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Invict Gold Roach Bait Gel

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Get lightning fast control of cockroaches with InVict Gold Cockroach Gel. Formulated with a unique bait matrix and 2.15% imidacloprid, this bait achieves outstanding palatability, value and results, giving you an unfair advantage.

4 tubes of 30 grams each box

1 plunger and 1 tip included

Target Pests

German Roaches only

For Use In

In and around structures including but not limited to residential multi-family commercial industrial municipal institutional research recreational health care educational daycare hospitality and agricultural buildings and other man-made structures garages transport vehicles sewers animal rearing and handling establishments and food handling and food processing establishments.


Indoor Use: Results will be best if spilled food and other debris are cleaned up before applying bait. Apply bait in small spots about ¼” in diameter. Bait can also be applied in thin lines if appropriate. For most infestations, applications should range from 10 to 20 spots per 100 square feet. Use the higher number of spots when infestations are heavy and/or when roaches are living primarily in wall voids or other inaccessible areas. Smaller, more frequent spots are better than occasional large spots.

Outdoor Use: Apply bait on the outside surfaces of buildings and other structures, as well as in crawlspaces, attics and other voids. Porches, garages, sheds, AC units and other outbuildings, fences or walls may also need treatment. Pay particular attention to cracks where roaches may enter buildings and treat those areas. These areas include but aren’t limited to cracks around windows, doors, eaves and soffits, expansion joints, and areas where lines or pipes enter buildings. Under siding and molding are also attractive areas for insects to hide. Apply bait in spots or lines as indicated for indoor baiting.

Time to Kill

Roaches begin dying in as little as 20 minutes after eating the bait

Mix Rate

Ready to Use

Active Ingredient

Imidacloprid 2.15%

Invict Gold Roach Bait Gel

Why Invict Gold Roach Gel Bait Is So Effective

Pest control professionals and experts unanimously believe that the best method of eliminating large infestation of cockroaches involve the usage of powerful cockroach bait over any other type of pesticide. Especially when it comes to German cockroaches, an attractive and slow killing gel cockroach bait at best case can achieve a domino effect which can wipe out an entire colony as they share the bait between one another.


Unfortunately, German cockroaches are quite smart and develop an aversion to different gel cockroach baits which is why it is wise to rotate your gel baits to fight this aversion and make sure that you have the best possible results when applying roach gel baits. One of the most effective roach gel baits is Invict Gold Roach Gel. Invict roach gel works so well because it has a formulation which cockroaches simply cannot resist!


Invict Gold roach gel alleviates this issue of cockroach bait aversion with its specialized formula which contains 11 attractants and the powerful active ingredient called imidacloprid which works brilliantly to target and eliminate large cockroach infestations. Imidacloprid is a patented neonicotinoid developed and manufactured by Bayer Cropscience.


Neonicotinoids are a type of neuro-active insecticides which works like nicotine for roaches and effectively can disrupt the stimuli transmission within a roaches nervous system when the roach consumes the poison. This causes insects to lose control vital bodily functions and before long they are dead. This is a tool that should be utilized in every DIY pest control homeowner’s arsenal if they want satisfying results and piles of dead roach bodies.


Imidacloprid is slow-acting which makes it a perfect bait to be gathered up by roaches to take back to their populations and distribute amongst one another, causing a domino killing effect. Once they begin sharing the poison around, it’s "hasta la vista, baby" thanks to Invict Gold Roach Gel.


Tips On Using Invict Gold Roach Gel


  • - For maximum results we suggest combining Invict gold roach gel with a insect growth regulator like Gentrol so any eggs (which there will be plenty of if you have a severe infestation) can be controlled and won’t hatch out the next generation of cockroaches.


  • - We recommend not using Invict Gold roach gel bait to seal up cracks, in this case use true sealant like caulking or black foam etc. The Invict Gold gel cockroach bait should only be used for its intended purpose.


  • - When applying Invict Gold Gel Bait, do not make smears or large globs of the bait in areas but rather make small pea size bait placements wherever you have seen cockroach activity or wherever you have discovered roach droppings which look similar to coffee grounds.

  • - Repeat the application process after a couple weeks. In 30 days clean out the cabinets and spray Reclaim IT to sanitize the area.

  • - If you live in an apartment, you are more likely to experience reinfestations so inspecting and reapplying baits such as Invict Gold cockroach gel, IGRs and broad spectrum sprays to act as a barrier to your home would be wise for maximum cockroach control.

Application Instructions for  Invict Gold Cockroach Bait

1. Inspect your home thoroughly. Use a flashlight to check for dark secluded areas of the home (cabinets, cupboards etc) since these are areas where roaches like to hide the most. If you cannot find roaches, the next thing to look for are their eggs and droppings. If you have a considerable infestation you will find a lot of droppings around outlets, behind and underneath electronics and appliances etc.

2. Completely clean out any area where you have found evidence of cockroaches (pantry, silverware drawer, cabinets etc.) Place all those items elsewhere until the bait treatment process is finished.

3. Do a thorough sanitation of the area to remove any food particles, oil, debris and moisture as these are all sources of food for cockroaches. Make sure your kitchen/bathroom area is dry and sanitize before applying Invict Gold Bait Gel.

4. Apply Invict Gold Cockroach gel bait  in small dots about 1/4" in diameter. Invict Gold Cockroach Gel Bait can also be applied in thin lines but it is not recommended to do this all over but only in a few areas. For most typical cockroach infestations, applications range between 10 to 20 spots per 100 square feet. Use the higher number of spots when infestations are heavy and/or when roaches are living primarily in wall voids or other inaccessible areas. Smaller, more frequent spots are better than less frequent large dots of Invict cockroach gel bait.

The Primary locations where Invict cockroach gel bait should be applied include: behind and under ovens, stoves, refrigerator, between the refrigerator and nearby appliances, behind microwaves, toasters, ovens, coffee makers, dishwashers. Apply Invict Gold cockroach gel bait in cabinets and anywhere you see roach droppings. German cockroaches will be hiding in dark warm areas.
6. PLEASE DO NOT use insecticides while using gel bait as this will ruin the bait application because cockroaches will stay away from the bait


Invict cockroach bait is a slow acting gel so do not expect instant results. Invict will kill roaches slowly because it gives roaches time to share the gel bait around and take it back to the colony where they are concentrated.


Once the poison kicks in and kills cockroaches, roaches will feed on the dead bodies of their fellow cockroaches and also be poisoned creating a domino effect which if successful, wipes out the entire cockroach population.


Give this time and soon enough you will see a significant decrease in cockroach presence to the point where they have been completely eradicated thanks to Invict Gold Cockroach Gel bait.


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Invict Gold Cockroach Gel Bait
I was so happy to see the results of this product...
IT REALLY works...yea !!!!
December 3, 2014
Area Manager in So. Cal
The fact that we service 100% commercial accounts, we are excited about introducing InVict bait in our accounts. Great communication from Pest Solutions too.
February 3, 2012
The Incredible InVict Gold
We had pest control agency coming twice to our residence for German roach control.Ultimately gave up and decided to shop for different product at . After reading a number of reviews feedbacks we decided on InVict. After one week of applying InVict roaches were no more running around us during breakfast or any other time. Imagine what a feeling of relief we had. Thanks
October 21, 2011
WOW amazing product
This in combination with Gentrol is all you need to get rid of German Roaches. I called multiple pest control companies claiming they will take care of the problem after 4 to 6 months and were going to charge me upwards of $250. After price searching every where for these two products I found Epestcontrol.com Every night I went in the kitchen and turned on the lights I would see at least 5-10 roaches (big ones and baby ones)Within 2 weeks of using these 2 products the roaches were gone!I purchased these products around april 1st/2nd. It is now July 11th 2011 and I have not seen one roach. I have only done one treatment with 4 gentrol discs and 2 tubes of invict. I am located in Florida
July 10, 2011
Invict evicted my roach problem
I have used other products without success, but this stuff works. I wish it would work faster I hate roaches..Told a friend she wants to get it....
February 8, 2011
InVict Gold is the best ever!
This stuff is amazing. We had a real bad problem. After putting it out a week ago, at first every few hours we had to sweep up piles of dead roaches. A week later, sweep at nite, then go to bed and get up and have to sweep again...which is great thing!
November 7, 2010
Fabulous Product. Works fast, efficiently and without the smell of a spray or unsightly dark color. WOuld highly rcommend!
August 7, 2010
This Gel Bait Works Great!
In areas where you can't spray but you spot roaches, put some of this gel in their pathway. The gel attracts and kills the roaches. Just a reminder that a pack of five gels only comes with one plunger. Don't lose it.
May 25, 2010
Wonderful products
I used several products to kill roach in my restaurant but never worked. I saw this product on Epestsolutions and tried out. Hundreds of roaches died everywhere I applied this product. You cannot see how many of them until they died. This product is so wonderful. I strongly recommend to anyone who gets headache and money spending to solve roach problems.
April 19, 2010

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