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Zenprox EC Insecticide

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Zenprox EC with Etofenprox is a non-repellent contact kill pesticide with a great residual on 25 different insects. Zenprox EC can be used as an indoor broadcast spray or for spot crack and crevice treatment.

Target Pests

Ants Bed Bugs Carpet Beetles Cockroaches Confused Flour Beetles Crickets Darkling Beetles Dermestids Earwigs Firebrats Flies Fleas Fruit Flies Gnats Indian Meal Moths Lesser Grain Borers Mosquitoes Pillbugs Silverfish Brown Recluse Spiders Black Widow Spiders Ticks Wasps and more.

For Use In

Homes apartments schools medical facilities offices industrial operations storage facilities buses trains and any non food or feed handling establishment. Zenprox EC cannot be used in restaurants or food processing facilities.


Zenprox EC can be applied as a broadcast spray or spot crack and crevice application. Zenprox EC can be used by itself or as a tank mix partner with Gentrol IGR for long term control.

Coverage Area

Zenprox EC will cover up to 8000 square feet per pint.

Time to Kill

Zenprox EC will begin working in as little as 2 minutes. Zenprox EC has a residual of up to 1 month for continued pest control.

Mix Rate

Mix 2oz of Zenprox in 1 gallon of water.

Active Ingredient

Etofenprox 16.20%, Piperonyl Butoxide 64.80%

Zenprox EC Insecticide

Zenprox EC: Designed To Kill Bed Bugs and Fleas Quickly


Zenprox EC Insecticide is an adulticide product which contains the active ingredient etofenprox with piperonyl butoxide attached as a synergist to enhance the killing power of etofenprox. Etofenprox is a synthetic pyrethroid ester which target’s an insect’s central nervous system. While most pyrethroids are esters, Etofenprox is stands out in its effectiveness especially where insecticide resistance may be a problem, such as when treating for bed bugs.


Zenprox EC also has a unique non-repellent effect, meaning that insects like bed bugs won’t be able to sense that the chemical is designed to harm them. Thus, it quickly kills insects that are contacted directly with the spray or that come into contact with treated areas shortly after an application.


Zenprox EC is a broadcast application that has over 30 pests on the label. It can be used on carpeting for flea control as well as in spot crack and crevice applications. It can also be tank mixed with an IGR to control flea and bed bug eggs. Zenprox EC can give you up to four weeks of control against fleas.


Additional benefits of Zenprox EC is its versatility against a whole host of insect species and arachnids. We have personally found that our customers are having good success using Zenprox EC to control brown recluse and black widow spiders among other spider types.


How to Mix Zenprox EC

Zenprox EC mixes easily with water and may be applied with most application equipment. For best results, fill sprayer a 1/3rd of the way with water, add the Zenprox EC according to instructions on the label and then fill the gallon sprayer the rest of the way. Diluted spray concentrate can be stored overnight and used the following day, but make sure to shake the sprayer to ensure the product is properly agitated.


As stated prior, you can also mix this with Insect growth regulators such as gentrol to also kill insects in the egg and larvae stages of development.


How to Apply Zenprox EX Indoors

To use as a general broadcast treatment, mix the product in a hand sprayer and change the setting to a low pressure fan spray to apply the mixture uniformly over surfaces to be treated. Apply to carpets, floors, cabinets and other areas where the problem pests are found or are active.


To treat cracks and crevices, adjust the sprayer to a pin stream and treat points of entry such as around water pipes, doors, windows, and eaves. Apply to areas where pests normally feed or hide such as in baseboards, corners, around water pipes, cracks and crevices. Spot treat floor rugs, beneath furniture, in closets, and storage areas.


To use Zenprox to control bed bugs, we recommend taking apart furniture and bedding. Do not apply product to bedding. Wash bedding and dry using high heat to kill bed bugs that are hanging onto the bedding. Use a coarse, low-pressure spray to apply to the bed frame, mattress and box spring. Application to mattresses and box springs is intended for treatment of seams, edges, and tufts only.


Do NOT spray this product on the mattress or box spring. Allow spray to dry before using the mattress and/or box spring. Spot treat baseboards, behind pictures/wall hangings, rugs, and other items in the bedroom or sleeping area.

Product Q & A

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is this product safe around pets?
M h on Aug 7, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Yes, when applying the product keep all pets and children off the area until it has fully dried. Once the application site is dried the pets and children will be safe to re-enter.

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August 28, 2018
6 months ago
This product has really cleared up our bug problem. It has killed the bed bugs, the roaches, spiders, and any other types of bugs that we may have around our house. When this bottle is done I will be buying more to keep on hand. So that I n make sure hat bugs don't ever come back. I will recommend this product to anyone that has any kind of bugs.
August 15, 2017
1 year ago
Zenprox worked perfectly on my bed bugs to treat the mattress. They died almost instantly!!
October 8, 2012
bed bugs
Excellent product. Kills very quickly. Need to see how long it will last.
March 26, 2012

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