What's the Difference Between Millipedes and Centipedes? Millipede vs Centipede

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What's the Difference Between Millipedes and Centipedes? Millipede vs Centipede

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"Millipedes and Centipedes both like to show up in areas where there is excess moisture. Addressing issues like lawn drainage and leaf litter can help to keep them away."

What's the Difference between a Millipede and Centipede?

If you have a garden area and it's been raining recently you may come across a multi-legged creature like the Centipede or a Millipede. Both of these pests, due to their similar look and even similar name, often get confused for one another. So how can you tell millipedes and centipedes apart? We can help you to spot the differences between the two below.

Millipedes vs. Centipedes

Comparison of Millipedes and Centipedes

Millipedes and Centipedes get mistaken for one another because they belong to the same class of arthropods known as myriapods. The creatures in this group are known for having many pairs of legs. Both are also known to prefer the same habitats of moist tropical areas. Both Centipedes and Millipedes have thousands of species within their own class but can be distinguished from one another by comparing certain characteristics.


  • Have a flat body that is colored either dark-brown, white, yellow, bright red among other colors
  • Have long antennae
  • Have one pair of long legs per body segment
  • Move quickly
  • Are known to bite


  • Have a tube-shaped body that is colored either vary shades of gray or black
  • Have tiny antennae
  • Two pairs of legs per body segment
  • Move slowly
  • Do not bite

Recommendations For Centipede and Millipede Control

Outdoor millipede and centipede treatment

Whether you have centipedes or millipedes trespassing on your property, the fact of the matter is you want them gone. Fortunately, if you want them off your property, they can be controlled by the same insecticide we recommend.

Use a combination of Supreme IT Insecticide and Bifen LP Granules to broadcast on your lawn to address infestations of either pest. You can also use Supreme IT to form a perimeter barrier treatment to keep Millipedes or Centipedes from entering your home. 

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