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How to Get Rid of Bugs Outside Your House

Seeing a cockroach running behind the cabinets, mosquitoes flying over your porch, or wasps buzzing near your window – these are unpleasant sights that no one wants to see. Bugs are not welcome inside our outside the house in any case; they are gross and they many times carry infectious diseases which are transferred to us through our food or by them biting us. 

Bugs are a serious problem especially during the summer season because that’s when bugs are most active and your house just naturally seems inviting to them. If you are among those people who have a bug problem in their house, you would know that using a simple bug repellant spray is not enough – they always seem to come back. What you need is a permanent solution, a way to make your house an off-zone to these creepy crawlies.

To make sure that annoying bugs stay away from your house, here are some natural ways to keep them at bay without doing any damage to your health or your environment.  

Regularly clean your gutters

Anything rotting will bring mosquitoes to your house. Even a small amount of standing water outside your house or even in your yard has the potential to become the perfect environment for mosquitoes to breed in large quantity. This is why you should wipe off any standing water from your yard and clean your roof gutters and trashcan regularly. Moreover, change the bird water in the birdhouse every day so mosquitoes do not find retreat there.

Grow herbs in your garden to repel the bugs

Herbs with sharp smells repel insects and bugs. If you have a bug problem, especially wasps and flies, hang fresh rosemary near places where they are likely to make their nests. Moreover, grow herbs like basil, and mint and place the plant pots around your kitchen window, near your porch, and wherever else you like. As long as the plant thrives it will repel insects and bugs.  

Don’t be too quick to get rid of wasps. If the wasps are not inside your house, you should simply let them be because wasps can help eliminate many other bugs and insects. Wasps prey on many pests commonly found inside homes. In addition, they will help you pollinate your garden.

Keep the trashcans covered

Trash is one thing that attracts almost all types of critters and bugs to your house. This is why you must empty your trashcan twice a day and not let any trash sit in it for too long. Do not use open garbage cans. Wash the cans every week and before using it, cover its inside with borax, which is toxic to many bugs. This will make the trash can a less favorable place for bugs to linger around.

Drown the fruit flies

Fruit flies are a common nuisance during late summer as most of the fruits are fully ripe, fermenting and found in abundance in houses and markets. If you have a vegetable or a fruit farm garden in your yard, it is likely to attract fruit flies to it. To get rid of them, one way is to drown them in what they love the most. Get a container with a narrow head and fill it with wine, vinegar, and some fruit juice. Then put it on your porch or in your garden wherever you generally find the most flies. They will be drawn to the mixture and they will try to drink it, which will make them fall in the container and kill them.

Check your house for leakages

Silverfish need warm and moist environment to survive and grow. Any place that has constant supply of water will provide that to them. If you notice growth in presence of silverfish in or outside your house, it is probably because your house has a water problem. Fix all leaking taps in your kitchen and bathrooms and install a system of proper ventilation so humidity would not build in. As for your yard, make sure no outside faucets have a leakage. If you have valves somewhere in your yard, check it for leakages and seal it if you find any. Seal gaps in outside walls so they do not get any space to thrive in.

Citronella infused candles and incense

Citronella has repelling properties, which work on many bugs and insects. It is among the strongest natural bug repellants. This is why to get of bugs from outside your house; you can grow citronella grass in your garden. You can also light up citronella infused incense in the evening, along with that citronella candles seem to work too, which are a perfect solution to keep bugs and insects at bay during your summer BBQ parties in your yard.

Growing onion plant

Onion is also known to repel many critters that would otherwise like to invade your house. To keep them away from your kitchen, you can take a bowl, fill it with water, and toss diced onions in it. Place the bowl on your kitchen window. This will repel any incoming bugs. You can do this in your porch and garden as well. Moreover, growing an onion plant near other plants can protect them from bug attacks, as many of them tend to stay away from onion plants.

Equip Yourself With DIY Pest Control Products From Solutions!

If the natural home remedies above are not cutting it for you or are just not your cup of tea you can turn to a more professional mean of control by ordering yourself some high quality pesticides which we carry here at Solutions Pest & Lawn. Perhaps the best means of keeping bugs from moving into your home is to create an insecticide barrier. We suggest using Reclaim IT for this. You can also use insecticide granules (like Bifen LP Granules)and spread them around your yard to kill off ants, roaches and plenty of other pests.


We like our bugs to stay outside and out of our hair (literally) but they can make their way into your home and creep you out. However, by applying these steps or applying the products we suggested, bugs will want to come nowhere near your home.

For more information or DIY advice, reach out to our experts via email at askapro@solutionsstores.com, call us on the phone at 800-479-6583 or live chat with us online and we’ll be happy to help you out.    


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