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Solutions Pest & Lawn is proud to be a carrier of pest control products from the Nisus Corporation. Nisus delivers effective products that are guaranteed to work. We highly recommend products from this manufacturing and give them our proud seal of approval. This is especially the case with products like Boracare or Tim-bor. Learn more about this producer below.

About Nisus

Nisus’ mission is to provide homeowners, Pest Management Professionals (PMPs), and distributors with strong, effective products that kill unwanted pests while providing the lowest possible impact to the environment.

Nisus Company History

The company originally had its beginnings in 1987, when Bud Dietrich invented a product called Bora-Care® as a wood preservative for log homes. Soon thereafter, entomologists began contacting Dietrich informing him that Bora-Care was proving to be toxic to a wide variety of wood destroying insects, including termites. In 1989, Dietrich moved Bora-Care into the pest management industry, targeting Pest Management Professionals (PMPs) specializing in pest control.

Nisus Corporation was founded in 1990 in Knoxville, TN. Since then, Nisus has grown rapidly and is one of the leading suppliers of products to the professional pest management industry. Nisus is a privately held company producing a full line of pest management products, including wood protection, insect baits and odor control at its manufacturing plant in Rockford, TN.

The company’s success in this venture was the catalyst for the development and subsequent introduction of Niban® Granular Bait in 1993. Niban and its spin-off product, Niban-FG®, offers PMPs environmentally-friendly and weather-resistant baits for cockroaches, ants and crickets. That same year, Jecta® Diffusible Boracide and BAC-AZAP® Biologic Odor Control products were also introduced to the industry.

Nisus completed a very busy 1999 when the company acquired the borate product, Tim-bor®, from U.S. Borax. The acquisition positioned Nisus as the world’s leader in borate technology.

One product that is gaining widespread use in the environmentally conscious pest management industry, and the first product produced by Nisus, is Bora-Care. Bora-Care utilizes a patented process that makes use of penetrants and glycols to provide long-term protection, control of termites and other wood destroying insects and fungi.

In 2007 Nisus Corporation, in conjunction with the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), hosted the first Green Conference for the US pest control industry. The event, held in Denver, Colorado, was the largest non-convention meeting in the history of the NPMA.

Today Nisus Corporation continues to lead the Green Pest Management® (GPM®) movement from its headquarters in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains just outside Rockford, Tennessee. Nisus has experienced rapid growth since its beginning in 1990 and is poised to continue its leadership role in Green Pest Control Solutions as Nisus expands into world markets.

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