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Mineral Oil Drum

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Mineral Oil is used as a carrying agent during mosquito fogging. It can be used in thermal foggers (handheld or truck mounted) and mixed with active ingredients at a rate of 1 part active to 9 parts mineral oil. It is non-odorous.


The solvents needed for adulticides are more varied and depend on the type of adulticiding to be performed. The solvents typically referred to on labels and used for adulticiding are No. 2 fuel oil, diesel fuel, heavy aromatic naphtha (HAN), Aromatic 200 Solvent, light mineral oil, refined soybean oil, and water. Some labels specify the use of light mineral oil as a solvent. There is some confusion about the difference between petroleum oil and mineral oil. All oil begins as crude that comes from the ground. Crude very often is a very thick product that contains many impurities and is not very useful in its natural form. The crude goes through a refining process that separates various products from it. Refining crude oil is a very complex process that takes years to learn, however for our purposes we can show a flow of products beginning with crude that progress to Aromatic 200 Solvent to diesel to gasoline to mineral oil to National Formulary (NF) to US Pharmacopoeia (USP). The further crude progresses in the refining process, the fewer impurities it contains. Mineral oil is "cleaner" than Aromatic 200, NF products are cleaner still and can be used for cosmetics and animal feeds. USP products are the most highly refined and are used for internal consumption in medications, etc. Air and ground thermal applications utilize No. 2 fuel oil or diesel fuel. These products comes off relatively early in the refining process, have a relatively high amount of impurities, high unsulfonated residue content (UR) are low in aromatics and have a relatively dark color. They are readily available and generally less expensive than more highly refined oils. They are used primarily with organophosphate adulticides such as FYFANON® and DIBROM. When organophospates are mixed with No. 2 fuel oil or diesel, a dark thick sludge is typically formed that settles in the bottom of mixing tanks and plugs lines and nozzles in ULV sprayers. To reduce this problem, adjuvants are added to and mixed with the oil before the insecticide is added. Examples are ORTHO ADDITIVE and THIOSPERSE. Aromatic 200 is used as an additional solvent in some aerial ULV mixtures. It is a good solvent for insecticides because it contains a relatively high proportion of aromatic components. These aromatic components (including naphthalene) have the potential for phytotoxicity, therefor the use of this product should be carefully evaluated. Because the specific gravity of the product is 8.3 LB/gal, it does help aerial ULV sprays settle to the ground better that mixtures with light mineral oil alone. It has a flash point of 203F. Light mineral oils are more highly refined that the previously mentioned solvents and have the added advantage that they may legally be applied to food crops such as citrus. Because many of the impurities have been removed in the refining process they are not phytotoxic, therefore good solvents for use where there is a lot of vegetation that cannot be damaged. There are two generally available mineral oils that are used in agriculture and for mosquito control. EXXON USA sells their product ORCHEX® BV Associates sells their product BVA 13. The specifications for BVA 13 are similar to those for ORCHEX®. BVA 13 is EPA registered for use as a solvent for mosquito control products. The product contains 99%+ unsulfonated residue and is non-phytotoxic.

Active Ingredient

Mineral Spirits

Mineral Oil Drum

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Is this pure mineral oil? I have a thermal fogger and trying to get supplies ready before mosquito an midge season here in east Texas
A shopper on May 28, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Yes, this is mineral oil used to mix with fogging chemicals for thermals.
Can this oil be used on skin?
Clydesdalelady on Apr 28, 2018
BEST ANSWER: No the Mineral Oil that we have is used for the pesticides and herbicides we carry.

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