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Maxforce FC Roach Gel Bait

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Maxforce Roach Bait Gel with fipronil is simply irresistible to roaches. When other baits won't attract aberrant-feeding roaches, Maxforce Roach Bait Gel will.

Target Pests

American Brown-banded German Smoky brown Oriental

For Use In

Keep tightly capped and use within 2 years. Do not spray near baits do not use heavy detergents or cleaners or do not use in very dusty area. Gel will dry out and get a dry skin on top but roaches will still eat it up to a year. However if contaminated or gone reapply


1 tube treats 30-120 square yards depending on infestation. Smaller, more frequent gel placements provide faster control than larger, less frequent placements.

Coverage Area

480 square feet per box

Time to Kill

Pest population reduction will be apparent with 2 -or- 3 days for German roaches and 8 days for American roaches.

Mix Rate

Ready to use

Active Ingredient

Fipronil 0.01%

Maxforce FC Roach Gel Bait

Maxforce FC Roach Gel Bait Gets it Done

If we had to guess what the number one pest is across the world, the pest that affects and creates the most problems for homeowners, pesticide professionals, and property management companies, we would say its cockroaches.


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Cockroaches are the number one enemy and one of the most resilient pests found across the globe. Not only are they unsanitary and almost seemingly unaffected by any type of big store pest control pesticides, they multiply at an incredible rate, and often times to control these infestations, professional control methods are needed and are only available to pest control companies.


Luckily, at Solutions Pest and Lawn we offer the same professional grade control methods used by and sold to, pesticide professionals and pest control companies. Our 60+ years of experience have led us to develop a 100% Guaranteed Cockroach Control Kit (which you can buy here) that works to not only completely rid your property of roaches but comes with products that provide maintenance control and keep the roaches away year round.


Although there are a variety of methods to control roaches in your home, a good starting point would gel based baits.


What Are Cockroach Gel Baits?

Cockroach Gel Baits are different than other means of extermination in that they were created to replicate their food source, which they need to survive. Unlike fumes and aerosols, most gel baits don’t pose a threat to humans and pets and can be used in unison with other products.


Unlike other products that kill on contact, gel baits, can be carried back into the nest and can create secondary transmission of toxics, as infected roaches die from ingesting the bait and create feces that other roaches will eat, roaches that ingest the feces or come in contact with the contaminated corpse will also be affected1. Which is why gel baits are great as a primary tool for extermination and to main control of the roach population.


Roach Gel Baits are created from a variety of active ingredients based on proven insecticides. The mixtures and formulas serve to attract and trick cockroaches into believing they are gaining an easy meal but ultimately serve to extinguish them.  


It just so happens that Maxforce FC Roach Gel Bait is an incredible product and a great control method to use as the first line of defense when tackling your roach infestation.


Why use Maxforce FC Roach Gel Bait

Backed by Bayer, one of the largest multinational pharmaceutical and life sciences companies in the world, this gel bait is part of their Maxforce FC Line that includes professional insecticide control products specifically created to treat roach infestations.


The Maxforce FC Line can be used in unison as part of their control system for roaches, or individually as stand-alone products that provide optimal results when dealing with roach infestations.


What sets this professional gel bait apart from other gel baits, it is this product’s patented Dual Action Formula that works in two ways, from contact and ingestion. Whether your roaches eat some of the bait, or simply come into contact with it, they will still be affected and die.


The best part of this product is that because of its Dual Action Formula if any cockroaches come in contact with the product and retrieve back to their nest to die, secondary transmission of its active ingredient Fipronil (which has been proven more effective in secondary transmission effects than hydramethylnon based products, also used in other roach control products1) will occur, and roaches that come in contact with the corpse of the contaminated roach (or eat its feces) will also be affected and die off.


This gel bait also gives a long residual control that lasts up to a year, so you can use it as the first step to eliminate unwanted roaches across your home and to control re-infestation after extermination.


Good to be used indoors and outdoors in residential and commercial areas, you can use it in multiple ways. You can use it as a crack and crevice treatment, by placing it under baseboards, sinks, countertops, seats, near plumbing, under appliances, and to plug small cracks and holes in the walls where roach harborage could occur.


Or you can use as barrier treatment outside your home or property, placing it in openings in the walls and under doorways to discourage roaches from coming in or coming back once they have exterminated.


This gel bait is easy to use and to apply, simply place it where roaches have been seen and you should see results almost overnight.


Targeted roaches include German Roaches, American Roaches, Brown-Banded roaches, Smokey-Brown Roaches, and Oriental Roaches.

Is this Product Safe for Pets?

This is a great alternative to other products because it is odorless and creates no fumes that could affect your loved ones and your pets.


Using only 0.01% of its active ingredient, Fipronil, this product has no danger of creating secondary poisoning to pets if they were to eat the infected roaches.


It’s also important to note that Fipronil has been determined to be safe for use on dogs and cats by USEPA2 (United States Environmental Protection Agency) and that most incidents of poisoning occur due to ingestion of product, but because this gel bait only uses 0.01% of Fipronil this possibility is incredibly unlikely.


However, label precautions warn to place in hard to reach places for children and pets as the product contains hazards to domestic animals. Place the product in inaccessible areas for pets and children, as complete avoidance of product will ensure no possible poisoning occurs.


Where To Use

This gel bait is labeled for use as a spot or crack and crevice treatment for the indoor or outdoor (adjacent to homes & structures) control of cockroaches in residential areas and non-food/non-feed areas of institutional, warehousing, and commercial establishments, including warehouses, restaurants, food processing plants, supermarkets, hospitals, nursing homes, motels, hotels, apartment buildings, bakeries, beverage plants, breweries, bottling facilities, candy plants, canneries, cereal processing and manufacturing plants, dairies and dairy product processing plants, frozen food plants, schools, laboratories, computer facilities, sewers, “aircraft,” buses, boats/ships, trains, homes, houses, industrial buildings, office buildings, kennels, kitchens, manufacturing facilities, spice plants, stores, wineries, mausoleums, meat processing and packaging plants, meat and vegetable canneries, pet shops, and zoos. Non-food/non-feed areas include bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, closets, media rooms, garbage rooms, lavatories, entries, vestibules, offices, locker rooms, machine rooms, boiler rooms, garages, mop closets, and storage (after canning or bottling).


How To Use

Before using and handling the product take care to use protective equipment such as gloves and a long sleeve shirt to avoid contact with skin (To buy pesticide handling equipment click here). Read all instructions, disclaimers, and application directions on the label.


To use indoors, simply apply ½ an inch of bait to crevices and cracks in the wall with applicator tip. A small amount of bait should do the trick. Do not apply the gal bait where food, utensils, or processing surfaces may be contaminated. It can be used in kitchens but only as a crack and crevice treatment (think in the corners of kitchen cabinets where contact with dishes or pots would be unlikely, or under and behind appliances).


Do not use near stoves, grills, and heat lamps or where temperatures may rise above 1300F as bait may run.


For best results create numerous smaller placements around trouble areas where cockroaches have been seen, as opposed to larger less frequent placements.


To use outdoors as a perimeter barrier and to prevent cockroaches from entering your property, use as crack and crevice treatment along walls and foundation of the house. Entry points, such as eaves, sills, and expansion joints are ideal places to apply the gel bait. It’s important to note that gel bait will be affected if exposed to direct sunlight and water and its residual control might lessen.



This handy gel bait works best as a control system with the Max Force FC line of products but also works wonders as a stand-alone product that could finally rid your home of roaches once and for all.




  1. https://academic.oup.com/jee/article-abstract/93/2/434/768157?redirectedFrom=PDF

  2. https://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/pharmacology-toxicology-and-pharmaceutical-science/fipronil

Product Q & A

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Browse 3 questions Browse 3 questions and 3 answers
How many tubes are in the pack for $22.99?
A shopper on Aug 19, 2017
BEST ANSWER: This pack includes 4 tubes of the Maxforce FC Roach gel bait.
I moved next door to neighbor,it's a door that divides ou house and her house is infested and they come behind my kitchen cabinets will I have to share this with her or will I be able to just use it in my kitchen to stop them from entering?
A shopper on Jun 29, 2018
BEST ANSWER: We would recommend treating both apartments. If dealing with a high population add Gentrol IGR to the treatment this will assist in eliminating the roaches and prevent the roaches from reproducing.
Does this item include a plunger or do I have to buy one separately?
I hate roaches on Aug 1, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Yes the Maxforce FC Roach Gel Bait will include a plunger and tip with the purchase. You can purchase additional tips and plungers if necessary.

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Money well spent, this product is amazing.
It is the very best product for roaches. Within two days of using the product you would notice the difference. Within a week you would be amazed. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone, try it, I promise you would be satisfied.
August 27, 2018
7 months ago
Have been having problem last 6 months off and on,cleared them out completly
September 5, 2011
Miracle Roach killer!
We had someone rent a room from us who brought his German Roaches with him. When he left, they stayed and we have used more products then I can count. We had exterminators come and spray and tell us good luck trying to kill those suckers.. Talk about discouraging! I found Max Force on line after searching and searching. Max Force Gel is the most amazing roach bait, killer on the market! In just a short time we have gone from almost infestation to almost no roaches!
November 29, 2010
Roach Bait
This product is fabulous! We put it where the roaches concentrated and the very next day dead roaches were found throughout our home! Must get the Demon spray to flush them out first.
June 11, 2010

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