamans at this location. Jason brings customer service to another level and Ray has years of experience as a pest management professional servicing the Tyler area. These two personable Solutions Pest & Lawn representatives are genuine in their desire to we want to help solve your toughest pest and lawn problems. Stop in today with your toughest pest control problems and they will teach you how to do it yourself.

Service Area: This store services customers from Longview, Mesquite, Terrell, Lindale, Whitehouse, Alto and even parts of Louisiana and Oklahoma.

EventsThe Cypress location currently offers flea and tick preventative pet treatment on Saturdays from 10 to 4. A veterinarian from Delthart also comes out on the first Saturday of each month to provide low-cost pet vaccinations.


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Solutions Pest & Lawn Will Keep You Coming Back!

Solutions Pest and Lawn's storefront in Tyler has been giving homeowners interested in DIY pest control and pest control professionals with our extraordinary choice of professional pest control items and lawn care products for more than 40 years. This location was at first known as Center Chemical, a popular DIY chemical store and supplier for pest exterminators since the 70's and were long-time customers of Solutions chemicals. Now this facility has been bought out by Solutions Pest & Lawn and has become a beacon in the Tyler area for anyone hoping to find answers to their pest problems.

Clients from everywhere throughout the Tyler are and in addition to towns Longview, Mesquite, Terrell, Lindale, Whitehouse, Alto and even parts of Louisiana and Oklahoma have been regularly stopping by this location to stock up on high-quality pest control products and to get answers to their pest control and lawn care concerns that is unmatched anywhere else.

DIY Pest Control Made Safe and Easy

DIY home projects have become extremely popular in the period of web-based social networking. Regardless of whether you're on instagram, pinterest or Facebook or looking at recordings on YouTube you are certain to discover a DIY guide on anything and how simple it looks to be. Regardless of whether it is making improvements to your home, cooking a detailed dish or some sort of life hack,  there's something you'll discover online on the most proficient method to effortlessly do it without anyone else's help. In any case, there's a correct approach to DIY jobs which takes experts in the business to approve of and there's a wrong approach which novices typically post. It's best to take a gander at the accreditations behind the DIYer when participating in a DIY venture and this is particularly true while handling DIY pest control.

Shockingly, the type of DIY projects that individuals avoid or proceed with a touch of fear is DIY pest control. The average Joe is frequently threatened by the possibility of handling a substantial invasion of insects, ants, creepy crawlies or rodents in their home via DIY means and would rather let pest control professionals carry out such a task. Some of the reasons which make individuals falter handling pest and rat invasions in their house is because of the inclination that managing bugs is "gross" or they fear the hazard of using harmful chemicals.

Solutions Pest and Lawn has been doing our best to break these misguided judgments by instructing our clients on exactly how simple and safe it is to approach pest control and lawn upkeep without the need of hiring an expert.

At your Tyler Solutions Pest and Lawn store, we have been changing the average homeowner into DIY specialists and helping pest control servicemen enhance their business by giving answers and solutions to the most difficult pest and lawn issues in a straightforward, simple to execute guide. While we do carry among the best pest control items, herbicides, fungicides, composts and expert pool chemicals available, what we most like to hang our hat on is the helpful direction and advice we give to our customers whenever they visit our stores. It’s something you can’t quite put a price on.

You don't need years of DIY experience to do DIY pest control. The knowledge passed on by our store technicians can be effortlessly learned at any level, regardless of the possibility that you don't have the foggiest idea about pest control. Solutions Pest and Lawn can empower you with the DIY know-how you need to safely and successfully use pest control chemicals in and around your home to eliminate any problem pest which comes your way.

Stop by the Solutions Pest and Lawn Tyler location today and let our accomplished sales reps and DIY specialists like Jason Smith and Mike Davis advise you on the best way to apply treatment and help you learn how to investigate, control and prevent any pest issue you have. We guarantee you that you will leave our stores smarter and more confident to take on any pest control or weed control task you have at home.

Find Professional Pest Control Products that you Won't Find at The Big Box Stores

Normally when novice homeowners think of DIY pest control, what immediately comes to minds are the pest control items you'd see while strolling around at a Wal-Mart, Home Depot or other retail chain which are not specialized in pest control or lawn care.

While pest control products are mighty convenient to find at a store which also doubles as an electronic store and grocery store, it doesn't mean its the smartest choice to look for pest control items and lawn care supplies.

What most beginner DIYers don't know is that the pest control items sold on store racks are second rate products and do not have the quality you would discover in a store which has practical experience in pest control, like Solutions Pest and Lawn. If you somehow managed to enlist a pest control exterminator or chat with a pest control expert about what the best items are to manage normal family unit pests, you'll discover that they remain far from the items you'd find at those retail establishments.

While you will spend a tiny bit more cash purchasing the items we have in stock, we guarantee you that our items will work the first time around and will achieve your objective of having a pest free home or a weed free lawn. Solutions Pest and Lawn just conveys items in stock that have been scientifically proven to kill rodents and bugs and also take out lawn weeds.

Spare Lots of $$$$ With DIY Pest Control

A big reason many individuals go DIY is that they either have had poor encounters with hired exterminators or feel that their last pest control bill was excessively costly. If you decide to go DIY and utilize the professional items from Solutions Pest and Lawn instead of contracting an expert exterminator, you can save money by and large up to 70%!

Solutions Pest and Lawn wants to enable homeowners to protect their own home from unattractive weeds and harmful pests and we have more than 50+ years of expert pest control experience behind us to guarantee you that by shopping with us and following our advice, you can achieve a pest-free home. Better yet, you may never need to spend money hiring an exterminator ever again.

Come Visit Our Tyler Store Today!

In the event that you are thinking about try DIY pest control attempt or on the off chance that you have a couple inquiries concerning a specific pest or lawn issue you've been having, don't hesitate to visit our Solutions Pest and Lawn area in Tyler today.

Our staff of prepared pest control professionals and lawn care specialists are here to help answer any of your inquiries you have and give you guidance on the best way to dispose of whatever issue pest that has been pestering you! We look forward to seeing you come through our doors soon.

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