Malathion Flea Control: Efficacy, Application, and Other Features

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Malathion Flea Control: Efficacy, Application, and Other Features

Malathion Flea Control: Efficacy, Application, and Other Features

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"Make sure to apply Malathion via fan spray setting outdoors to get even coverage on the plants that you have noticed insect infestations on."

Malathion Flea Control: Efficacy, Application, and Other Features

If you own a pet, it's likely you are familiar with frustrating fleas. These vicious blood-sucking insects depend on their host to feed till their bellies with fresh blood so they can breed and multiply and if they make it indoors, then you will have to deal with an itchy and unpleasant problem.

A number of products are available which claim to address flea invasions in your house, the outdoors and on your pet(s). Some of the commonly used products for this purpose are shampoos, dips, sprays, powders, granules, oral products, etc.

The availability of so many options for flea control can often confuse you when deciding which of them to get for yourself. The selection is done based on the product’s effectiveness, method of application, extent of it being hazardous, and other factors like the area you want to treat. 

Among the most effective methods of Flea Control is Malathion. We highly recommend this product when dealing with flea problems. Read on to learn more about why it works so well in eliminating feal infestations.

What Is Malathion?

Malathion is a common chemical active ingredient in popular pesticides. It is a broad-spectrum product that kills not only fleas, but most termites and pests that might be bothering you including lice, mosquitoes, maggots, mites, and ticks. 

Malathion is good to combat fleas but should be used with caution. Proper usage and handling of Malathion ensures your safety as well as the effective eradication of fleas.

Application and Effects

Spraying plants

The application of Malathion requires a little preparation. Malathion is only used outdoors or in the areas where your pet plays, rests, and lives.

Before applying Malathion, you need to have some basic cleaning done, like removing remains from the yard including animal residue, giving it a mow, and cutting off tall shrubbery.

Malathion is used at a rate of 1 gallon per 1000 square feet. To prepare the mixture you need to mix 5 ounces of the chemical in a gallon of water.

Apply the mixture using a spray onto the areas affected by flea infestation. The effect of the activity can last over 3 weeks. You need to give at least 4 hours to the applied area to dry.


protective equipment

Put on appropriate clothing when applying Malathion. Wear long sleeves, full pants, socks, shoes, and gloves. Remove the clothing immediately after you are done.

Wash the clothes used in the activity separately from other clothes in the laundry. Cover your face (nose, and mouth) with a face mask. Refrain from letting the chemical into your eyes.

Before careful not to get the chemical on your skin.

Cover any wounds/cuts on the skin you have.

Wash your hands well before doing anything after the process including eating, smoking, drinking, using/holding any other routine items, touching your pet, and using the toilet.

Malathion is toxic to aquatic life, so keep away from the aquarium if you have it.

Close the sprayed area for your pet and the family for 12 hours.

Keep the chemical away from direct heat and other flammable products.

First Aid

If Swallowed: Malathion, if swallowed, can be very dangerous. If you, your pet, or any other member in the house accidentally swallows the chemical, poison control should be immediately contacted. Meanwhile, you should keep the person or pet from drinking any liquid. Refrain from inducing vomit unless advised by the poison control center.

If Inhaled: If the chemical is inhaled, move the person or pet outside for fresh air and make them take deep breaths. In case they are not breathing or dozing off, immediately call an ambulance. While the ambulance/rescue is on its way, give artificial respiration, preferably mouth-to-mouth where possible.

If it gets on Your Skin or Clothing: Take off dirty clothing right away and wash the affected area thoroughly for 15-20mins. Do call the poison control center or your doctor to seek medical advice.

If in Eyes: If malathion gets into your eyes accidentally, hold the eye/eyes open and keep rinsing for 15-20 mins. If you have contact lenses on, remove them after 5 minutes of rinsing and then continue to rinse for another 10 to 15 minutes.

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