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Precor IGR Methoprene

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Precor IGR Concentrate is birth control for fleas. It has a 6 month residual indoors and has no odor. Precor® IGR Concentrate effectively breaks the flea’s life cycle. This formulation prevents flea infestations and provides residual flea control. Zoëcon’s Precor® IGR Concentrate controls adult and pre-adult fleas (95% off flea populations).

Target Pests

Precor IGR Concentrate targets flea eggs and larvae.

For Use In

Precor IGR Concentrate can be applied wherever fleas are found or may be harboring.


Apply Precor® IGR indoors to flea harborages, including but not limited to carpet, furniture, pet bedding and throw rugs. When treating upholstery, test for staining in an inconspicuous location.

Precor® Insect Growth Regulator prevents flea emergence for up to seven months

Provides professional flea control without disrupting household activities

Heavier-than-air molecules go deep into the base of carpets and upholstery

Can be tank mixed with adulticide for more severe infestations

Coverage Area

Each finished gallon of Precor IGR Concentrate will cover approximately 1,500 square feet.

Time to Kill

Precor IGR Concentrate does not kill insects it is designed as a birth control to stop normal development of adult fleas.

Mix Rate

Apply at a rate of 1 oz per 1 gallon of the diluted spray solution per 1500 sq ft of surface area with any low pressure sprayer with a fan tip that is typically used for indoor applications.

Prevents adult flea emergence (by preventing flea eggs and larvae from maturing) for up to 7 months as long as carpet is not shampooed or steam cleaned. This means if a flea egg drops off of infected dog, flea egg will not develop. 3 year shelf life.

Active Ingredient

Methoprene 1.2%

How To

Designed to stop the development of adult fleas, Precor IGR should be mixed with an insecticide that will provide the knockdown of fleas.

Precor IGR Methoprene

Prevent the Next Generation of Fleas With Precor IGR Treatment

When tackling a flea infestation, a pest control novice may think that killing the adult fleas will bring the end to the invasion as well as the itchy bites they bring. The fact of the matter is is that flea adults aren’t the only phase you should be worrying about as there are flea larvae and flea eggs that will be plentiful anywhere that there are fleas.

What may be surprising for most to learn is that adult fleas, the ones you can actually see, account for merely 5% of the entire flea population present. The majority of the fleas are actually the flea eggs. To put it into perspective, essentially for every 5 adult fleas you see, there may be 100 or more flea eggs just waiting to be hatched into becoming an adult.

In general, the life cycle of the average flea to go from egg to adult can range between 2 to 4 weeks long. This means that if you’re using insecticides to spray and kill adult fleas, it won’t be long before the next generation of fleas begin to hatch to create more problems for you and your pets.

This is why it is so important to focus on controlling all phases of the flea life cycle and when it comes to flea eggs comprising the bulk of the flea infestation, the use of an insect growth regulator can be a great help.

More about Precor Insect Growth Regulator

Precor IGR is an insect growth regulator developed by Zeocon and is formulated to target the immature stages of fleas such as the egg phase and the flea larvae. The way it works is that Precor puts a stop to the progress of any development, acting as a form of birth control.

The flea eggs which come into contact with Precor IGR will be unable to hatch and the flea larvae will not be able to develop further into an adult flea.


Precor IGR contains methoprene and has gained acclaim in the pest control industry due to its effectiveness in controlling the egg growth of fleas.

Precor doesn’t actually kill flea eggs. Moreso it stunts the growth of eggs and larvae so they are unable to develop further or function normally.

Things to consider when using Precor IGR

Precor IGR should not be used as a sole method of flea control because it only serves to control flea eggs and flea larvae. Flea adults will still have to be addressed with a different method of control. Flea pupae are also unable to be affected by Precor IGR because of the cocoon making it so they cannot be exposed to external pesticides.

Precor IGR is able to successfully control immature fleas for up to 7 months, longer than most of its competitors.

Precor IGR comes in a concentrated form and thus it has to be diluted with water. Typically an effective ratio is 1 gallon per 1 ounce of Precor IGR but you must check the label for exact measurements and rates.

When using an insect growth regulator like Precor IGR for fleas, your best method of achieving total control of flea problems is to apply the product as early as possible, even before you see any fleas.

Using Precor IGR along with a product to treat your pet such as a flea bath shampoo or Petcor Flea Spray as well as an adulticide which targets the adult fleas will ensure that fleas will not be a problem that you can’t handle.

Precor Works Quickly To Stop Flea Eggs

After applying Precor IGR to an area where you have inspected for flea activity, once a flea egg drops off your pet or is in the carpeting or sleeping areas that have been treat, the insect growth regulator will work right away in preventing the development and growth of the eggs. Within a week you will see a drastic reduction in the flea population.

The effects of Precor IGR can continue working for up to 7 months, controlling the maturation of flea eggs and larvae before they start to pupate.

How to Use Precor IGR

Using PreCor IGR is very easy to do.  Simply begin by mixing a solution that is made by combining one ounce of Precor IGR with 1 gallon of water.  This can be accomplished by adding a half gallon of water to a hand sprayer, adding the ounce of Precor IGR and then filling the spraying up the rest of the way with water and then proceeding to shake the sprayer to ensure the mixture is properly agitated.

1 gallon of the diluted Precor IGR solution will be able to treat about 1500 square feet of space. If you are applying the product indoors, put the sprayer on a low pressure setting and with a fan tip. You can then proceed to treat all the common areas where fleas can be found

Some of these areas include:

- Carpets

- Furniture

- Pet bedding

- Pet sleeping areas

- Throw rugs

- Under furniture cushions

- Underneath furniture

- Under beds

- Closets

If there are other areas that you suspect may have fleas around, make sure to treat those spaces as well. Once you have applied the Precor IGR, let the IGR dry thoroughly before allowing animals and children to re-enter the room.

We recommend when spraying Precor IGR solution to remove family members and your pets from the target area. Once the product is able to dry and the house is ventilated for about half an hours, you, your family and your pets can return back to your usual home activities.

A Word of Caution When Using Precor IGR

Methoprene, the active ingredient used is Precor IGR is harmful to animals and pets and should not be stored anywhere that they can easily come in contact with it.

When applying Precor IGR in your home, we stress that you should keep pets and children not in the home at all until the product is able to completely dry and air out.

If you are concerned about Precor IGR staining your chairs or sofas, test it out by spraying a tiny area. If there is no discoloration, go ahead and spray the entire piece of furniture. While Precor IGR usually doesn’t cause stains it would be wise to check first to prevent ruining staining your furniture if it happens to do so.

Is Precor IGR Safe To Use Around Pets or Children?

Precor IGR is harmful to people and animals and the proper precautions should be taken when handling it (in the form of personal protective equipment). After treatment, make sure to wash your hands with soap and water as soon as possibly. Children and pets should be kept away from newly treated areas for at least half an hour to allow the product to dry and air out. Please under no circumstances should a child be tasked with applying the product.

What do Customers Have To Say About Precor IGR?

Check below to see our various reviews of Precor IGR by real customers. Judging be the reviews so far, people love Precor IGR and what it is able to do to control the flea population around their homes.

All in all, Precor IGR is a terrific complement to a total flea control program which you have in place. If you purchase it, it may very well be the missing piece that will give your flea treatment that extra umph to wipe out the infestation.

Precor IGR is super easy to use, gives you a whopping 7 months of control from the moment you apply it and you will see a major difference in the flea population.

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Is it possible to pick up the Precor we live in northeast Georgia is there a place we could pick it up in this area?Also in the Alpharetta area would be a possibility we could get it
Todd B on Jun 7, 2018
BEST ANSWER: You can go pick up a flea product, Precor IGR in the stores.Here are the 2 locations. https://www.solutionsstores.com/store-locator/Tucker, Georgia and Roswell, Georgia
Can precor agr methoprene be used on dogs to kill fleas?
A shopper on Sep 8, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Precor IGR is not labeled for this type of application, we do sell Petcor which contains the active ingredient Methoprene. The Petcor is meant to be applied to pets and works great! https://www.solutionsstores.com/petcor-flea-spray-methoprene

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Precor IGR
My cat brought home fleas and so my dog got them. I sprayed the whole house with Precor IGR. I used this in combination with flea pills for the animals. Also using flea killer in addition, to kill existing fleas works better/faster but I don't like to use pesticide if I don't have to. I quarantined the animals in the kitchen till the fleas were gone. Also did lots of vacuuming.
October 7, 2014
I have had good results with this product in helping control flea eggs.
June 13, 2010

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