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Mistaway Gen III Plus (w/smartcap)

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Mistaway Gen 3 III Mosquito Misting System is the newest tankless mosquito misting system from Mistaway. The entire system is fully enclosed to ensure no tampering once installed. There is no need for a bulky tank as misting system chemical is sucked directly out of the bottle. The Gen 3 Misting system comes with network capabilities to let your system communcate with you about maintenance and when it needs to be refilled.

Target Pests

Mistaway Gen III misting systems are used to kill and control spiders mosquitoes flies gnats and any flying insect.

For Use In

Mistaway Gen 3 Mosquito Misting Systems are used in barns around homes in commercial establishments like bars and restaurants and in landscaping. Anywhere a flying insect harbors your can use a mistaway system.


Installation of a mistaway gen III misting system is much easier than a Gen 1.3 because of the tankless design. Anywhere electrical and hose hookup can reach you can put the system. Generally most installers will place it near the air conditioning units. Systems will need to be plugged or wired into electrical to operate.

Run tubing from system around your desired area placing misting system nozzles every 10-15 feet in the tubing. They are quick disconnect and installation is simple.

Attach the bottle of chemical (we recommend Vectorban Plus or Riptide) to the peristaltic pump that will supply the misting system tubing with mosquito chemical. Set your system, close it up, and you are ready to forget you ever had mosquitoes.

If needed you can remotely operate your system with the included remote. You will receive an extra 30 second mist of mosquito killing chemical.

Coverage Area

Each Mistaway Gen III system can support up to 75 misting nozzle heads before requiring zoning.

Time to Kill

Mistaway mosquito misting systems provide instant kill and relief from spiders, mosquitoes, flies, gnats, and other flying insects.

How To

1. Position Gen 3 Unit On firm level surface. Free from flooding or sprinklers. Near GFCI outlet (10 ft) and faucet (25 ft).

2. Connect Water Supply Line to Misting Unit Confirm faucet is able to deliver 1 gal/min. Be careful not to introduce dirt or other contaminants into line. Insert 3/8" tubing/filter assembly into 3/8" bulkhead fitting located at right rear corner of unit. Thread adapter onto faucet (or optional hose bib "Y"). Measure and cut 3/8" nylon tubing Run water to flush line before connecting to filter inlet (marked "IN") When supply line is secure, open faucet

3. Connect Remote Antenna Thread onto coax fitting on top of unit.

4. Connect Power GFCI outlet 115 volts minimum. Confirm voltage with multi-meter. 120V Unit: 15 amp circuit required. Unit draws 9 amps when misting. Ensure total load of unit plus all other devices on circuit does not exceed breaker rating.

5. Connect Nozzle Circuit to Misting Unit To 1/4" bulkhead fitting at right rear corner of unit. Install optional zone kit. For instructions, click Gen 3 Setup: Zone Kit

6. Run Inspection Cycle and Inspect Nozzle Circuit for Leaks Maintenance Menu, use ▲ or ▼ to scroll to INS. Push and hold Green ► for 5 seconds. Unit will fill and mist for 5 minutes or until stopped. Confirm no leaks in nozzle circuit. If zone kit is installed, repeat for INS2. Confirm pump pressure is 250 psi (on smallest zone). If necessary, adjust pump pressure at screw in port located at left rear corner of unit. Use a flathead screwdriver, turning clockwise to increase pressure and counter clockwise to reduce pressure.

Then you can input insecticide into the coupler and set up the remote control configurations to set up the MistAway Misting System exactly how you like it.

Mistaway Gen III Plus (w/smartcap)

Mistaway Gen III Plus (w/ Smartcap)

The MistAway Gen 3 (Gen III+) tankless mosquito misting system makes it easy to kill mosquitoes on your property! The Mistaway Gen III Plus mixes batch prior to each misting allowing you to change insecticide strength any time -- this is different from 55 gallon drum mosquito misting units that have to be completely exhausted before such a change. The ability to change the water/insecticide ratio allows you to save money by using no more insecticide than necessary! 

The Mistaway Gen III Plus is also extremely convenient and easy to refill. In addition, you get highly accurate digital dosing, an agitation system, leak protection and siphon protection that all come standard on the Gen III+ model. If you want a legit mosquito mister, you have to go with the best and Mistaway is the gold standard.

Another nice feature about MistAway's Gen III+ is inspection mode.  Running the inspection cycle the system does not add any more insecticide -- saving you money!

You can also, if you wish, connect the MistAway Gen III+ to the Internet with the purchase of a Gateway from the Mistaway website.

The Convenience of the MistAway Gen III Plus is Astounding

From easy refilling via a simple snap-in bottle to replace insecticide to a fully automatic mosquito misting system remote control, MistAway's Gen III+ has it all! The MistAway Gen III communicates with you via a blinking red light on the system case, as well as text information on the control panel inside. If connected via Internet you get a host of information and can change settings in a snap.

Not sure when it's time for a refill? The MistAway Gen III+ will let you know when its running out of insecticide and when water is needed! It's even easy to trouble shoot the MistAway Gen III+ with it's leak detection feature which lets you know if the nozzle circuit is leaking and shuts down operation. The system will even let you know about an internal system malfunction.


The  placement anywhere MistAway Gen III+  has a plain look which doesn't draw attention to itself so you can easily place it whereever you wish without it bein an eyesore.


Mistaway Gen III Product Features

  • * Third generation tankless unit (succeeding Gen III).  Unit utilizes batch process to dose insecticide from bottle of concentrate and water from faucet prior to misting.
  • * In contrast to Gen III (and Gen II), where the controller read data from a RFID tag on bottle’s PRO-CAP to control dosing, this information is stored in the controller’s memory.  The Gen III+ Plus Cap does not contain any RFID technology.
  • * Bellows pump used to dose insecticide concentrate.
  • * leak detection shuts down machine if a leak is detected.
  • * agitation provides consistent mist strength every time.
  • * siphon control prevents insecticide loss due to siphon action
  • * digital dosing with amazing accuracy.
  • * multiple zones allow doubling of supported nozzles.
  • * wind sensor inhibits operation in high winds (user settable.)

Get the mosquito relief you seek by order the MistAway Gen III+ today. We will ship it to you fast and for free!

Product Q & A

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I saw the video on these mosquito misting systems from Mistaway and I am very interested.

Can you tell me typically how long it takes to set up this unit and say the 30 Nozzle Kit?

What chemical do you recommend to use in this system?
Brian on Apr 26, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Good question, so typically 1 person can install the unit and the 30 nozzle kit on the Mosquito Misting Systems in about 4 hours. I prefer to install the misting system with 2 people, a ladder and cordless drill. Lay out the tubing along the area that you will be installing it, place the Mosquito Misting System in its permanent location and connect the tubing to the unit and then start working your way through the roof line and yard. A tool belt comes in handy to hold all the union tees, tube cutter and dyna clamps when you start to install them. Make sure to make a clean straight cut in the Misting System Tubing to help make the best push to connect connection. Push hard into the Union Tee and then give a tug on the tubing this will lock it in place, then use the Dyna clamps to attach the tee to the siding and also for the tubing. You want to keep the tubing tight and snug. When it is all done, start programming the unit which will walk you through all the selections step by step. After that you are ready to run some water through the Mosquito Misting System to check for pressure and any leaks that need to be addressed. Then you are ready to start living Mosquito Free.
We have hard water. Do we need a water softener or how do we keep nozzles from liming over?
Roseann on Aug 21, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Yes, a filter would help extend the life of the nozzles.

I keep getting an Error 3 on my system; what is the best way to check for leaks in the nozzle circuit?
A shopper on May 26, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Hi, the link below will walk you through the errors step by step.

How do you clean clogged Mistaway Nozzles?
Logan on Sep 6, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Run INSpect and observe pressure gauge
If the pressure is in the normal operating range for the systems of 220 - 250 psi and you have low mist, the cause is probably either 1) fouled nozzles, 2) a blockage or kink somewhere in the nozzle circuit, or 3) a partially open Agitation Valve. See ??? for further troubleshooting.
If pressure is lower than 200 psi, continue troubleshooting.

Sometimes it is as easy as removing the nozzle tips and making sure you have good flow. If they are clogged you can soak in hard water cleaner, scrub the end of the nozzle tip to remove any possible hardwater build up. If this does not work you can then either replace the nozzle tips are rebuild them with ball and springs and filters. https://www.solutionsstores.com/mistaway-slimline-nozzle-tip

Does this come with the remote that you offer on your website?
Bruce on May 26, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Yes the MistAway Gen III mosquito misting system will include a remote control.
Why are slimline nozzles considered better to use over the normal Hago nozzles?
Wilbur on May 25, 2017
BEST ANSWER: It will all depend on what you will be using them for the Hago can withstand getting hit (using the unit in a deer lease) and not breaking so easily and they work better in the older systems. If you will be setting a system in your home I would suggest the slimline they will be more cost effective for the use.
What size bottle of the Vectorban Plus can you attach to this system?
Bill on May 24, 2017
BEST ANSWER: You would be using a 64 oz container however you will be needing a tip and measure bottle to be able to insert into the system with a smart cap.
Is this a complete kit, or do you have to buy nozzles, tubing etc. separately?
Kaylee on May 18, 2017
BEST ANSWER: No this is only for the MistAway TanklessGen III, you would need to also purchase the 30 Nozzle Kit and then a chemical.

Why is the mistaway gen III better than the automatic misting system?
alex on May 15, 2017
BEST ANSWER: MistAway Gen III Plus smartcap brings the highest quality engineering in Mosquito Misting Systems. MistAway has spent year after year working on improving the whole concept of mosquito control and have proven their mastering with this unit. This is tankless unit, so it hooks directly to a water source and mixes the chemical and water together at the time of mosquito misting.
What temperatures require you to winterize your mister? I don't live in a place that gets very cold for very long
Abe on May 15, 2017
BEST ANSWER: If you have a chance for a freeze then you will need to winterize your misting system to protect from any type of damage,
What should the typical maintenance schedule consist of for this?
Randy on May 12, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Mostly, you will want to check your nozzles for any leaks, and clean and replace if necessary.

You will also want to try and use the winterizer so pump any liquid out of the line to prevent a freeze and damage of the tubing.
What all comes with this?
tilly on May 3, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Mistaway Gen III Plus (w/smartcap) is for the unit only, so a completely automated high quality misting system, it will attach to the hose, and the smartcap will attach to the chemical refill of your choice. We suggest checking out the Nozzle kit that is complete to set up the entire system for 30 nozzles and Stryker 5-25 for the Mosquito Misting System Fill Chemical. https://www.solutionsstores.com/30-slimline-nozzle-kit

Can you Add a zone? Meaning, can I add another 30 nozzles and have a solenoid to switch between flow Paths or other solutions?
ChrisK on Jan 8, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Yes you can add a zone, with a zone Kit, this would give you another 70 nozzles on your Mosquito Misting System.
Are nozzles, hose, and everything else require for installation included at this price?
SteveO on Oct 16, 2016
BEST ANSWER: No, this is only for the system. How many nozzles are you needing, we do have a 30 nozzle kits, that is everything you need to install completely.
Can I purchase a zone kit. And how much.
Thank you.
Tony on Jun 13, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Yes the cost for one of the zone kits is $250.00,

I can assist you over the phone as it is not on the website.


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Worth Every Dollar
I love to hold BBQs and get-togethers in my yard and mosquitoes puts a damper on things. Read about the misting system and ordered one up. It's a luxury item for me. I love that I can set it to spray right before a party and when it's party-time theres no mosquitoes to be found in the evening.
September 6, 2017
enjoying my backyard again
We have had major flooding in my area. The mosquitoes have been unbearable. Purchased this mistaway unit. Not only was it easy for me to set up, the mosquitoes are gone and I can sit in my backyard again.
May 26, 2017
We can enjoy our Yard again!
This system is just the greatest. Use a good concentrate like Styker, and clean the filter at least once a year, winterize and maintain the system and it will continue to impress you and keep mosquitoes away every summer. Installation is a bit tricky but my husband pulled it off thanks to instructions given by Solutions reps over the phone. Thanks!
May 25, 2017
Mosquito Free!
I own a restaurant right by the water and the mosquitoes are always awful. I have set this up on the patio and it works wonderfully! So happy I can have my customers enjoy there food without getting eaten themselves!
May 24, 2017
Love it
I have taken back my yard from the pesky mosquitoes
May 16, 2017
Mosquitoes No More!
I love BBQ'ing in my backyard. Heard about the Mistaway System while trying to search for mosquito control and came across this system. Installed it and boy am I impressed.

I love the remote control features. Makes it so easy to customize and set up. And best of all, no mosquitoes. This is gonna be a great summer thanks to the Mistaway Misting System.
May 12, 2017
Never have a problem with this. love it
May 3, 2017
love it
Very easy to set up my husband and I took the weekend to set this up and now we are able to relax in the back yard without any pesky mosquitos biting us.
May 3, 2017
Mistaway Makes you Mosquito Free!
My Family loves our mistaway misting system, easy to install and the guys at epestsolutions were very informative when I had questions about my unit and placement!
December 8, 2014
So far so good
Purchased this from ePestSolutions after much research because they have been in business for awhile, and they provide a phone number for orders and support. I wasn't about to spend this amount of money without being able to talk to someone about it. So far so good -- I'm in the Atlanta area with a creek in the backyard and it seems to be making a difference, though it's only been a few days
April 19, 2010

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