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flies at the beach

The Secret to Getting Rid of Biting Flies, Fast and Easy

Are you tired of worrying about biting insects at the beach?

You decide to hit the beach after long, stressful days of work and have a good time with your family or friends--then out come the bugs!

The beach is supposed to be a refuge from stress and a place for you to enjoy, be close to nature, engage in delights of surfing, snorkeling and sun-bathing and making sand castles with the young ones.

The last thing you want is to be bitten, infected and for your vacation to come to a bitter end. The great thing is that we can help.

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hoodies at the beachThe reality of renting or owning a waterfront property is no see ums or biting flies, even mosquitos can cause you to go running for the hills.

But you can stop panicking, with a little preventative thinking we can teach you how to reduce and even eliminate the biting insects.

<------------Don't be like these people at the beach.

Check out our How to Control No See Ums Guide Our 4 Step Process has been professionally designed to help eliminate the biting flies, just like a professional and at a fraction of the cost of a big box store.

Just the Facts:

You can spend a fortune on your beachfront property and vacation, then end up having a miserable experience or you can spend pennies to control the biting insects and truly enjoy the summer.

Now I wonder how quickly you are going to buy these products?

The Benefits of using professional pest control products such as Reclaim IT, is that you get amazing results, that last, with very little product and cost.

What this means to you is less money spent, more time enjoyed outside and not having to worry about those aggravating biting insects.

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How do you identify biting flies?

The bites you may experience while lounging at the beach are usually the work of little pests known by a variety of names such as sand fleas, midges or No see ums. These hard to detect bugs can bite your flesh and drink blood which can remind you of mosquito bites.

But these flies are worse parasites than mosquitoes because once they bite you, it can leave a huge, painful and itchy scar. Their scars can last for days, depending on their intensity, and usually look like big bumps.

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You want to be wary of these biting flies at the beach because their bite and saliva are full of allergens that can cause bumps on skin, sand fever virus or Carrison’s disease. You would find them in brown colors with green, compound eyes and hairy head, thorax and legs. They come out in swarms when the environment is humid and are drawn to movement. They can also sense the carbon dioxide we give off as well as lactic acid our body naturally emits.

They become inactive in cold weather because the cold kills them and dehydrates the eggs. They prefer to settle in moist environments, such as barks, cracks and walls.

spraying repellents at the beach

How To Keep Biting Flies Away At The Beach

Sunscreen and bug spray, really!

We believe at Solutions Pest and Lawn you should have all the facts, so here are a couple of easy fixes to help you with keeping the biting flies at bay.

Wear light colors

Sand flies are drawn to dark colors so make sure that you wear and pack light-colored clothing for the beach. Dark colors would invite a swarm of flies to attack you. Also, choose clothes that keep your arms and legs covered as well.

Apply repelling lotion

Consult your physician for appropriate lotions that could keep the flies away. Check ingredients to make sure that you are not allergic to them. Usually, these lotions would have to be reapplied after around 5 hours.There are also repellent sprays you can utilize

Keep disinfectants

Keep medicines and herbs just in case anyone happens to get bitten by a sand gnat. If you plan to stay longer, curative creams could help contain the clot, prevent the infestation from getting worse and reduce pain, swelling, itching.

Suck them up

Usually people keep small, customized vacuum cleaners for their cars and short holidays. You might want to consider keeping one in case you plan to spend a few days at the beach. This way, when you find flies in your house, swat them and vacuum them up. Keep the food covered so that flies don’t land on them. Either use insecticides on them or swat them if they get into the house. Then use repellent or insecticide sprays in rooms to keep the other flies from coming in. Keep the young ones away from flies as they may have low tolerance or immunity to bear the bite or infestation. 

The Best Products To Get Rid of Biting Flies

Solutions Pest & Lawn has over 60 years of pest control experience and offers a wide selection of products which can help in keeping flies away from you when you're trying to relax at the beach which are safe to use and very effective.

Take a look at some of our best expert suggestions below.

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Bring insecticides along for the trip

While it may be tough to ward off biting flies in open spaces such as a sandy beach, we recommend bringing along insecticide sprays if you plan to spend a few days at the beach.

Whenever you see a swarm near your beach hut, at least you would be able to prevent an attack by spraying on them, on the walls of your cabin and indoors to keep them out.

Small hand-held electric foggers are worth their weight in gold, and you will wonder how you survived without one all these years.  

Fog your yard and property to control flies, mosquitos and other flying insects all season long.  These units cost only a couple of dollars to run, less than a starbucks. Crazy really when you think of it that way.

If you own the area, you can use a fogger and a pyrethrin fogging material to control the issue.  We recommend any handheld foggers and Stryker 5-25.

If there is foliage around, we recommend using Reclaim IT. Lastly, you can use an environmentally friendly aerosol spray such as Pyrid Aerosol.

Simply spray the aerosol around the area you are setting up and that will keep biting flies away for the duration of your stay at the beach.


When you're at the beach, you don't have much clothes on and there is a lot of skin exposed–while it's perfect attire for a hot day, it also makes you a perfect snack for biting flies like no see ums.
The best defense you can take against biting flies is a good offense in the form of our products we suggested above.
The horror stories of people relaxing at the beach only to be bombarded by biting flies doesn’t have to be your experience.

Now you are sitting there reading this article and wondering why you haven't clicked to purchase.
You can enjoy your vacation and live it up like you’re supposed to by taking the proper precautions and bringing along some insecticide products. 

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