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Caravan G Insecticide Fungicide

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Caravan G Insecticide and Fungicide is a systemic product for the control of both insect pests and diseases with one product. You can apply to turf grasses on residential lawns, commercial grounds, parks, playgrounds, golf courses, and athletic fields.

Target Pests

Anthracnose Ants Aphodius larvae Asiatic garden beetle larvae Billbug larvae Black turfgrass ataenius larvae Brown patch Brown ring patch Chinch bug Cool weather brown patch Crane Fly European Chafer larvae Fairy Ring Flea beetle Fusarium patch Green june beetle larvae Greenbug Grey leaf spot Japanese beetle larvae June beetle larvae Leaf rust Leaf spot Leafhopper May beetle larvae Melting out Microdochium Patch Mole cricket Necrotic ring spot Northern masked chafer larvae Oriental beetle larvae Pink patch Powdery mildew Pythium blight Pythium root rot Red thread Rhizoctonia large patch Rhizoctonia leaf blight Rhizoctonia sheath blight Sod webworm Southern blight Southern masked chafer larvae Spittlebug


Caravan G can be used for applications to turf grasses on residential lawns, commercial grounds (office and shopping complexes, airports), parks, playgrounds, golf courses, and athletic fields.

Coverage Area

Treat 1/4 of an acre

Mix Rate

2.0 - 2.8 lbs per 1,000 st ft with a broadcast sprayer

** Please refer to label for exact application instructions

Active Ingredient

zoxystrobin - 0.31%

Thiamethoxam - 0.22%


Thiamethoxam – Thiamethoxam, the active insecticide in Caravan G, belongs to the neonicotinoid class of chemistry (Group 4A Insecticide), which is not known to be cross-resistant to any other class of insecticides. However, insect pests are known to develop resistance to products used repeatedly. Because resistance development cannot be predicted, the use of Caravan G should conform to sound resistance management strategies established for the crop and use area. Strategies should include rotation of chemicals with different modes of action, limitation of the number of successive generations of the target pest being treated with the same compound, and adherence to labeled directions.


Azoxystrobin -- Azoxystrobin is a Group 11 fungicide. The mode of action of azoxystrobin is the inhibition of the Qo (quinone outside) site within the electron transport system (QoI) [Group 11]. Fungal pathogens can develop resistance to products with the same mode of action when used repeatedly. Azoxystrobin is not cross-resistant with other classes of fungicides which have different modes of action. Because resistance development cannot be predicted, use of this product should conform to resistance management strategies established for turf in your area. Consult your local or State turf authorities for resistance management strategies that are complementary to those on this label. Resistance management strategies may include rotating or alternating with products having different modes of action or limiting the total number of applications per season. Avoid alternation with other QoIs, such as pyraclostrobin and trifloxystrobin. Caravan G should not be alternated with fungicides to which resistance has already developed. Continual use of Caravan G may allow less sensitive strains of pathogens to increase in the population and reduce the efficacy of Caravan G. Syngenta Crop Protection encourages responsible resistance management to ensure effective long-term control of the fungal diseases on this label.

How To

A multi-purpose insecticide and fungicide in a single application.

Controls key turf and disease pests such as white grubs, chinch bugs, ants and brown patch, red thread and pythium blight.

Ready to apply product in a 30 lb. bag.


Caravan G Insecticide Fungicide combines the best of Meridian 25WG insecticide and Heritage G fungicide to create a systemic, broad spectrum granule product for both disease and insect control. When applied at the right time and in the right place one application of Caravan G made between May 5 and July 15  can provide grub control for the entire season and an entire month of preventitive brown patch control. Using a combination product like Caravan G will save you time and money. Caravan G can be used on both commercial and residential lawns, athletic fields, and golf courses.


Follow up applications of Heritage G and Headway G can be made for additional disease control.


Caravan™ is a broad-spectrum insecticide and fungicide offering disease control of Heritage® G fungicide and the insect control of Meridian® 25WG. A single application of Caravan™ can yield season-long grub control and up to one month preventive brown patch control (depending on application timing and geography). Caravan™ G provides systemic control of pests and disease on turfgrass including residential, commercial, golf courses, and athletic fields.


This product controls more than 20 turfgrass diseases including brown patch, red thread, pythium blight and leaf spot. In addition, Caravan™ G also controls numerous insects such as white grubs, chinch bugs, sod webworms, and ants. By using a highly water-soluble, quick release carrier, Caravan™ G is able to provide the effectiveness of a sprayable with the convenience of a granular. A light irrigation or even a heavy dew will disperse the active ingredients systemically into the plant.


Caravan G Insecticide Fungicide


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