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How To Get Rid Of Spider Nests


In the fantasy, comic world, spiders might turn common people into superheroes, but in real they are infamous for spreading fear and only fear. Arachnophobia, the phobia of spiders, is a serious concern. If you have family members who are grossed by these spiders, or have a phobia, then it is necessary to clean your house from spiders by getting rid of spider nests and webs.

Places vulnerable for spider nests

Seeing this creepy creature every now and then entails that your house has been hosting several spider nests. If you want to make your house free of spiders then first thing you have to do is to spot their safe havens (spider nests) in the house. Apart from cracks and crevices, following are the most common places in your house that are more vulnerable to have spider nests.

Under the furniture

Spiders love secluded places and that makes the inner and underneath surfaces of house furniture a perfect spots for spider nests. Look under the tables, sofas and especially the ones that haven’t been used for a long time. In cases of light nesting, vacuum the surface and you will be free of spider nests. Otherwise, there are options of insecticide products that can be used to deal with spider nurseries.  You can use glue boards to trap and monitor them in areas where you have had problems.

Under bathroom fixtures

Inspect your washrooms for spider nests. There are chances that spiders have a nest behind toilet tanks or under the sink, etc.

Kitchen counters

Kitchens are a favorite space for spiders. Not only do they find lot of small insects to feed on, they easily find dark spots under kitchen counters to make nests.

Under the window ledges

Window ledges are another platform to host spider nests. Exterior windows of the house are used by spiders to go outside to prey on insects and then return back to their nests.

Cluttered spaces

Cluttered places in your house which witnesses very less (storeroom maybe) activity can become the booming place for spiders to make their nests.


Some partitions of closets are opened rarely, making them a perfect dark and isolated place for spider infestation.  

Getting rid of spider nests

Once you find the spots where spiders are nesting, it becomes easier to get rid of them on your own. In this section we will discuss different simple and professional ways to get rid of spider nests.

  • Vacuum

Vacuuming the spiders nest might be the easiest way to get rid of them. There are additional nozzle extensions that can be used to clean off spider nests in narrow and difficult places. Handheld vacuums are the best for the purpose.  

  • Dusters

People who don’t have spider phobia can get rid of their nests through long-handed dusters. Dusters are also good for places where it is difficult to reach through vacuum.

Insecticide dusts to get rid of spider nests

If you are more concerned with the problem of spider nests in your house then it is better to go with different options of commercially available insecticide products.

  • Pyrethrum Dust 

To get rid of spider nests from crack openings in the house, applying pyrethrum dust to the affected place can help in getting rid of them. It is obtained from plants and effectively kills spiders and their offspring by disrupting their neurotransmission. The place treated with pyrethrum dust will remain free of spider nests for long time.

  • Amorphous Silica

Amorphous silica dust, easily available from any seasoned pest control product business, can also be used to get rid of spider nests. It dehydrates the spider’s body resulting in their death.

  • Deltamethrin

Deltamethrin dusts are effective in their operations in killing spiders with their rapid action. They enter spider’s body and then paralyze the insect with an instant effect on its nervous system. In spider nests, the application of deltamethrin-based dusts will help in killing the entire population of spiders residing in a nest.

Insecticide liquid and sprays to get rid of spider nests

Liquid insecticide products are of good use if you want to do the boundary treatment of the house so that spiders won’t be able to make nests in your house again. They are also effective to treat the surfaces where powder insecticides can’t be effective. For instance, for the under the furniture treatment, sprays are more effective to get rid of spider nests.

  • Lambda-Cyhalothrin

Liquid Lambda-Cyhalothrin-based solutions are an effective insecticide to treat the areas affected by spider nests. Like many other commercially available insecticide product, this pyrethroid family product also attacks the nervous system of spiders to paralyze them. Fill the liquid in bottle and spray them on identified spider nests. Don’t forget to wear a mask at the time of treatment because lambda-cyhalothrin is toxic for humans and animals and its fumes can have adverse effects on human health.  

  • Pyrethrin based aerosols

Pyrethrin-based products are also available in the form of aerosol and are harmless for humans and pets whereas famous to kill spiders through paralysis. Using pyrethrin products ensure that there won’t be an unwarranted accumulation of insecticides in the house.


Make your house free of spiders by getting rid of their nests. You do-it-yourself treatment plan to get rid of spiders and their nests will be a source of relief for family members who are afraid of them. Getting rid of them is also important for the purpose of hygiene.


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