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Terramera Manufactured ProductsTerramera

Solutions Pest & Lawn is glad to have products manufactured from Terramera on our store shelves. Terramera delivers high-quality products for both households and professionals. You can shop exclusively for Terramera products on this page.

About Terramera

Terramera develops high-performance biopesticides for agriculture, bee health and public health by harnessing the power of natural plant defenses and innovative chemistry.

Conventional pesticides and agrochemicals in use today grew out of an unlikely industry: chemicals for war that were designed primarily to kill. Terramera takes a very different approach. By studying plants that over millions of years of evolution have evolved highly-effective defenses against pests and disease, Terramera is harnessing the power of these natural plant defenses with innovative green chemistry. Our proprietary platform stabilizes and delivers complex plant biochemicals, such as cold-pressed neem, more effectively. The result is biopesticides and biological agrochemical inputs that are safer and more effective than conventional synthetic chemicals. Products based on our platform have been shown to be more effective than conventional chemical pesticides without issues of toxicity and environmental persistence.

Terramera’s patent-pending formulations are effective against many parasitic pests and plant diseases. The Company is commercializing highly-effective and sustainable solutions for crop protection and crop health that can be used for organic food production and in conventional farming. Terramera’s products do not affect beneficial insects and bees, and the company is also testing applications for bee health that control varroa mites in bee hives, a major cause of bee colony collapse disorder. Terramera has also commercialized proof-of-concept products for specialty professional and consumer markets, including initial products for bed bug control and public health applications.

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Browse our inventory of Terramera produced products below. If you have any questions or concerns about any of these products, please give us a call, email us or live chat with us online and we will be glad to help out.

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