Ultrasonic Pest Control: Does it Work on Insects and Other Types of Pests?

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Ultrasonic Pest Control: Does it Work on Insects and Other Types of Pests?

Ultrasonic Pest Control: Does it Work on Insects and Other Types of Pests?

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"When implementing any type of pesticide applications, you will need to wear the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). This will not only keep your well-being safe, but it will also work to mask your scent from pests to lure them towards products being used instead of away."

Ultrasonic Pest Control: Does it Work on Insects and Other Types of Pests?

This page is a general article that discusses the function and efficiency of ultrasonic pest repellents. By learning this information and using the methods and products suggested throughout this DIY guide can help to lessen the amount of repellents used and quickly control current pest infestations.

Natural methods of removing insects, rodents, and birds from a home sounds ideal for any homeowner. One of these methods that various markets offer is ultrasonic pest devices that emits a high to low frequency sound that only the targeted pest is suggested to hear. These devices are labeled to eliminate the targeted pest by deterring them from the treated area or killing them by causing convulsions or hemorrhages.

Due to the developments of modern society, this technology may seem plausible to various homeowners since there seems to be an app for any basic need today. However, there still lays the question of whether ultrasonic pest repellents work on insects, rodents, and birds? While some devices have been found to create disorientation in insect and rodent pests there is not enough evidence to suggest this as a permanent resolution.

Most species of pests like rodents are adaptable and can learn to avoid areas with ultrasonic devices or develop resistancy. Our DIY guide will help to provide accurate information regarding pest control treatments as well as recommending professional products to remove and prevent infestations.

How They Work

Ultrasonic Repellent

Ultrasonic pest repellent devices are either plugged into an outlet or battery powered. Many devices are often labeled with vague wording such as controlling pest with high frequency sounds or as simple as it repels pest when plugged in often indicating lack of measurable results to prove how this product works against pests.

One thing that has been proven with various ultrasonic insect repellents is the claim that high frequency sounds cause confusion, disorientation, fear, and sometimes hemorrhages in various insect, rodent, and bird pests. At the same time these type of devices suggest that homeowners cannot hear or become affected by the products effects.

There has been several studies and discussions amongst consumers and researchers of the effectiveness of ultrasonic pest repellents. Each type of date provided by various fields have shown there is little evidence to support these products claim and that there has been minimal results of pest repellency.

What Pest Control Works

Spraying Turf

Although ultrasonic pest repellent devices show little results, the use of products such as insecticides or traps still exists.

Since there could be several potential insects infesting your lawn we suggest using a broad-spectrum liquid insecticide such as Supreme IT. This product is formulated to treat over 70 types of insects and prevent them from infesting desired areas for up to 90 days after application. The general rate of application is 1 oz. per gallon of water per 1,000 sq. ft. of turf and ornamental foliage.

For larger mammal pests like rats and mice, you will want to eliminate any existing food sources by cleaning, vacuuming, as well as sealing food in plastic containers and lidded trash cans. Once this has been done proceed with the lay-ment of rodenticide products such as Eratication Rodent Bait within a tamper-proof bait station like Solutions Rat and Mouse Bait Stations. You will use glue traps in hard-to-reach areas such as underneath kitchen appliances or within the corners of rooms, we recommend using Solutions Professional Rat and Mouse Glue Tray.

Flying pests such as birds will need to be treated with repellent gels like 4 The Birds and labeled bird spikes such as Bird-Flite Bird Control Spikes. Both of these products will be required for effective and complete bird infestation control on sites used for continual perching such as the roof or edges of garages.

Key Takeaways

Does Ultrasonic Pest Control Work on Insects, Mammals, and Birds?

  • There is little evidence to support that ultrasonic pest repellents work on insects like cockroaches, mammals like rats or rodents, and birds.

What Repellent Does Work for Insects, Rodents, and Birds

  • We recommend using broad-spectrum insecticides like Supreme IT, which can treat up to 70 different types of insects as well as deter them from your home and yard for up to 90 days. Other pests like rodents will need to use Eratication Rodent Bait, Solutions Rat and Mouse Bait Stations, and Solutions Professional Rat and Mouse Glue Tray. Birds will need to be controlled with 4 The Birds and Bird-Flite Bird Control Spikes.

Which Ultrasonic Pest Repellent works the Best?

  • In short, none. There is little evidence and date to suggest the results from ultrasonic repellent devices.
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