VictorProfessionalWoodenMouseSnapTrapM325 Victor Professional Wooden Mouse Snap Trap M325

Victor Professional Wooden Mouse Snap Trap M325


Victor Professional Wooden Mouse Snap Trap M325

Victor Professional Wooden Mouse Traps are an affordable, easy-to-use snap trap with a classic design and over 20 years of proven results. The overall small design is ideal for discrete placement of mouse traps. Dimensions: 4"L x 1 3/4"W.
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Victor Professional Wood Mouse Snap Trap (M325), manufactured by Victor, is an easy to use mouse trap with simple setup.

Featuring a classic wood-style design, the Victor Wooden Mouse Trap provides instant rodent control and is safe for household use.

Trusted to control mice for over 100 years, this trap allows for clean and quick trapping which is ideal for maximum rodent control. Once a rodent triggers the pedal, the trap immediately springs closed to deliver a swift kill. The mouse can then be easily disposed of. 

Tools Needed

To use Victor Professional mouse traps, we recommend using gloves when handling traps to prevent body oils from transferring onto traps.  Body oils will prevent rodents from going near traps. Aside from this, you may also need a bait of some sort to place on the trap to entice rodents to approach the trap (peanut butter or cheese).

How to Use

Step 1: Release the arm bar by removing the staple and move it so the arm hangs over the back of the trap. 

Step 2: Apply bait on the plastic trap plate for best results. Use a high-protein bait such as peanut butter or hazelnut spread. Then place the un-set traps at common rodent pathways or wherever you have seen rodent activity (along fencelines, near shrubs, home foundation, garages etc.) Bait for one or two days to gain the rodent's confidence and sense of security.

Step 3: On the 3rd day, set the trap by first pulling back the kill bar and hold it securely with your thumb. Then place the arm bar over the kill bar and secure it under the plastic pedal. Take note of the Firm and Sensitive setting. The trap will be easier to set on the firm side, but not trip as easy. The trap will be more difficult to set on the sensitive side but trip very easily. When the rodent is caught, dispose of their body according to label recommendations.

Where to Use

Place Victor Professional Wooden Traps near baseboards, corners, along walls, or in spaces where rodents are likely to travel. For best results place the plastic plate facing the wall. These traps work best when baited with sticky bait such as peanut butter. 

When To Use

Use Victor Professional Wooden Mouse Traps when you are dealing with a rodent infestation in or around your home. This trap is most useful when there is not a heavy infestation but rather just one or two intruding mice.

Safety Information

Victor Professional Wooden Mouse Snap Traps are safe to use around pets and children when placed in secure bait stations or where they cannot be accessed by them.

Special Considerations

Use gloves when adding bait and when placing them in an area to prevent any scent transfer the mouse could detect.  If placing multiple traps, make sure to place 2-3 feet apart. 

Restricted UseNo
Shipping Restrictions
Keith's Pro Tips"When placing un-set baited traps, be sure to place the traps in the same spot every day. The rodents will notice if it's been moved."
Product DrawbacksMay not be useful when there is a heavy infestation of rodents. For this, we suggest rodenticides.
Target PestsMice
Application EquipmentGloves
Application MethodsTrapping
Active IngredientN/A
Product TypeEquipment
FormulationSnap Trap
Application RateN/A
Shelf LifeN/A
Use SitesIndoors, Outdoors
Time to KillThe trap delivers an instant kill once the rodent approaches and triggers the trap.
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Tim G.
Verified Buyer
Victor Professional better quality mouse trap
Made in the USA. These traps are better quality and still very economical. Inexpensive enough to pitch trap with mouse if you don’t want to get mouse out. I will place a pecan on trap plate with rubberband for braces. Gets the mouse every time. Will leave set trap for months in garage or basement. Catches them quick if they get into garage or house.
Francis S.
Verified Buyer
New design doesn't work. The yellow bait holder is not effective.
Clay L.
Verified Buyer
Good design, but not lethal.
Trap didn't "kill" the mouse, only crippled it. Had to dispose of "damaged" mouse that was still moving!!
vickie f.
Verified Buyer
Overall great
Checked several places. The mouse traps are easy to use and work great. Set them the day I got them and in 3 days caught 7 mice. Haven't seen any sign of mice since. The ordering was simple, the delivery was amazingly fast, the price was fantastic. I would definitely recommend these mouse trap. You guys get 5 stars. Will do business with you again. Thank you.
Verified Buyer
Victor Mouse Traps Work Great
Victor Mouse Traps Work Great, Easy to use, affordable.Would Buy Again !!!!!
John G.
Verified Buyer
It’s A mouse trap, what more can you say. It kills mice.
Herman W.
Verified Buyer
Simple and Effective
Great price for a well-made trap that works great. Just add a little peanut butter, set the sensitivity and you are done. Virtually instantaneous kill, and reuse as needed.
Just don't get too comfortable while setting the trap. It will give your finger a hefty zap if you are not paying attention.
Verified Buyer
Snap snap
These are perfect for the barn area where poison can't be used, easy to set up and kill quick and painlessly.
Rick M
Verified Buyer
Excellent product, Excellent shipping
This product outperforms many of its competitors in quality and it's ability to lure in the pesty little critters that think they should occupy my garages. I was very pleased with the speed of the shipping and ease of ordering off the internet.
More Information
Restricted Use No
Availability Online
Keith's Pro Tip "When placing un-set baited traps, be sure to place the traps in the same spot every day. The rodents will notice if it's been moved."
Time to Kill The trap delivers an instant kill once the rodent approaches and triggers the trap.
Chemical Type Equipment
Formulation Snap Trap
Application Methods Trapping
Product Drawbacks May not be useful when there is a heavy infestation of rodents. For this, we suggest rodenticides.
Active Ingredient N/A
Application Equipment Gloves
Mix Rate N/A
Use Sites Indoors, Outdoors
Yield N/A
Shelf Life N/A
Comparable Products Solutions East Set Mouse Trap
Children or pets? No
Property Characteristics None
Questions and Answers
  1. Q:Don S. Advice; ONLY buy Victor M25 Traps with yellow cheese bait pad. Either the P.B. freezes to the stirrup catch or metal bait bar freezes to pivot staple . Speaking of STAPLES, seems like all have trouble pulling out of board ! I place a drop of S-p-r Glue to each leg of all staples. Next I prop up the kill bar away from wood and masking tape bait bar and trigger bar just on tip, and spray w/ Clear Poly; Top and Bottom of board. This makes them easily washable for "Natural" color when Mr Mouse leaves liquids behind, not just clear fluid ,if you get my drift ? Too much time on my hands, I know ! I run a trap line of 10-12 through my buildings. Don't forget under hoods of vehicles and in trunks. Watch for droppings. I feed victims to 7 Blue Jays and 4-8 Ravens during Winter. 2 Bald Eagles and a Golden Eagle 10 foot wing span. Bald Eagles 6 foot wing span. They eat substantially more, Squirrels ,rabbits (doing damage around property) and fish carcasses. They stop by everyday or every other day. People stop by in their cars to watch from Hwy. Remember ONLY VICTOR, tried and true 55 years experience . Victor is very good for Voles ! About 50/50 mice & Voles.
    A:Unsure of what exactly you are asking for, but to avoid common rodent trap mistakes refer to our DIY guide.

    Amanda Chavez

    Certified Buyer
  2. Q:what is the best bait?
    A:We recommend using either peanut butter or chocolate. We recommend using a very minute amount to attract the rodents to the bait. Do not set the trap for at least 2-3 times before setting the trap and placing it in the same exact spot so that you train the rodents and they can expect food there so when you set the trap, they are easier to catch.


    Certified Buyer
  3. Q:Can you use these spring traps on moles and voles?

    Michael Frechette

    Certified Buyer
  4. Q:Is it 1 3/4”?

    William Lancaster

    Certified Buyer
  5. Q:I saw a mousetrap with one metal coil, is this one stronger?
  6. Q:About how long is your standard shipping usually take?
    A:If you select our Free Shipping option, it will take 3-5 business days to receive your order.


    Certified Buyer
  7. Q:How big is it? I had some smaller ones before that the mice seemed to get out of somehow.
    A:The traps are 4 inch X 2 inch I have caught lots of mice in an outdoor shed in the woods with them. They are deer mice and are a large mouse. I haven't had any problems with the traps. Good luck! These traps are inexpensive and I think work as well as any others I have had.

    Cuba Pifer

    Certified Buyer
  8. Q:Do you dispose of the trap along with the mouse?
    A:that is up too you, if you don't want to take the mouse out of the trap and reset, then throw it away and buy new traps all time. I reuse mine for years.

    Cuba Pifer

    Certified Buyer
  9. Q:How do you set the mouse trap, including where do you put the bait once the trap is set?
    A:Have you checked out the mouse trap video? It explains it very well! Check it out on the page or at the link here:

    Asif B.

    Certified Buyer
  10. Q:Cannot keep the lever down. Springs up instantly. I have done these before but the ones I just bought are wild. Ow to these fingers. What am I doing wrong?
    A:I set the traps , but the paddle wants to stand almost straight up. The mice push it down flat - and the spring stays put

    Alan H.

    Certified Buyer
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