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Solutions Pest & Lawn proudly carries products from Spring Valley. Spring Valley produces high-quality fertilizers that, if used properly, will keep your lawn healthy and vibrant. On this page, you can exclusively shop for products which we carry in stock which are manufactured by Spring Valley.

About Spring Valley

Spring Valley provides "Innovation from the ground up."  For more than fifty years, Spring Valley has been dedicated to the strategy of implementing the best aspects of formulating supreme-quality fertilizers for businesses in the Professional Green Industry. Headquartered in Jackson, WI, they are committed to developing business-to business partnerships with National Distributors and Independent Dealers that service premium quality fertilizers to professional lawn and landscape, golf, sports field, and nursery/greenhouse markets. Spring Valley has state-of-the-art transport, mixing, screening, and bagging facilities in Jackson, WI and Fostoria,OH that provide an effective market range that includes the entire U.S. as well as strong distribution channels to Europe, Asia, and the Pacific Rim. 

Quality. More than a word, it’s in everything we do. More variety, customized products and superior service are at the heart of every fertilizer we produce. Fertilizers are sized and screened to provide clean, uniform application with predictable results. Anti-caking agents are added to all blends to prevent clumping and extend shelf life. From standard blends to combination fertilizers, we’ve got what your business needs to achieve outstanding results every time.

Fast, Flexible Service. The Spring Valley service staff is the absolute best the industry has to offer, making the “Spring Valley Experience” a functional, yet delightful event. Spring Valley has two locations to better serve our customers over a wide area of the United States.

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