How to Get Rid of Flies on My Porch

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How to Get Rid of Flies on My Porch

How to Get Rid of Flies on My Porch

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"No amount of pesticide products and traps can stop an infestation of flies if you don't first conduct a detailed cleanup of the area. You have to eliminate the source that is attracting the flies in the first place to keep them away."

How To Get Rid of Flies On my Porch

flies infesting door screen

This page is an expert guide on getting rid of flies from your porch using the products and methods suggested by our experienced pest control specialists. Follow this guide and use the recommended products and we guarantee you will be successful in eliminating lizards from your home.

A porch is an ideal place for summer festivities and to have coffee during chilly nights during the fall. However, nothing takes away the joy like flies buzzing on your porch or patio.

When the temperatures are high, flies are especially active and will hang around wherever they can find food and breeding grounds. If they are frequenting your porch, our expert advice and top recommended fly control products will help get rid of flies from the area.


fly up close

While they may look and behave the same way, there are many different types of flies that may infest your porch or patio area. They may be fungus gnats that like to frequent outdoor plants, fruit flies that love rotting food or the common house fly that may be around because there is food or filth that is attracting them to the area.

No matter the species, they are all an annoying nuisance to have around. Fortunately, they can be treated and prevented largely in the same way with a combination of integrated pest management (IPM) which involves cleaning up and eliminating food and breeding sources, as well as using the superior products we carry for fly control.


flies on food

Where To Look

Flies are always looking for places to breed. Places that provide them with even the littlest of food are good enough for them. There are bound to be food traces on your porch or patio; spilled tea, cookie crumbles, sugary residue from juices and sticky handprints of your kids somewhere on the porch–there are numerous sources of food on your porch for flies. Moreover, flies have strong senses to detect odor, so they would be flying in from afar if you have a welcoming porch for them.

What To Look For

Flies look for dirty places, especially garbage to lay their eggs and if your porch or patio does not get thoroughly cleaned every day, then it is open ground for the flies to invade. If you have pets and they have a habit of littering near your porch, then that could invite in the flies as well. If there is any feces lying around in your yard or garden, flies will definitely come around.


Solutions Pest & Lawn has professional fly control DIY products that can help you to eliminate the presence of flies on your porch. A combination of high-quality fly traps, baits and insecticide sprays will do the trick in eliminating a fly infestation.

Step 1 - Clean Up Your Porch/Patio and Yard Area

Exposed Trash

Before applying any products, we recommend doing a clean up around your porch and yard. Take out and seal any outdoor garbage cans, pick up any pet waste and cover any outdoor food. This can greatly reduce the presence of flies in the area.

Step 2 - Apply MaxForce Fly Spot Bait

Spraying Maxforce Fly Spot

Maxforce Fly Spot Bait is an awesome product to use as it can kill flies within 60 seconds of them coming in contact with the formula. Maxforce Fly Bait contains scent and pheromone attracts to lure flies and the product can last up to 30 days when sprayed outdoors. 

Maxforce Fly Spot Bait comes in 16-ounce packets that you can mix in water. Simply mix Maxforce Flyspot Fly Bait in a spray bottle with some water, shake it and it's ready to be used. Apply at a rate of 8 oz for every 1,000 sq.ft.  Spray on surfaces on and around your porch where you have seen flies gather.

Step 3 - Use Musca-Stik Fly Traps

Musca-Stik traps are an affordable and effective fly trap that attract flies visually and via Musca-lure pheromone attractants. Simply sprinkle the Musca-Lure attractant into the catch basin of the trap and then hang it from a tree branch, from a window or somewhere around your porch area. Flies will get stuck on the trap and you can easily dispose of it after it's full. 


flies eating food

Now that you know it is very common to have house flies, especially over your porch, you might wonder how can you get rid keep them away. Using the above tips and products whenever you have fly activity will ensure that you will effectively keep flies from invading.

If you are looking for ways to get rid of flies from your porch or patio naturally, here are some other effective ways to keep the flies at bay.

  • Citronella infused incense and candles

You can light up citrus candles and place them on your windows or around the porch floorboard in the evening to ward off flies. What works best is citronella infused incense, which will keep your porch smelling great in the evening and repels flies at the same time. Other than that, citronella infused tiki torches are also a great way to keep flies away from your porch especially during summertime, lightening up the surrounding and working as a repellent.  

  • Plant nice herbs around your porch

Planting herbs around your house is a way to make your porch look attractive and repel flies at the same time. You can put them in a pot and place them on your window bars, or line them up on the porch floor or hang them with gauge wire in glass bottles. Basil leaves, lavender, citronella grass, rosemary, mint – they are fragrant and highly repellent at the same time.  

  • Use essential oils after cleaning the porch

Essential oils are known for their soothing effects on our nerves, their healing properties and aromatic benefits. However, they are not as friendly when it comes to flies and other insects. Essential oils can be effectively used to make repellant for flies.

Take a sprit bottle; add two cups of water in it and 24 drops of essential oil. Peppermint, lemongrass, eucalyptus, lavender, and tea tree oil are the best choice for a bug repellant that is effective and refreshingly aromatic.

All you have to do is that whenever you clean your porch, make sure you clean it thoroughly with water, scrubbing the floorboard, door and the windows (if any). When you are done, spray the mixture you made with essential oil. It will leave your porch clean and fresh with spray acting as an antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal.

  • Replace UV light bulbs with warm yellow bulbs

Houseflies, among many other flying insects are phototactic. Their eyes have a special mechanism which can see patterns in Ultraviolet light, which is why they are attracted towards white lights. UV lights are known to bring in swarm of flies and insects during the night. If you have white lights in your porch or in your patio, you can replace them with warm orange or yellow lights, as they are less likely attract flies. This is the reason why flytraps have UV lights in them; as flies are most likely to be attracted in.  

Key Takeaways

How Do You Get Flies On your Porch or Patio?

  • During warm temperatures, flies are very active and are known to frequent porch or patio areas, looking for something to eat and a place to lay eggs.

How To Get Rid of Flies from Your Porch

  • Cleanup is an essential part of controlling the fly problem. Locate and clean up feces, organic matter and decaying food before applying products.
  • A combination of fly baits, traps and sprays can remove an infestation so you can enjoy your porch or patio free from flies.

Preventing Fly Reinfestation On Your Patio or Porch

  • To keep Flies from frequenting your porch or patio, utilize warm yellow bulbs for light outdoors, citronella candles or essential oils for a natural remedy to deter flies.
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