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Catchmaster Rat Glue Boards - Glue Tray 48R

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Product code: 1113

The finest Catchmaster rat and mouse glue trays and boards available. These rat and mouse glue trays and glue boards are a result of 10 years of research and development, as well as extensive input from professional pest management partners.

Target Pests

Rats (including Norway Rats and Roof Rats) mice insects snakes etc.

For Use In

Situations where poisons are prohibited or discouraged indoors or outdoors pests natural environment


Place glue board near baseboards, corners, along walls, or in spaces where pests are likely to travel.


Comes with Hercules Putty to prevent dragging - even when a 1lb Norway rat is intent on getting away.
Trap size 10.25" x 5.25"
CATCHMASTER 48R Rat Glue Tray glue boards capture rats and mice without poison.
48R Rat Glue Tray 2-Pack contains two face-to-face glue boards which separate easily for placement.
Rats For use in: food plants, kitchens, restaurants, food processing plants, hospitals, residences, zoos and other sensitive areas where the use of poison is prohibited or discouraged.

How To

Place Catchmaster 48R Rat Glueboards up against walls that are being used as a rodent run, you will want to look for droppings and rub marks to identify active rodents run.

Areas with heavy dust and debris you should think about using cover to increase the life of the glue board.

Catchmaster Rat Glue Boards - Glue Tray 48R

Capture Rats With the Catchmaster Glue Boards

The Catchmaster 48R has proven it's ability to catch wild rats and mice under the toughest conditions possible-their own natural environment. These professional rat and mouse glue boards use long lasting, atmosphere-enduring, instant catch-on-contact glues. Plus, potent, irresistible food-scent attractants.

Sold in a pack size of 6 total glue boards (3 x 2 packs) or a case size of 48 total glue boards (24 x 2 packs). Each board weighs 100-110 grams and measures 10.25" x 5.258". Hercules Putty comes in each package to secure to floor.

What is a glue trap?

A glue trap is a flat piece of cardboard or plastic covered in specially designed sticky adhesive that can be placed flush against floors and walls where rats and mice scurry around. Many of our customers prefer Glue Traps as a form of rodent control because it is a cheaper alternative to other control methods and does not require the use of toxic chemicals.

Where can Glue Board Traps be used?

Glue traps can be used in food service areas, kitchens, restaurants, food processing plants, hospitals, residences, zoos and other sensitive areas where the use of poison is not recommended.

How does The Catchmaster Rat Glue Board work?

Glue traps, like Trapper Mouse and Trapper Rat Glue Board Traps are easy to use. Simply place the traps where the floor meets the wall in areas where rodents travel (as indicated by rodent signs like hair, droppings, or damage). Glue traps have a low profile so the rodent will not become suspicious when it happens upon the trap-it will continue to walk across it as if it were an extension of the floor. As soon as the rodent comes in contact with the glue, it becomes entangled and unable to free itself. The rodent will eventually suffocate to death.

What are the Benefits of using Catchmaster Rat Glue Boards?

  •    -Catchmaster Rat Glue Boards do not require the use any toxic baits
  •    -Catchmaster Rat Glue Boards are simple and easy to use..
  •    -Catchmaster Rat Glue Boards are inexpensive.
  •    -Rodents die on the Catchmaster Rat Glue Boards, rather than wandering off and dying in an unknown location where they can cause odors and safety hazards after they start to decompose.

Are there any drawbacks to using Catchmaster Rat Glue Boards?

When you check the Catchmaster Rat Glue Boards you have placed after a few days, there is always the chance that a trapped rat will be in the process of dying, and not yet dead, which may be unpleasant to see for some people. In that case, the right trap for you might be a live catch trap, allowing you to turn around and set them free outdoors. Rats are more likely to escape glue boards than mice since they are bigger and stronger, especially if they do not get all 4 feet on the trap.

What if the Catchmaster Rat Glue Boards gets stuck to human skin?

If a pet or person happens to come in contact with the glue from the Catchmaster Rat Glue Boards, it can easily be loosened and removed with the help of vegetable or mineral oil.

What should I do when I find a dead rodent on the Catchmaster Rat Glue Boards?

Glue board traps should be checked daily for dead rodents. When disposing of dead rodent carcasses, always wear rubber gloves to prevent any chance of disease, and place the carcass in a plastic bag for disposal.

Can Catchmaster Rat Glue Boards be used for Mice?

Yes. Trapping rats requires much stronger and larger glue boards, so if you have a problem with mice, you can use it but it is recommended to use a smaller mouse glue trap since mice will be more likely to travel upon it and get stuck.

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