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How To Get Rid Of Carpenter Bees Naturally


About carpenter bees

Carpenter bees are insects that resemble bumble bees but are different in their habit of nesting. The small carpenter bees usually nest on flower stems and empties out the pollen,  while the larger carpenter bees usually nest in woods. A carpenter bee burrows and chips off wood and creates a tunnel for its colony. Carpenter bees can damage and stain furniture, wooden panels of doors, windows, buildings and fences.  The carpenter bees prefer damp moist areas for nesting outdoors and have a queen just like any other insect colony. Unlike the male carpenter bees, the female bees can sting on being provoked.


  1. Spraying citrus scent on the carpenter bees

Use any kind of citrus fruits; such as oranges, lemon, grapefruit and lime.  Squeeze out the juice or use the peels of the fruit and put it in a pot of water. Allow it to boil for a while. Pour the citrus solution into a spray bottle and sprinkle the citrus aroma all over the place. The refreshing smell of the citrus fruits leaves an ethereal smell to the house while repelling the bees away. The insect cannot stand the fragrance of citrus fruits.

  1. Oiling the bees

Certain oils have a property that repel the carpenter bees and keeps them at bay. Mix some lavender oil, Tea tree oil, Jojoba oil and Citronella oil in a bowl. Pour the mixture of oil into a spray bottle and spritz the whole area with this essential oil mixture. The essence of the oil refreshes the home and keeps the carpenter bees far away from home. The organic spray causes no harm to others and serves as a repellant for the carpenter bees.

Use almond oil or its essence to ward off the carpenter bees from your home. It contains Benzaldehyde an ingredient that acts as a repellant. Pour it in the holes to deter the larvae and bees. The oil works for around 3 to 4 months.

If only tea tree oil is being used. Put 1 tablespoon of Tea tree oil in 8 ounces of water. Pour the mixture in a spray bottle and apply into the tunnels to get rid of the bees.

Put 20 to 30 drops of natural eucalyptus oil in 1 ounce of water. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and shake it well. Spray it in all the tunnels and wooden surfaces where the bees can be found. The mixture serves as a natural repellant.  The scent of eucalyptus makes the bees escape the tunnels.

  1. Brewing garlic, oil and vinegar

Add few cloves of garlic in a bowl or jar of cooking oil for a few days. Then add some white vinegar into the bowl.  Make sure the white vinegar is more acidic in nature. Spray the solution around the tunnels and keep a regular check on it. If you still spot few carpenter bees keep applying until all of the carpenter bees have been driven away.

Apply garlic powder directly into the Carpenter bee holes to eradicate the insects. Using the garlic powder is more effective.

  1. Using Borate and wood preservatives

If the are is unpainted or unfinished then think about applying a long term solutions for your carpenter bee products, with a boracate. Boracare is applied directly the wood and acts as a repellent and makes the wood indigestible to bees and other wood destroying insects.

  1. Mixing a potion to make the bees disappear

Add one tablespoon of pure (99%) rubbing alcohol, 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar, and 5 to 6 drops of lavender essential oil and 6 drops of Tea tree oil into a spray bottle. Close the lid and shake it well. Each one of the ingredients will work in different ways the oils will act as repellants and keep the carpenter bees away while the rubbing alcohol and apple cider vinegar will kill the insects. Spray the solution into the hole and directly on the bees. It will help in eliminating them out of your home.

  1. Sealing the tunnels with woven wire

Spray some vinegar on a mass of steel wire and soak it well enough. Block the hole of the nest with the steel wool. The vinegar will act as a deterrent and the steel wool will block the tunnel and make it difficult to pass through it. This strategy prevents the carpenter bees from invading and coming back to nest in the same tunnel. Wear gloves before carrying out your task and use scissors to trim the steel wool according to the size of the hole. Carpenter bees will not be able to chew the steel wire and hence keep them away from invading the tunnels.

  1. Other alternative methods

Few other tricks to keep the carpenter bees out of your way are as follows:  

Varnish or paint the walls and all wooden surfaces at home. It deters the carpenter bees from chewing into the wood.

Swat he carpenter bee with a badminton racquet. Squash the fly particularly right after it transforms into an adult carpenter bee. This old fashioned technique works when you see them buzzing around your home, you can take a good aim and hit it.

Fill the holes with wood putty once the bees have been eradicated from the tunnels.

Use an appropriate size vacuum nozzle that will fit the tunnel hole. Vacuum inside the hole to suck the bees from inside the tunnels and eradicate the colony of carpenter bees. Use this approach during initial stages of the nesting and at evening time when all the bees are in the tunnels. It is most effective approach to getting rid of the carpenter bees.


The carpenter bees can cause real damage to the wooden structure of building and your homes. It is important to take accurate measures to get rid of them. Check out professional pest control suggestions for getting rid of carpenter bees the DIY Pest Control Way.

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