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JT Eaton Top Gun Bromethalin Rat/Mouse Packs

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Top Gun Place Packs are great, fast acting bait that can be used indoors and outdoors

Target Pests

Norway Rats Roof Rats and House Mice

For Use In

Top Gun may only be used inside and within 100 feet of buildings or inside transport vehicles(ships trains or aircraft). May be used in non-food/non-feed areas.


Determine areas where rats and house mice will most likely find and consume the bait. Generally, these are along walls by gnawed openings in or beside burrows, in corners and concealed places, between floors and walls, or in locations where rats and house mice or their signs have been seen. Remove as much alternative food accessible to rodents as possible.

Rats: Wearing gloves, apply 2-12 place packs per placement in infested areas. Space placements at intervals of 15-30 feet.

House Mice: Wearing gloves, apply 1-2 place packs per placement in infested areas. Space placements at intervals of 8-12 feet.

Follow Up: Adjust the amount of bait applied to the level of rat and mouse feeding expected at each bait placement location. Highest bait consumption is expected to occur on the first day or two after treatment. After several days, inspect bait placements and replenish bait at sites where there is heavy feeding or where there is continued evidence of rat and mouse activity. Maintain bait for at least one week and continue baiting until all signs of rat and mouse activity have ceased or it becomes clear that the remaining rodent population is not attracted to the bait. Wearing gloves, collect and properly dispose of all dead rodents and leftover bait. To discourage infestation, limit sources of rat and mouse food, water. and harborage as much as possible. If infestation occurs, repeat treatment. Where a continuous source of infestation is present, establish permanent bait stations and replenish as needed.

Time to Kill

Top Gun with Bromethalin is a fast acting rodent bait that gives you quick results with an average death in 1-2 days.

Active Ingredient

Bromethalin.... 0.01%

How To

. Containing bromethalin, Top Gun is specially formulated with natural foods that are preferred by rats and mice. One great aspect of this product is that it is a stop feed, which means rodents will consume one lethal dose, then cease to feed afterwards with the first dead rodent showing up in just one or two days!

JT Eaton Top Gun Bromethalin Rat/Mouse Packs

JT Eaton Top Gun Bromethalin Place Packs Gets The Job Done Against Rodents

JT Eaton Top Gun Rat & Mouse Packs, carry the same formula as JT Eaton's famous bait blocks. This product is designed to kill rats and house mice in a speedy fashion. This product contains bromethalin which is a neurological bait with less of a tendency to second hand poisoning. This powerful bait works rapidly, killing target rodents in just a few days.

Top Gun also has a stop feeding feature in order to conserve bait. Rodents eat only enough to receive one lethal dosage of the poison. In order to discourage children and pets from eating this bait, it contains bitrex. Even though the bait contains bitrex, we recommend applying this product with tamper-resistant bait stations such as the Evo Ambush Bait Station to keep children and pets safe.


Tips For Using JT Eaton Top Gun

In a rodent baiting program, it is essential to eliminate as many competing food sources that serve as the rodents natural food sources. With fewer food sources, it is easier to introduce the new bait to the infestation.

1. Place Rat/Mouse packs about 15 and 50 feet apart for rats while for mice your can place the packs much closer together. For heavier rat infestations, set the rat bait closer to 15 feet measurement. Try to place the baits near areas where you have seen activity or harborage.

2. After placement of the packs into a bait station, do your best not to move or tamper with them. Some rodents react to seeing objects which have been moved. Of course after a time, if the rats or mice were not taking the bait , it would warrant moving the station.

3. Since rats eat more rodent bait than mice, refill the bait stations more often. A rat can eat as much as 1 ounce or more nightly.

4. In wet or damp conditions use all weather or weather resistant blox/block or soft bait forms. If necessary, tie down the bait in order to prevent them from washing away to another area.

5. For bait shy rodents placing a small amount of dog food or bird seed inside and around the bait station before placing the poison bait/rodenticide. Once the rodent's smell is inside the bait box and around the bait station, rats and mice will want to enter and eat the rodenticide.


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Product Q & A

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Browse 2 questions Browse 2 questions and 2 answers
How fast does it work?
amanda C on Jul 3, 2018
BEST ANSWER: The Top Gun Bait will start to work immediately and provide a time of death 1-2 days.
Can you get poisoned from touching the packet?
A shopper on Mar 13, 2018
BEST ANSWER: No, you cannot get poisoned, but we always recommend wearing gloves when applying bait and place packs for mice and rats.

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