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Target Pests

Roundup Custom Herbicide is used for the control of barley barnyardgrass bittercress brome buttercup cheatgrass chickweed cocklebur crabgrass cupgrass fiddleneck fleabane foxtail geranium goosegrass groundsel henbit itchgrass johnsongrass knotweed kochia lambsquarters morningglory mustard oats panicum pennycress pigweed ragweed red rice ryegrass sandbur shattercane smartweed sorghum spurge sunflower thistle wheat witchgrass and many other listed grasses and weeds.

For Use In

Roundup Custom Herbicide is for use in aquatic sites specific crop areas non-agricultural crop sites industrial areas turf ornamentals forestry roadsides utility rights-of-way and many other listed areas.


For use as a weed control, trim-and-edge, or bareground treatment with Roundup Custom Herbicide mix t the rate of 2/3 to 10 ounces per gallon (rates vary depending on desired solution strength).

For applications to aquatic sites using Roundup Custom Herbicide do not exceed the maximum rate of 7.5 pints per acre of water surface in any single broadcast application except in specific listed usages in which any labeled rate may be applied (see label for specifics).

For other applications and more specific information refer to the label above.

Coverage Area

If Roundup Custom Herbicide is used at the higher rate of use as a weed control, trim-and-edge, or bareground treatment each 2.5 gallon container will treat an estimated 38,000 square feet.

Time to Kill

Roundup Custom Herbicide provides immediate results but may take up to several treatments to gain full control of target weeds.

Active Ingredient

Glyphosate 53.8%

Roundup Custom Herbicide


Roundup Custom Herbicide by Monsanto is a non-selective aquatic herbicide and is highly effective on more than 190 species of emerged weeds, including a wide range of annual and perennial grasses, broadleaf weeds, and sedges. Roundup Custom has excellent application and use flexibility for weed and brush control by land or by water.

Roundup Custom Herbicide is pet and child friendly if applied properly.

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Customer Reviews

  • Roundup Custom Herbicide
    By MARK IWASA on 3/1/2016
    This product worked very well and was highly concentrated; good value overall. Also, this company is the best one to deal with. Fast service and reasonable prices!


  • Roundup Custom Herbicide
    By on 7/3/2015
    Our Roundup was delivered in a very timely manner. We will definitely order from Solutions in the future.


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