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How To Get Rid Of Roaches In An Apartment


About roaches

The cockroaches are winged insects that belong to family of Arthropod. There are more than 4000 species of roaches found across the world, except for Antarctica. These pest rest during daytime and are active during night. It likes to stay in warm and moist places that is the reason why most of these roaches will start to lurk and stay inside your apartments where it warm and moist and plenty of food and dirt to look for. You might plenty of them crawling in your trash can and many other places if the roach ahs infested itself into your apartment.

Damage caused by roaches

If you start hear clicking and chirping noises you should get the hint that there are roaches in your apartment. These roaches will hang around any place it can find food easily. The roach are carrier for many diseases and lurks around dirt and then passes it on in every location of your apartment where it has crawled around. It will crawl over your food and excrete fecal matter and lay its eggs in your apartment with larva found in cracks and any place it might find comfortable.

Measures to be taken for controlling roaches

  1. Cleaning your apartment

Remove all the clutter from your apartment and reorganize every material in your home. Dispose material you don’t need. Keep your trash can clean before reusing it and use proper garbage bag and trash can with a tight lid. Throw the garbage on time and dispose it off immediately outside in a sealed bag. After every meal make sure to clean up the dishes and dry them. The table should be cleared up and food should be removed and left over should be kept an airtight container. Try keeping most of your food item in your freezer.

Vacuum the floor and mop with disinfectant to keep your floor clean and free from all food sources. The more your apartment is clean and dry and has less hiding places the chances of the pest infesting in your apartment decreases.

Make sure the sinks are clean and dry and your washroom is clean dry and free from mildew and mold. Make sure your drain is clean as well. A clean fresh smelling apartment will prevent the roaches from infesting and in your home.

  1. Sealing and fixing leaks

Find all the cracks, holes and opening near electrical wires and plumbing pipes in the kitchen washroom and other places in your apartment. Seal each one of these places with silicone foam. If you find any eggs or larva suck it with a vacuum cleaner and eliminate the larva and eggs. This will impede the life cycle and control the roach population in your apartment.

Moreover make sure to screen your doors and windows and fix all the leaks of your plumbing pipes, sinks, faucets and other areas that might have leakage. All these measures will help in eradicating the roaches from your apartment.

  1. Utilizing chemicals for roach control

There are many insecticides, gels, baits and traps that can be used to eradicate the roach infestation in your apartment.  These are as follows:

GEL BAIT: The gels contain chemical insecticide that usually comes in tubes such as APEX COCKROACH GEL BAIT. Apply the gel all over your apartment. Use them in cabinets, sinks, you place them in cracks and void in the wall before sealing them. Apply the gel in every location and spot where these roaches are lurking around. The gel will help in getting rid of the roach you will find a number of dead pests lying around in your apartment. So you might want to leave the apartment after applying it. Once the roach are dead you clean and weep them and throw them in sealed bags. The pheromones of the roach may attract more cockroaches so dispose them outside your apartment.

SPRAY & FOGGERS:  Spray the insecticide in cracks, crevices or any place you find the roach and spray directly over it to eliminate to problem.

NOVACIDE: After 2 weeks if you still have a roach problem you can spray NOVACIDE in all infested areas but avoid the place where the bait have been applied. Spray on the baseboards, underneath the fridge and sinks. Etc.  Keep reapplying every 6 months to prevent the roach from coming back.

LIQUID INSECTICIDE: Use a fogger or pump spray to use liquid insecticide like, RECLAIM IT. Spray it around your apartment to create and barrier and prevent the roach from entering into your apartment. This chemical will also help in eliminating the roaches.

DUST INSECTICIDE:  Sprinkle dust insecticide like D-FENSE DUST in cracks, holes crevices wall voids and other places you might find them hiding. This will eradicate the problem for a much longer period of time.

INSECT GROWTH REGULATOR: Use IGR like, GENTROL POINT SOURCE along with gel baits over the eggs and larva. It helps in exterminating these pests and impeding the life cycle of the roach.

Use a GUARANTEED COCKROACH CONTROL KIT it comes in handy while getting rid of the roaches in your apartment.

GLUE TRAPS and BAIT STATIONS are also effective means of eliminating these roaches.

Encroaching the pets

Roach infestation in an apartment can lead to major chaos. Make sure you keep your apartment sanitary and take all preventive measures to prevent it from lurking in your room or kitchen. Use chemicals, glue traps, bait station whatever is required to get rid of the pest.

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