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Victor Professional Wooden Mouse Snap Trap M325

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The original wooden snap trap—the Victor Metal Pedal Mouse Trap—is also the world’s #1 selling mouse trap. Its superior quality and effectiveness are the reason we’ve sold more than 1 billion snap traps around the world. And why professional pest control companies have made them their trap of choice. Trusted to control mice for more than 115 years, this trap delivers clean, instant rodent control.

Victor Metal Pedal Mouse Traps are made in the USA from environmentally responsible, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood. The FSC promotes the responsible management of forests worldwide for future generations. So this environmentally friendly purchase is one you can depend on.

4 in. L x 1 3/4 in. W

Target Pests


For Use In

Victor Metal Pedal Mouse Traps are perfect for use anywhere in the home indoors or out and are ideal for placing along runways where mice like to travel or anywhere else you see signs of mouse activity. It is safe to use around children and pets because it contains no poisons or chemicals but we recommend that you use caution. For maximum effectiveness place traps along walls at 2 to 3 foot intervals


Should be placed where rodents travel, such as along walls at 2 to 3 foot intervals

For mice, anything high in protein like peanut butter, chocolate or hazelnut spread is a great option. Also, nesting materials like dental floss, cotton or string are also great options. Try to use whatever bait or nesting material the rodents are currently feeding on or using to build nests.

How To

1. Remove small staple holding locking bar to wood base.

2. Place bait inside curl found at end of bait pedal. Remove excess bait protruding from pedal.

3. Pull back bow and hold down with thumb.

4. With other hand, engage curved portion of the locking bar under small, V-shaped lip on bait pedal.

5. Place trap against wall with bait pedal facing the wall.

6. If trap draws ants, try using a small ball of cotton or strands of dental floss tied through hole in bait pedal curl.

Victor Professional Wooden Mouse Snap Trap M325


Victor Professional Mouse Trap is the traditional form of mouse trap that has been used for years with very little changes and it’s because it works!


Snap traps have long been a practical method of rodent control because of their affordable cost, and simple set up. You could for a low price purchase a number of snap traps and set many at once to capture a rat and perhaps there is no snap trap better than the Victor Professional Snap Trap.


Victor makes two versions of their classic trap, the standard and the professional. The difference between the two is that the trigger plate is much larger on the professional trap and it has two settings for the purposes of sensitivity.


You can place the trigger bar of the Victor Professional Snap Trap to the left or F setting or you can move the trigger to the right setting for “sensitive”. What setting you use depends upon the area where the trap is placed.


If you set a trap in an area where there is heavy machinery or a lot of movement or vibration, this movement could set off the trap thus it would be best to put it on the firm setting so it will be trigger be a much firmer activity.


Professional traps also come with a yellow bait pad that is pre-scented with cheese and gives off the optical illusion that cheese is on the trap to entice mice to be lured toward the trap without the need for baiting the trap.


Bear in mind though that you want to use the Victor Professional Snap Trap to catch a rat and not a mouse trap. Using an average mouse trap to catch a rat will not be powerful enough to kill a much larger rat and if anything, it will just annoy them and make them angry. Don’t waste your time (and money) with a mouse trap for mice.



You can use the best possible rat trap, but if you do not know how to properly place it and set it, it will do you no good and you won’t have success in eliminating your rat problem. It’s best to do a little homework on mice to better understand how it thinks, moves around and what their tendencies are.

Mice make up for their poor vision by having excellent photographic memories.  Once a rat finds a safe way to get to its desired destination, they will continue to travel that path over and over again.  This is why mice are so skilled at maneuvering around in mazes when used for experiments.

Because mice aren’t able to see well, they locate paths by touch instead of sight.  A rat will feel a path by keeping its body against a wall or other solid object.

Mice communicate with each other through the chemicals in their urine and droppings.  They put this information along their travel routes.

For example, if you are dealing with mice in your attic often you will find a matted path against a board that is layered with rat poop and stained with urine.

This is the trail of sorts that the mice will utilize everyday and the ideal spot where you should lay out your Victor Professional Snap Trap. When setting down traps, consider way the rat will be moving around. This will make it easier for the rat to set off the trigger.

The preferred way of placing the trap is to place it parallel to the travel path or flush against the wallboard.  This placement improves chances of a full body strike instead of a partial snap to the tail.


When you are dealing with multiple mice which is typical in an attic infestation then it is better to set out about a dozen traps at once.  Setting down only a couple of traps will alarm the mice who will figure out that something is going on and become very cautious.

Mice are smart and when they sense trouble they are inherently careful and will be averse to any traps laid out.  Capture as many as you can at once before they smarten up to your intentions. If the rats figure out how to avoid the traps then you will need to switch to poisonous baits (like Eratication Rodent Bait).




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Product Q & A

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Cannot keep the lever down. Springs up instantly. I have done these before but the ones I just bought are wild. Ow to these fingers. What am I doing wrong?
A shopper on Jan 24, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Can you send an picture of the trap? Are all of them doing the same thing or just one trap?
What if Mice go around trap?
Joey on Sep 13, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Mice are pretty curious creatures, so if the trap is baited correctly and place in a known location of activity, one will usually capture the mouse. I would recommend using multiple traps and even mouse glue boards to increase your capture rate.

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Simple and Effective
Great price for a well-made trap that works great. Just add a little peanut butter, set the sensitivity and you are done. Virtually instantaneous kill, and reuse as needed.
Just don't get too comfortable while setting the trap. It will give your finger a hefty zap if you are not paying attention.
April 6, 2018
4 months ago
Snap snap
These are perfect for the barn area where poison can't be used, easy to set up and kill quick and painlessly.
May 9, 2015
Excellent product, Excellent shipping
This product outperforms many of its competitors in quality and it's ability to lure in the pesty little critters that think they should occupy my garages. I was very pleased with the speed of the shipping and ease of ordering off the internet.
November 24, 2013

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