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Meet the People at Solutions Pest and Lawn

Solutions Pest & Lawn prides itself on being a leader in the pest control supply industry and the way we do that is by having exceptionally skilled and passionate individuals make up our talented team. Our team consists of talented business administrators, managers, and salespersons who bring decades of experience to the table when it comes to pest control and lawn care.

The assortment of skills that each of our team members brings makes it so we deliver knowledgeable pest control and lawn care information to our customers, provide exceptional customer service and manage a top-of-the-line warehouse where our large inventory of products are stored and shipped. 

At Solutions Pest & Lawn, you'll find a friendly staff of pest control professionals that are ready to address any of your pest control concerns and questions. Learn a little about each of our valued team leaders below.


Solutions Pest & Lawn's Team Is Dedicated to Making Our Customers Happy

A business is only as good as the people who make up the team. At Solutions Pest & Lawn, our team is ever expanding with talented individuals who can assist in the companies goals: to be the leading DIY pest control supplier in the Nation with the most competitive prices and the best shopping experience for our customers--both online and on all of our storefronts.


Our team leaders work diligently to make our customers happy whether they are a pest control professional looking to equip their operation or a DIYer wanting an effective solution to a pest control or lawn care problem. We put great pride and work into delivering satisfaction to our customers via our website that is easy to navigate and customer-friendly for your online shopping needs.


We also have worked tirelessly to train and recruit talent to make up our friendly and knowledgeable staff both at our headquarters where we eagerly address customer and client concerns via our various channels of communication (via phone, email and live chat) as well in our stores where our salespersons and representatives are skilled in DIY pest control and lawn care and have years of experience, making them well equipped to give beneficial knowledge and advice to the customer. 


Whether you're a DIYer, a property owner, a pest control company or small business, we can take care of your pest control needs by supplying you with the best products at the best prices with the best customer service possible.


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