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How To Get Rid of A Birds Nest

Yes, birds are beautiful and it’s amazing how their melodic voices have soothing effect on our soul. If you log on to YouTube and type “unique birds” in the search bar, you will come across such beautiful birds that you will be speechless. They come in various colors and sizes, one more beautiful than the other. However, every beauty has a heavy price tag attached and in the case of these beautiful creatures, you are possibly inviting in an insect infestation. You might go all ooh and aah seeing the bird nest perched on a tree branch right outside your window, but that same nest is carrying tons of diseases and tiny creepy crawlies, which you can’t see but trust us, they are there!

About Bird Nests

Bird nests are of various kinds. To give you a few examples, there’s the scrape (a depression in the soil), mounds (made from branches, sticks, soils, leaves and twigs), burrow (a hole in the ground), cavity (a nest inside a dead tree’s stump), cup (shaped like a bowl, made from saliva and mud), saucer (a shallow depression), platform (a flat deconstructed disc made from various materials), pendant (a sac made from grass and branches) and a sphere (an enclosed circle with a small opening).

Since all these nests are quite small, most birds build one in small spaces, where they cannot be reached. This gives them the advantage to hide their eggs and infant offspring from predators or natural disaster that might destroy the nest. In many cases, birds make their nest under the roof, which is inaccessible if you are doing the removal on your own.  

Why Remove Nests?

One of the biggest reasons why you need to remove a nest is because it has all kinds of insects such as bird mites, ticks, fleas and many more. Most of the insects in a bird nest are parasites and survive on blood. When their food source flies away and the nest gets empty, they hunt for a new food sources. If the tree branch is long enough that it touches the façade of your house, then the next time you open your window, you will be inviting a colony of insects in your house. These can infest your house and then you will have two problems on your hand.

Other reasons to remove bird nests could be that the nest might have become unstable over the months and is unsafe now, the nest is in a dangerous location, making it an easy prey for other predators or its position might be too stressful for brooding birds.

5 Steps to Remove a Bird Nest

Before going out to inspect that bird nest, you need to suit up appropriately. Wear a plastic suit with gloves, a hair net and an air mask. For additional precaution, tuck a pesticide spray in your belt. As mentioned earlier, the insects residing in these nests can get stuck to your clothes and make way inside your home. Before entering the house, remove the gear outside and dust it off thoroughly.

Step #1: Inspect the Nest

Take a ladder and climb up to inspect the nest. Remember, if the nest is occupied or has eggs in it, do not touch it. If the nest is empty, decontaminate it with a pesticide spray and take it down. Crush the nest, bag it and throw it in the trash bin.

Step #2: Hire a Professional

If you are allergic to pesticide sprays, then it is better to call a professional. These people are experts and have years of practice and experience. Whether the nest is empty or occupied, they will remove it with great care and without hurting the bird.

Step #3: Apply Scare Tactics

Birds are afraid of owls and cats. Since both these animals are natural predators, you can use scaring tactics to keep the birds away. Simply place an owl figurine like one of those gnomes, on the window ledge or the tree branch. There’s a high possibility that birds will not make a nest there.

Step #4: Sick Your Cat or Dog on the Job

If you have a pet dog or cat, then they are enough for scaring the birds away. The noise alone can drive away the birds. However, keep an eye out on the cat because without proper training, your feline fellow might eat a bird. Depending on the laws in the state you live in, it might be illegal to harm a bird.

Step #5: Preventing them From Rebuilding

Once you have removed the nest, it’s time for a little cleaning. In a spray bottle, mix nine parts water and one part chlorine. Spray this near the branch to confuse the birds. The smell will stop them from rebuilding in the same area. You can also try other techniques to change the shape of the branch. Place some spikes on it to stop the birds from landing on it or you can add a board that changes the look of the tree. Any small change will go a long way in preventing the bird from rebuilding their home.

Getting rid of a bird nest is quite easy but when that nest is occupied, the process can become tedious. This means you have to wait out the bird, so that you can start with the deconstruction. If you aren’t sure whether you can do it on your own or not, you can always call a professional.

Go the DIY Way With Professional Products From Solutions Pest & Lawn

If you’re tired of birds nesting on your property and don’t have the budget to hire a professional to get rid of the birds, it is possible to do it yourself using products we carry here at Solutions Pest & Lawn. Repellants are likely the best method to keep birds away from your property. We have multiple repellent products like 4 The Birds-Bird Repellent Gel as well as 4 The Birds Liquid Repellent which can be laid out in the areas where you have noticed the most bird activity. These products will make residing in the area uncomfortable and unsavory to starlings. Typical places to apply these products include window sills, roof ridges, gutters, parapets and ledges.

Another options can be which are effective include sound devices like BirdXPeller PRO Audio Bird Deterrent which contains recorded bird distress calls which will scare birds off from the area.  A bird frightening agent like Avitrol is also a great deterrent of birds as it produces symptoms which throws birds off their normal functioning and scares off other birds from staying in the area.

Once the birds have been scared off, simply get to the nest and destroy it or trash it and you’re all set!


Chances are, you didn’t sign your home up to be a bird haven. If birds are attracted to your property, the tips and suggestions we’ve provided above will be sure to make them change their minds. For more helpful DIY advice, reach out to us at 800-479-6583, email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com or live chat with an expert representative online on our website!


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