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How to Get Rid of Face Mites

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This has got to be the creepiest thing anyone has ever seen. So you have heard of pest and insect infestation in your house but what if we tell you that there are mites living in your body and particularly on your face. Scary right? Face mites, also known as Demodex mites are parasitic insects that live and feed on your face.

What’s scarier and gruesome is that while you are asleep at night, they emerge out of the pores of your skin, mate and then go back inside. Then they proceed on laying their eggs on your face as well. People freak out and lose their minds when they have a bee in their house but having mites one one’s face will make anyone panic.

What are face mites?

Demodex mites are 8 legged mites that are found on the human body. They are classified into two types. Demodex folliculurum (they live in the hair follicles such as eyebrows, eyelashes and scalp) and demodex brevis (on the entire face and outside the ear). Face mites don’t penetrate inside the body and they only live within the skin so you don’t have to worry about that problem. But if they increase in numbers then you might suffer from a condition called demodicosis. It is a very distressing skin condition and must be cured immediately.

The lifecycle of face mites is quite short and each adult face mite lives no more than 15-24 days on the human skin. This is due to regular cleaning habits but a lack of hygiene or oily glands may cause an overpopulation of these mites.

Dogs and other wild animals also suffer from this condition and it’s called demodex canis.

What causes face mites

There are 4 things that cause these mites to occur:

  • Poor hygiene

If you don’t wash your face and shower regularly and let all the tiny particles in the air rest on your face and collect more dirt, you will have these face mites. Even if you have missed your daily shower, there is no excuse for washing your face.  It is also important to wash your hands frequently or use a hand sanitizer as well because everyone tends to touch their faces multiple times a day. It could be scratching, putting on moisturizer or even makeup.

  • Oily skin

Face mites thrive on the sebaceous glands under the skin and love to feast on the oiliness. So people with oily skin have a higher chance of having large amounts of face mites on their face. People with oily and combination skins tend to produce oil thrice the amount then that of a regular person. So it is no surprise that face mite aggravate problems such as acne and rosacea in oily skin people.

  • Makeup

Makeup doesn’t necessarily cause but it certainly makes it easier for them to settle on your face. Putting too much makeup or for longer periods of time can cause the face mites to worsen the skin. Therefore always wash your face and remove all the makeup before sleeping. Women who wear lots of mascara or eye makeup are actually creating a breeding ground for face mites.

How to get rid of face mites

You must be wondering and panicking by now, but rest assured that they don’t last long on the skin and the strange fact of the matter is that everyone has face mites and it is perfectly normal to have them. A recent study showed that 100% of the people that were tested and studied had face mites. This is a natural cohabiting relationship unknown to a majority of humans. Since we all have thousands of microbes and other organisms living on and inside our body, face mites are just one of them. The only thing you have to worry about is to not have them overpopulate your skin and cause skin problems such as acne, rosacea, eyelash falling etc

  • Wash your face

Balance is the key to everything. Don’t wash your face too often that the skin gets stripped of its natural oils causing dryness or in some cases, excessive oiliness because the sebum produces more oil on the skin if you wash it a lot. Not washing your face regularly also plays its part in having lots of face mites occur.  So have a good skincare regimen that includes you to wash your face at least thrice a day (5-6 times if you have oily skin). Get a good facewash that is made for your skin type and use it daily.

  • Have a good skincare regimen

It is imperative that once you reach your 20s, you need to have a good skin care routine. Your sin care regimen should include cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing and soothing. All these are beneficial for the health and the hygiene of your skin.

  • Bathe your pet regularly

You not only have to worry about yourself but also for your dog’s hygiene as well. Bathe your pet in anti-flea and tick shampoo and every month send it for grooming.

  • Use antibiotic treatment

Ask your dermatologist for the best antibiotic treatment for your skin conditions. They would help combat the bacteria and mites that are present on the skin and relive you for any skin problems.

  • Change your bed linen and pillow covers often

This is also an effective way to stay clean and not have any face mite infestation on your skin.

If you want to give a thorough cleaning of your carpets, beds and other surfaces you can also use a team cleaner that will all bacteria. Solutions Pest & Lawn has a great range of insect and pest killers such as that you can also use to prevent an overpopulation of face mites. The active ingredient known as permethrin also work well to eliminate face mites. Treat your bedding and other areas around you home with a permethrin based product such as Permethrin SFR Insecticide


Protect your face from the growing problem of face mites using our helpful DIY tips and product recommendations. For more helpful pest control advice, you can talk to our experts by email (askapro@solutionsstores.com), phone (800-479-6583) or live chat on our website.

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