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Target Pests

TVC Total Vegetation Control will control undesirable vegetation not matter what. It is non-selective and will kill all types of plants and weeds.

For Use In

TVC Imazapyr is for use in non-cropland areas including railroads utilities pipelines highways industrial plants petroleum tank farms oil fields pumping installations fence rows storage areas range lands and homes.


TVC is intended to be used with water and surfactants during application.

TVC Total Vegetation Control should be mixed at a rate of 1.3oz per gallon of water for low volume spray applications. This will give you a 1% solution and provide excellent plant control.

When spraying TVC moisten but do not drench target vegetation.

For brush and other larger plants cover approximately 70% of the plant foliage and bark for best results.

Coverage Area

Each 32oz Quart of TVC will treat 1 acre for pre and post emergent vegetation control. TVC will provide up to 6 months of complete weed control.

Time to Kill

TVC will begin killing vegetation in 2 to 3 days and will continue killing for up to 6 months.

Active Ingredient

27.8% Isopropylamine Salt of Imazapyr

TVC Total Vegetation Control


TVC discontinued 32 oz container same product Imazapyr 2SL Herbicide

TVC Total Vegetation Control is an industrial herbicide that contains liquid salts of imazapyr for complete weed and grass control. TVC kills all vegetation where it is sprayed for 4-6 months depending on rainfall. TVC will provide the best weed and grass control around fences and other areas and does not require a license for purchase. Imazapyr 2SL may be substituted as both are from the same manufacturer.

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If I mix 4oz to 25gallons of water can I use this to control Grass and weeds around newly planted pines and not kill the pines.
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Customer Reviews

  • TVC Total Vegetation Control
    By Joseph Fagundes on 10/23/2015
    For some reason it has a problem of not killing 1-6" pine tree seedlings. What c an I use for a total clear?m


  • TVC Total Vegetation Control
    By Larry Pasekoff on 6/17/2014
    Got the product a week or so ago. Already sprayed a lot of weeds. Some are dying others may take another application. Too soon to tell how long the kill will last...hopefully many months. Instructions are not clear on mixing. Had to guess at which concentration to start but we'll find the right strength and then proceed.


  • TVC Total Vegetation Control
    By on 4/12/2012
    Great product for my fence. Nothing is growing.


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