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Target Pests

Gentrol is used to control bed bugs roaches fleas flies and many other labelled insects.

For Use In

Gentrol IGR can be used in food areas of food handling establishments. May also be used in residential commercial warehouses and other areas bedbugs or roaches may harbor.


To apply Gentrol as a diluted spray solution you will need a pump sprayer or other form of compressed air sprayer.

Make crack and crevice applications directly to areas such as crevices, baseboards, floors, ceilings, or walls. Make spot treatments to areas such as storage areas, closets, around water pipes, doors, windows, and behind and under appliances/equipment, furniture and beds.

To treat bedbugs with Gentrol, apply to harborage points mentioned above; in addition, under beds, bottom side of box springs, under and behind night stands, to points where carpet and wall meet, cracks in cove base, molding, and other areas where bedbugs harborage. Retreat at 14 days for heavy infestations.

You will not see immediate results as Gentrol is an insect growth regulator that works as a chitin inhibitor. That means that affected insects reproductive organs will no longer work and they cannot reproduct. This is why we call it birth control for bugs but it also means that insect infestations with a long reproductive cycle will not be controlled immediately using only Gentrol.

Coverage Area

Each ounce of Gentrol IGR will treat up to 1500 square feet.

Time to Kill

Gentrol IGR is a slow acting insecticide. It can take up to 2 months for control to be noticeable. Mix with a contact insecticide when applying Gentrol for quick results.

Mix Rate

Gentrol is mixed at a rate of 1oz per gallon of water. It should be tank mixed with adulticide products as Gentrol alone will not provide quick results.

Active Ingredient

Hydroprene 9.0%

Gentrol IGR Insect Growth Regulator

Gentrol IGR is an insect growth regulator with hydroprene that stops the reproductive cycle of many pest insects. Gentrol can be added to contact insecticide sprays during treatment for long term control. Once applied Gentrol will stop insects from reproducing for up to 7 months. Use Gentrol to control fleas, roaches, bed bugs and many other pests.

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Customer Reviews

  • Gentrol IGR Insect Growth Regulator
    By Free Will Rentals elena Fronczak on 2/25/2016
    works wonders


  • Gentrol IGR Insect Growth Regulator
    By kathleen Finkle on 1/27/2016
    The last product I brought I shared with my Grand-daugther say said her boyfriends mom had bedbugs and they had seen a few over at there house. She has 5 children so Me and grandpa went on the attack no more bedbugs for now, ITs so easy to get them don't let anyone tell you that you are dirty,are don't have nice things because I am clergy, have had hundreds of people at my home. however, it only takes one guess, coming to stay at your house and you can get bed bugs, because they won't tell you they have them you just better check your beds, linens,sofas, and pillows from now on because you can bring them home from Hotels too! However, Solutions gots the stuff to kill, kill kill them dead. thank you. Kathleen C Finkle, Jacksonville, IL


  • Gentrol IGR Insect Growth Regulator
    By on 8/3/2015
    Fast shipping and questions answered.


  • Gentrol IGR Insect Growth Regulator
    By Seah on 5/3/2013
    I put these out after the exterminator came by to get rid of my bed bugs. So far they seem to be working.


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