Cockroach Myths

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Cockroach Myths

This page is a general article that discusses common myths associated with cockroaches. Throughout this article you will find a detailed guide for effective control over cockroaches and learn more about this disgusting pest invading your home and yard.

Since the beginning, homeowners have had to face pest infestations in their homes and property. The most experienced pest that homeowners come across or attract is the cockroach. With its ability to quickly multiply at any point in the year, and carry several harmful disease pathogens makes this pest less than ideal to have in your home. Not to mention this pest can also ingest its own and others fecal matter.

When it comes to defending your homes and yards, many homeowners often carry several misconceptions about cockroaches. In this article, you will find numerous facts and expose false information surrounding cockroaches. Learning this information will help you to effectively control and prevent these invading pests.

Myth: Cockroaches Run From Light

Porch Light

While it may seem that roaches scatter at the first flip of a light switch this does not necessarily mean they are afraid of the light. In reality, this pest has learned over time that the sound of a light switch being flipped means the presence of a person. This possibility of being discovered by you is what causes roaches to scatter into light switches, electrical outlets, gaps, and underneath furniture.

Fact: Most cockroach species in the United States are nocturnal, and may travel during the day if there are enough areas that provide darkness and cover. Much of their foraging activity occurs when it’s dark, so they have adapted to traveling in those conditions. They prefer a dark environment for the cover it provides, but if a location is frequently lit, roaches are known to adapt to suit their needs. If you see that roaches have resorted to remaining active in lit areas, then you may be dealing with a larger infestation than you think.

To help lure these pests from their dark hiding places or control its night activities then we recommend using Apex Cockroach Bait. Apex Cockroach Bait is an Imidacloprid bait product used to eliminate cockroaches in commercial, industrial, and residential areas. This bait is designed to kill roaches slowly. Once a cockroach consumes the bait, it will return to its nest before dying. The poison will spread within the colony, systemically eliminating entire infestations.

With the included applicator tip, apply small beads of bait to cracks and crevices where roach activity has been observed. Possible placements include under baseboards, under sinks, countertops, cabinets, and where pipes penetrate the wall. To treat underneath appliances like the microwave, apply a pea-sized amount onto a notecard and slide it under.

Depending on the roach you are treating, the labeled application rate varies. To control German Cockroaches, the most common indoor-harboring roach, you will need to apply 3 drops per square yard. Leave your bait placements and check back every 1 to 2 weeks to re-apply as needed. When placed properly, you should expect to see a reduction in roach activity within 5 days.

Myth: All Roaches Fly


When most homeowners come across cockroaches they are often startled by their sudden and quick burst across the floor. To make matters more frightening some species of this pest can fly when the weather becomes more humid and warm.

Fact: All cockroaches posses some form of wings, but more often then not this pest will crawl rather than fly. Reason for this is because cockroaches bodies are larger than their wings which causes short flight patterns. Due to these difficulties, these pests would rather crawl than fly.

Myth: Roaches Only Infest Dirty, Cluttered Homes

Cluttered Attic

Despite popular belief, cockroaches do not only invade dirty, cluttered homes. These pests are natural home invaders that seek an abundance of moisture, warmth, and food. As long as your home provides these conditions then cockroaches will invade.

Fact: Cockroaches are able to flatten their bodies to squeeze through tight cracks and crevices in door frames, window frames, and other entry points. They can crawl in through plumbing, or you might even bring one home in a grocery bag. Accidents happen, but you can be proactive in preventing roaches from coming from outside.

Inspect your home or structure for interior and exterior entry points. Tight cracks and crevices can be sealed with caulk or foam insulation, and larger voids may need to be stuffed with copper mesh.

When done properly, outdoor-inhabiting cockroaches will be unable to get inside, save for the occasional door or window left open. Cover all openings to sink drains with sink cover when not in use.

Myth: Cockroaches Multiply When Stepped On

Multiple Cockroaches

A common misconception associated with cockroaches is the belief that crushing these pests invokes the roach to release its eggs. This belief stems from some homeowners experience of squashing spiders and inadvertently releasing numerous baby spiders from the egg sac. While mass media has some individuals believing this encounter is quite common it is not necessarily true.

Fact: Cockroach egg cases also known as ootheca, has a crunchy or brown leathery texture and the shape of a kidney bean. Spider egg cases will range between white to brown in coloration. Their egg sacs will be made out of a silky material that appears round or flat in shape. Due to cockroach eggs cases being made out of a somewhat sturdier material it is not as easy to crush as a spider egg sac.

We recommend thoroughly cleaning the interior and exterior of your home with proper sanitization practices to disrupt or remove cockroach egg sacs. Take a rag with soap and wipe off any crumps, dirt, dust, and other debris from the corners of appliances, cupboards, underneath appliances and sink, and corners of hallways and rooms. Vacuum your floor, baseboards, and closet. For higher areas such as the corners of your ceiling you may want to use a broom or feather duster.

Cockroaches can lay their eggs under piles of wood, leaf debris, rocks, and other crevices or voids that provides warm conditions. Rake your lawn to remove these conditions, which will also work to benefit the health of your lawn. Once this has been done, treat the surface of your homes baseboards, tile, flooring, and carpeting with Novacide Aerosol, which works to prevent cockroach egg laying activities by killing the adult and juvenile roaches. 

Novacide Aerosol is a long-lasting, residual product that combines insecticidal ingredients with Insect Growth Regulators. This product not only kills fully developed roaches, but it also prevents juvenile roaches from reaching reproductive maturity.

Apply Novacide to all floor surfaces. Shake the can, hold the can upside down at arm’s length, and spray in a sweeping motion while slowly moving backward to avoid spraying your clothes. Allow the product several hours to dry completely.

Once dry, Novacide is harmless to people and pets. This product will affect roaches that make direct contact with the spray or with treated areas after they have dried. Adult roaches will slowly become paralyzed, while juvenile roaches will be unable to develop into further stages of their life cycles. If you are dealing with a heavy infestation, we recommend you reapply Novacide Aerosol every two weeks until activity has been depleted.

Myth: Roaches Will Be the Last Survivors on Earth

Cockroach Around Plumbing

Cockroaches are known for being the most resilient pests for homeowners to face. This fast moving insects has been shown in fossils from 125 to 140 millions years ago. However, it should be noted that this pests has evolved from its ancient ancestors.

Another reason homeowners could believe this pests immortal status could be its ability to survive without its head for at least a week. This is possible because of the numerous holes spread throughout its body. Nevertheless, they will still require their mouths to drink water leading to death from dehydration. Cockroaches can also withstand humid and low-temperature environments above 7 degrees Fahrenheit. This pest can also hold its breath for as long as 40 minutes and survive being under water for at least half an hour.

Fact: Each of these characteristics makes cockroaches difficult to remove from homes and properties. Due to these survival traits, a cockroach infestation must be handled as soon as first activity is witnessed.

You will need to treat crevices and voids inside and outside of your home with D-Fense Dust. This synthetic pyrethroid affects the nervous system of cockroaches that crawl from the interior or exterior of your homes foundation. Next, spray the outside of your homes foundation with a long-lasting insecticide such as Supreme IT. This liquid formulated product should be applied at the rate of 1 oz. of product per gallon of water per 1,000 sq. ft. Make sure to spray at a height 3 feet up and 3 feet out from the homes foundation.

Key Takeaways

How Long Do Cockroaches Live?

  • An average cockroach can live up to 1 year if there is sufficient food and moisture. If decapitated, a roach can live up to 1 week without its head.

Why are Cockroaches Resilient Pests

  • Cockroaches have incredible flexible and adaptable bodies that can flatten its form to fit into the tightest and smallest of spaces. Not to mention this pest can breath through any porous of its body as well as survive without breathing for at least 40 minutes. Cockroaches can also reproduce very quickly throughout any point of the year.

How Do Cockroaches Invade Homes, Garages, and Yards

  • Cockroaches can invade homes and other closed areas through cardboard boxes, furniture, grocery bags, appliances, piping, and drains. They may also invade your yard through flight activity during warmer and humid conditions or if there is sufficient levels of moisture such as bird baths, gutters, and other areas containing standing water.
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